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You probably know the Ficus Tineke as a variegated rubber plant and is one of our favorite houseplants for its unique foliage and easy maintenance. Native to tropical regions in and around India and Malaysia, this variegated variety is similar to its burgundy cousin in appearance and care. The only difference is the Tineke Ruby requires brighter light conditions to keep its unique pink, wihte. Both Ficus Elastica Tineke and Ficus Elastica Ruby are beautiful variegated varieties of Ficus Elastica or rubber trees. They are both low-maintenance house plants with a dramatic, tropical look, and are sometimes confused for each other or mislabeled by sellers because of their similarities Tineke. Ficus Tineke has waxy, variegated oval-shaped leaves in shades of green, white and cream. This easy-to-care-for plant is drought-tolerant and grows up to 1 meter. Its leaves grow within a sheath, which then matures and grows even bigger as the new leaves continue their growth Ruby Ficus Plant Care Ruby Ficus Light Requirements. Caring for your Ruby ficus is very much like that of its sibling the Ficus Tineke. You've probably noticed that the two are very similar even in looks, with the main difference being the color of their variegations. As such, your Ruby ficus enjoys bright conditions

Ficus Elastica Tineke vs. Ruby. Both of these rubber plant cultivars are low-maintenance houseplants with a beautiful, tropical look. They are often confused with each other and mislabeled by nursery centers or sellers due to close similarities The Ficus Tineke (Ficus elastica 'Tineke') is a member of the Rubber Tree species (Ficus elastica). As such, it looks very similar to the F. elastica except that it have beautiful cream-colored variegations. Similarly, you may be familiar with some of its siblings the Ruby ficus (Ficus elastica 'Ruby') which has pink-colored variegations and the Ficus Tineke Plant Care - How to. This week's plant(s) of the week are Ficus elastica Tineke and Ruby, commonly referred to as Variegated Rubber Trees. If you grow this plant in your coll..

The Tineke has variegated leaves in green and cream or pale yellow and the leaves of the Ruby have a bright coral or pink color. There are a few other differences between the Ficus Elastica Tineke vs Ficus Elastica Ruby and I am excited to share them with you! The Difference Between Ficus Elastica Tineke and Ficus Elastica Ruby Scientific Plant. Ficus Elastica Tineke Care Tips. Your ficus tineke will thrive in a warm, humid indoor spot that receives bright, indirect light. Irrigate your Rubber plant using warm water when the top one or two inches of the soil has dried out. Ensure humidity stays in the 40-50% range Ficus Elastica Tineke Ruby (Variegated Rubber Tree) BUY. Category: Houseplants. Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp. Description ; Description. The Ficus Elastica Ruby is a variegated beauty!! The pale parts of its leaves cannot photosynthesize, so that is why the plant needs plenty of light to compensate for its less efficient leaves

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  1. Propagating my HousePlants, Red Ruby Rubber Plant in Soil (0:53) and Tineke Rubber Plant in Soil (4:23) From a cutting to make more Rubber Babies!Etsy: https..
  2. Ficus ruby, Rubber fig tree, and Ficus doescheri (which is primarily white and green) are some other names for these that are sometimes interchanged with Ficus tineke. If you're completely new to Rubber plants, I strongly suggest reading this post about them , but if you're here for just Ficus tineke info, I strongly suggest you still read.
  3. Ficus Tineke Ruby. Ficus elastica 'Tineke Ruby' - Variegated Rubber Plant. FROM: $9.99 A stunning indoor plant with an impressive foliage display. The glossy, reddish to pink variegated oval leaves grow inside a sheath which grows larger as the new leaf develops. When the leaf matures it will unfurl, dropping the sheath off the plant
  4. Happy hunting! :D. Some of these may be the same but have different names, we'll see. Ficus elastica ruby . Ficus elastica tineke . Ficus elastica burgundy . Ficus elastica tricolor . Ficus elastica variegata . Ficus elastica black prince
  5. The Ficus Ruby is easier than its sister plant the Ficus lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig tree), but marginally more demanding than the unvariegated Ficus Elastica Burgundy. The Ficus Elastica Ruby acclimates well to new spaces, it's less finicky when it comes to water, and it doesn't need quite as much light as a Fiddle Leaf, but its light.

