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Brainly.com - For students. By students. Brainly is the place to learn. The world's largest social learning network for students Brainly is the knowledge-sharing community where 350 million students and experts put their heads together to crack their toughest homework questions A self-ideal is essentially an ideal future version of you that encompasses your personality, beliefs, values, and behavior under various conditions. In can be summarized in the following way: My ideal self is who I am wanting to become. My ideal self is the best version of myself in every situation. The ideal you is. This site is using cookies under cookie policy.You can specify conditions of storing and accessing cookies in your browse Answer: I would contend that the right answer is the B) Service is helping other people and being active in your community. Explanation: Just to elaborate a little on the answer, it can be added that this initial statement represents the main idea of the paragraph, which then introduces an example of service — specifically the creation and regular maintenance of a garden by a group of.

What is the main idea of the story of Morte d'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory? A. Sir Bedivere, King Arthur's knight, betrays his king. B. King Arthur is mortally wounded in a battle with his mortal enemy Sir Mordred. C. King Arthur creates the ideal kingdom of Camelot. D. King Arthur shows himself to be an unjust ruler The question is incomplete. However, The Grimms did not know the informants who gave contributors their stories. From the excerpt, The tales in the first edition were collected not from peasants, as is commonly believed, but mainly from literate people whom the Grimms came to know quite well If you are searching for the ideal man, here is a list of five essential qualities that he must possess. If you are a candidate seeking to become an ideal man, you should work on cultivating the following traits: Character - This is the main attribute required to make another person happy

Ideal Weight Calculator. The Ideal Weight Calculator computes ideal bodyweight (IBW) ranges based on height, gender, and age. The idea of finding the IBW using a formula has been sought after by many experts for a long time. Currently, there persist several popular formulas, and our Ideal Weight Calculator provides their results for side-to-side comparisons 7 My Own Personal Experiences With the Male Physique, and Tips For Men. 7.1 When I Was in High School, I Had an Awesome Body; 7.2 After My Divorce, I Was Overweight - and It Was Much More Difficult For Me to Get Attention From Attractive Women; 7.3 I Started Hitting the Gym and Watching My Calorie Intake - and