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Ficus Ruby, 6in Pot, 17in Overall Height, Rubber Tree Live Plant Indoor Air Purifier. EurekaFarmsLLC. 5 out of 5 stars. (3,051) $45.97 FREE shipping. Bestseller. Add to Favorites. New restock! Ficus Elastica Tineke 'Ruby' 4 and 6/Pink Variegated Rubber Plant/Rubber tree/Limited/Heatpack Included Ruby Rubber Tree, Ficus elastica ruby. PLANT CARE GUIDE. Placement. Place your Ruby Rubber Tree in a room that gets a medium amount of natural light or near a window with a sheer curtain for filtered sunlight. Rotate the plant occasionally to encourage even growth. Light Requirements

Looking for a plant that's easy to care for and colorful? Look no further than the ficus tineke. Here's our guide to having one that thrives The latter include a type of plant like ficus Tineke. The border of its foliage has a bright light color, which attracts many designers. Description of the variety Ficus Tineke. Ficus Elastika Tineke is a member of the mulberry family. This rubber-bearing ficus can reach large sizes

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  1. Introduction. The Ficus elastica Tineke also known as variegated rubber tree or Ficus elastica Variegata, is a popular variety of ficus known for its beautiful big and watercolor variegated foliage that looks similar to Ficus Elastica Burgundy that everyone wants to have in the living room.. Apart from its gorgeous and unique foliage, Ficus Tineke is well-known for being a plant recommended.
  2. Ficus Elastica 'Tineke' - Rubber Plant. Shipping calculated at checkout. Ficus Elastica 'Tineke', (commonly known as the rubber plant), is an easy houseplant that makes a great addition to your home. It has large green and white leaves with shades of pink. This plant is known for withstanding a while before it needs watering
  3. Ficus Tineke Ruby, more commonly known as the Variegated Rubber Plant shrub, is a beautiful ornamental houseplant! Boasting gorgeous variegated foliage that has green and pink / ruby red leaves. the Ficus elastica 'Tineke' Ruby is one of the easiest houseplants to grow.
  4. The Ficus Tineke Plant creates a strikingly ornamental look in any space. The striking leaves are green and white, variegated leaves with some overtones of burgundy. The Tineke should be placed in bright but indirect light, which will enhance the its color tones. It is very easy to care for and will do fine if it is only watered when the soil.

Ficus Tineke, more commonly known as the Variegated Rubber Plant, is a beautiful ornamental houseplant that has been rising in popularity! Boasting gorgeous variegated foliage that has green and white leaves with creamy white margins, the Ficus elastica 'Tineke' is one of the easiest houseplants to grow You can combine this plant with any other plant in our shop to reach the 2 plant minimum. All orders that do not meet the minimum will be refunded.This listing is for a ficus tineke ruby starter plant.You will receive one of the plants in the photos.The colors on this plant are amazing and the root system is fully established

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Ficus Tineke 'Ruby' plants prefer bright indirect light. Water when top 2-3 inches of soil are dry, about every 10 days. Shipping. Ships via UPS Ground. Upon arrival, we recommend removing the packing moss and watering your plant to help it acclimate to its new home right away Ficus Tineke is grown as a small ornamental tree or bush in use indoors. It grows outdoors in USDA Hardiness Zones 10b to 11. Outdoors trees may reach between 50′ feet tall or more. When used as a houseplant, Tineke grows up to 2′ - 10′ feet tall. The size of the leaves may reach up to 12″ inches long and 5″ inches wide Plant comes in a 8 grow pot or 7 ceramic planter. Complete description coming soon Ficus Tineke likes consistency, so avoid repotting, moving, or otherwise disturbing the plant if possible. Once established, it will reward you with rapid and consistent growth. If desired, cut the top growth point to encourage branching and provide a bushier look. Average household humidity is a good fit for this plant

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  1. This ficus Tineke ruby, as different houseplants, is helpless to scale, coarse bugs. The best exhortation is to watch out, get them from the beginning and use pest sprays. Related Posts: Ficus triangularis variegata. Summary. The ruby rubber plant (Ficus elastic ruby) is a famous elaborate plant from the Ficus class
  2. United Nursery 12 in. to 18 in. Tall Rubber Plant Ficus Tineke Plant 6 in. White Decor Pot (13) Model# 74448. 4 in. Peperomia Green Plant (3-Pack) Model# HD7681. LIVELY ROOT 6 in. Ruby Rubber Plant Tree (Ficus Reobusta Ruby) Plant in Grower Pot (3) Model# LRRUBYTR. 1; 2; 3; Showing 1-12 of 25 results. Related Searches. fiddle leaf fig snake.
  3. Ficus elastica Ruby is a variegated version of the Ficus Burgundy. In some, the green is so dark it's almost black, in others the green is more, well, green. Instead of the creamy white variegation of the equally wish-list Ficus Tineke, the variegation on a Ruby varies from a pinky-tinged cream to an almost glowing coral-pink.New growth comes through an intense pinky-orange shade
  4. Just like her sister, the Ficus Decora Tineke 'Ruby' is a beauitful variegated plant. This plant has thick pink leaves and its foliage adds a touch of color in your home. PLANT CARE Medium to bright indirect light Keep soil consistently moist, but not soggy Lives well in normal tempature and humid environment Midly to
  5. Ficus elastica is a great low light plant with glossy and large foliage. Check out the best Types of Rubber Plant here!. These awesome Types of Rubber Plant look great with their waxy foliage and you can also easily propagate them from cuttings. They thrive on neglect and also remove pollutants from the indoor air

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Common Name: Variegated rubber plant Description: A beautiful indoor plant with an impressive foliage display. Ficus Ruby has eye catching glossy, reddish to pink variegated oval leaves. It is a wonderful houseplant that is simple to care for. Mature Size: 1m (h) x 1m (w) Position: Part Shad The Ficus Ruby plant has large oval shaped leaves that are a outlined with strawberry-cream colored margins color. In terms of care Ficus Ruby is a very easy plant to grow. Indoors it likes an area that receives at least a half day of strong sunshine to maintain it's lower foliage. Another common name for this plant is the India rubber plant

The Ficus elastica 'Tineke' - or variegated rubber tree - is a popular variety of ficus known for its beautiful pink, green, and yellow leaves. The Tineke's striking variegation and easy-going nature make it the perfect new plant to add to your sill this year. Arrives in a nursery grow pot nestled in the planter Choic The new foliage is bright red, which adds to this plant's striking appearance. Ficus elastica 'Tineke'—A popular variegated rubber plant with glossy leaves in shades of green and white with red veins. Ficus elastica 'Ruby'—This variegated Ficus cultivar has stunning red-pink and white leaves with hints of green

So I got myself a Ficus Elastica Ruby and a Tineke about four weeks ago. They looked normal back then, but now they both started slowly unfolding a new leaf which by now looks smaller than the rest. I immediately repotted them after they arrived per mail because here in germany plants are potted in very low quality coconut fiber or peat Botanical Name: Ficus elastica; Common Name(s): Variegated Rubber tree, Ficus Elastica 'Tineke', Rubber plant Description: Native to tropical regions of India and Malaysia, Ficus Ruby 'Tineke' is a hardy, vibrant evergreen plant with green-yellow and white variegation.Care is similar to other rubber plants, but the variegation requires more light than the 'Burgundy' variety Ficus elastica, also known as the rubber plant, is an unusual-looking varietal native to the tropics of Southeast Asia. It boasts oversized, oval-shaped leaves that are a rich emerald hue, and can grow quickly, reaching up to 100 feet tall in its natural habitat Home / Plants / Tineke Ruby Ficus Elastica. Tineke Ruby Ficus Elastica $ 30.00. 5 inches. Tineke Ruby Ficus Elastica quantity. Add to cart. SKU: f89baa6b9d8c Category: Plants. Additional information Additional information. Weight: 4 lbs: Dimensions: 5 × 5 × 5 in: Related products. Dischidia Oianth The Ficus Elastica Tineke's leaves are elegantly variegated with shads of cream, mint and forest green. Fresh leaves have a soft tinge of pink witch fades as the leaves mature. The plant is a compact grower and can fill a room in several years when grown in a pot.. The Ficus Elastica Tineke prefers to be pot bound with the top roots exposed.

The rubber plant (Ficus elastica) is also a popular ornamental plant from the Ficus genus and exhibits large shiny leaves, that come in an array of colours. The ficus often require higher light than other house plants. Ficus elastica 'Tineke Ruby'. Ficus Ruby, Ficus Elastica Pink Ruby, Variegated Ruby Rubber Tree plant. $58.00. or Best Offer +$14.14 shipping. 11 watchers. Watch; Variegated Rubber Plant Ficus elastica Tineke Plant house plant -A. $39.99. Buy It Now +$17.99 shipping. Watch; S p o n s o r e d. Variegated Rubber Plant Ficus elastica Tineke ( Not For California) $8.00

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Varieties we grow are: Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig), Ruby, Tineke. Care Advice. The more variegated leaves, the lighter the position that the Ficus prefers, although full/direct sun is too much. The soil should always be slightyly damp. Ficus drink more in a light spot than a shady one. Some plant food every month will keep it strikingly happy The Ficus Tineke plant has large oval-shaped leaves that are a green-yellow color. In terms of care, Ficus Tineke is an easy plant to grow. Indoors it prefers an area that receives at least a half-day of strong sunshine to maintain its lower foliage. Another common name for this plant is the India rubber plant Beli Ficus Tineke Online berkualitas dengan harga murah terbaru 2021 di Tokopedia! Pembayaran mudah, pengiriman cepat & bisa cicil 0% Overall, ficus elastica is a hardy plant that can tolerate most growing conditions. Like many houseplants, it's still susceptible to a few different types of pests and diseases. Most are easily preventable with a bit of care, though. Pests. Aphids, scale insects, and mealy bugs — the standard houseplant pests — can also affect your ficus.

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Ficus Tineke is also referred to as a rubber tree. Tineke is a beautiful plant with more cream then the ruby variety. This ficus is native to southeast Asia and is also known as Indian Rubber Tree. These slow growing trees make great long lasting houseplants! Recommendations for growing success: Light: Moderate light Ficus Ruby, Rubber Plant. Ficus tineke. A stunning indoor plant with an impressive foliage display. The glossy, reddish to pink variegated oval leaves grow inside a sheath which grows larger as the new leaf develops. A wonderful houseplant that is fast-growing and simple to care for Have 2 plants for sale, $20 each. See pics. Pick up Highgate, no holds Description Ficus elastica is the classic Rubber Tree, Rubber Plant or India Rubber Plant. Native to India and Malaysia, elastica is among the oldest plants used as houseplants worldwide. As a houseplant, Ficus is very popular. Able to adapt to and endure lower light conditions and generally poor treatment, The Rubbe

Rubber Plants. The rubber plant (Ficus elastica) is a popular ornamental plant from the Ficus genus. In it's natural habitat it grows over 30 metres tall, however, the varieties grown indoors are a much more manageable height The Ficus Elastica Tineke Live Plant With Good Root - Great In House Tree (You Will Receive 1 Live Plant - 2 to 3 Feet Tall - Ship in 1 Gal Pot) The Ficus Elastica Ruby, also known as a variegated Rubber Tree, is native to the regions of India and Malaysia I have three types of Ficus Elastica. The Tineke, Ruby and Burgundy. The Tineke is my favorite with its beautiful variegations of cream, yellow and shades of green. Each leaf is uniquely different making it almost look like water-colour art 4140 Co Rd 15. Marengo, OH 43334 (740) 675-2681. contact@groovyplantsranch.com. Hours 8am-6pm Daily. Follow Us. @groovyplantsranc

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The Ficus elastica Ruby is a hybrid variety of the Ficus elastica. They are native to East India, Bhutan, Burma, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This large tree from the banyan group of figs can grow very large. The trunk develops aerial and buttressing roots to anchor in the soil. It has stunning ruby red/pink variegated oval leaves which develop inside a sheath which will grow larger as the. Ruby Ficus Elastica is an easy care indoor plant with beautiful pink, cream and green variegated foliage. This price is for the plant only but is pictured with the Large Sonny Pot ($64.99) to show how it can be styled. This Rubber plant does best in a well lit, indirect light and likes to dry out slightly in-between watering Ficus Ruby Plants for Sale Online Ficus Ruby is a low to bright light loving houseplant that likes to dry out a little between watering and is extremely low maintenance. Often Called Rubber Plants or Variegated Rubber Tree. Saved by Garden Goods Direct. 5 Cactus Jungle carries a select line of easy to care for houseplants, orchids and terrarium plants for the Bay Area. This is not an Availability. We do not stock everything on this list. Cactus Jungle is a local nursery only, we do not ship plants. See below for Ferns, Orchids and more. Aglaonema Butterfly

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At home, this plant is still potted in its original plastic pot Botanical Name: Ficus elastica; Common Name(s): Variegated Rubber tree, Ficus Elastica 'Tineke', Rubber plant Description: Native to tropical regions of India and Malaysia, Ficus Ruby 'Tineke' is a hardy, vibrant evergreen plant with green-yellow and white variegation.Care is. Ruby Rubber / Ficus Tineke ر.س 35.00 Available at Sr 35 Burgaundy Rubber Tree/ Ficus Tineke / Ruby rubber LIGHT Your Burgundy Rubber Tree will grow best with consistent Bonnie Plants Chamomile 19.3 oz. 2-pack. 5. $9.36. $9.36. Shop Now. Ficus elastica is the classic Rubber Tree, Rubber Plant or India Rubber Plant. Native to India and Malaysia, elastica is among the oldest plants used as houseplants worldwide. As a houseplant, Ficus is very popular. Able to adapt to and endure lower light conditions and. PLANTS; ADD ONS; APPAREL; 613-741-1774 $ 0.00 Cart. Ficus Ruby/Tineke $ 14.00. Both varieties 4″ pots. Type: Clear: Ficus Ruby/Tineke quantity. Add to cart. SKU: N/A Category: Plants. Related products. Dieffenbachia $ 12.50 - $ 47.00. Varieties in store may differ from those pictured. Select options. Peperomia Rippl Ruby Red Rubber Ficus. View All > Ficus > Rubber: View All > New or Unusual: Please to view prices, or contact us for an account. The Plant Truck LLC Tel: (864) 476-0960 Fax: 864-476-7112 carla@planttruck.co

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The color is much deeper then the also nice Ficus elastica variegata. Its grown much larger since the 3 pot size it was in. Full sun is best,don't let go too dry. Not that commonly sold. If you get a chance,add it to your collection. UPDATE 2016: It was in a 3 pot in June 2014,is now up to 20g and 6' in April 2016 Ficus Potting Instructions. When a ficus (Ficus spp.), commonly called weeping fig, is potted properly -- receiving the correct type of light and soil appropriate to its needs -- it makes a lovely. The Ficus Elastica 'Ruby' is a hard to find Rubber Tree variety that resembles another variant, the 'Tineke', with the main distinction being the pink hue to it's leaves, particularly in the new growth. For leaves that are larger and more vibrant provide them with a lot of light and as much humidity as possible. They can adjust to lower light/average conditions but as a canopy tree they. Rubber Tree 'Ruby'. The rubber plant (Ficus elastica) is a popular ornamental plant. In it's natural habitat it grows over 30 metres tall, however, the varieties grown inside are a much more manageable height. An excellent choice for a specimen pot plant with attractive foliage. Contributed by @debbadoh Botanical Name: Ficus elastica Common Name(s): Variegated Rubber tree, Ficus Elastica 'Tineke', Rubber plant Description: Native to tropical regions of India and Malaysia, Ficus Ruby 'Tineke' is a hardy, vibrant evergreen plant with green-yellow and white variegation. Care is similar to other rubber plants, but the variegation requires more light than the 'Burgundy' variety

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Ruby tineke rubber tree 3 plants in 1. PHP 2,500. 3 in 1 Tineke Rubber Tree (ficus elastica) 3 healthy plants in one! LUSH! P 2,500 only! #tinekeph #tinekerubbertreeph #ficuselasticaph #ficuselasticatinekeph. Ne Ficus varieties (rubber trees) PHP 600. Ficus varieties Dark prince 600 Tineke 600 Ruby 750 Lyrata 650-750 Golden audrey 700 Umbellata 700 Live plants po ito at coming from Eastern Samar, if you are willing to take a risk po while delivery you can place po ng order and we try our best to pack properly, during delivery/shipping ay hindi . Ne

Ficus Ruby Elastica. Regular price $16.00 Sale price $16.00 Regular price. Sale Sold out. Unit price Please understand that plants are living things and I cannot guarantee the way they will adapt to your home (water, sun, pests, etc.) Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Ficus Robusta White 4 'Tineke' Regular price. Plant Salon is where selfcare and plants meet. Located in downtown Chicago, the studio boutique offers a curated collection of tropical and seasonal houseplants, as well as indulgent skincare and cosmetics for you to fall in love with. Pamper your plants and you at the same time ficus elastica tineke / ruby [ rubber plant ] a popular variety of ficus known for their beautiful pink, green, and yellow leaves. the striking variegation and easy-going, low maintenance nature make it the perfect addition to a beginner houseplant collection. supplied in a 1.3l black nursery pot Ficus plants are sensitive to being moved. If you have to move your plant around, do so gradually. Any sudden changes can cause leaves to drop. When pruning your plant, be careful of the milky latex substance that may leak out where cuts have occurred-this is a mildly toxic irritant Ficus, Hoyas & Other Epiphytes. The Hoya Species is an Asian flowering tropical native plant. They are part of the Asclepiadaceae family and are epiphytic in nature. Most hoyas have succulent l leaves. They are drought tolerant making them low-maintenance houseplants. There is about 200 species of Hoyas

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Ruby Flora. $50.00 Golden Barrel Cactus - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. Ruby Flora. $40.00 Monstera Deliciosa. Ruby Flora. $24.00 Ficus Elastica 'Tineke' - Rubber Plant. Ruby Flora. From $20.00 Epipremnum Aureum 'Jade' Pothos. Ruby Flora. $28.00 Philodendron Micans. Ruby Flora. $20.00. Ficus elastica tinike Very healthy. XL SIZE 5-7' tall.. $200 obo Tropical house plants indoor. $369.99. Alcott Hill 72 Artificial Ficus Tree in Planter — Outdoor Decor (Planters): From $45. Canada. The green leaves have a noticeable lustre and vitality with this 6-foot ficus artificial tree

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Ficus Elastica - Tineke Rubber Plant. Regular price $ 19.99 Sale. Title Quantity. Add to cart Rubber Plant Care. Temperature: Average room temperatures of 60 - 75°F (15 - 24°C are fine. Avoid lower than 55°F (12°C), sudden temperature drops and cold drafts. Light: A nice brightly lit spot is ideal, without direct sunlight.. Pests - Ficus trees are susceptible to a few pests that can cause a ficus tree to drop leaves. Often, a sure sign of a pest problem will be that the leaves on the ficus tree will be sticky or have liquid dripping off them as well as falling off. If this is the problem, you will need to treat the plant with insecticide like neem oil Rubber fig, Ficus elastica - How to Plant and Grow Indoors + Propagation Up to the 1970s, the rubber bush has been one of the most prominent plants in any German household. It also looks amazing as a pot plant in stairwells or office buildings

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Ficus Elastica Tineke Beautiful LIVE plant at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! LIVE Ruby Ficus Elastica Starter Plant. C $18.38 + C $4.91 shipping. Tineke Ficus Elastica Rubber LIVE Plant Houseplant 25 Tall. C $83.6 There are over 850 types of Ficus found around the world in the semi-tropics and the tropics. Growing to to be huge trees in their native habitats, they can be large statement plants in your home. With many varying leaf shapes to choose from; running from small, pointed, shiny leaves to giant leathery ones, you can pi Ficus Alli petite ficus 17cm pot from $35 Ficus Fiddle Leaf large variety 17cm pot $25 or (1 metre tall) $40 Ficus Fiddle Leaf Bambino (1 metre tall) $40 Ficus Ruby 5Lt $35 Ficus Sofia 14cm $18 Ficus tineke Variegated indoor / outdoor $25 Ficus Gorgeous Baby Ben Ficus, lush evergreen plant. 5 Litre pot. $35 Ficus Trees $65-$75Ficus Alli petite.

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How to Care for a Ficus Tree. When growing ficus indoors, it's important to maintain a relatively high humidity around the plant. Regular misting or setting the ficus tree on a pebble tray filled with water is a great way to increase their humidity, but keep in mind that while they like high humidity, they don't like overly wet roots.Therefore, when watering, always check the top of the. Shop indoor ficus plants for sale today to add beautiful greenery and decor! Ficus Elastica 'Ruby' Shrub $ 34.95. BEST SELLER. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree $ 24.95. BEST SELLER. Variegated Rubber Plant Shrub - Ficus Tineke $ 34.95. Send Me Tips & Savings! * Contact. Contact Us; Call to Order (850) 997-3008; MONDAY-FRIDAY 8AM-5PM EST; Support.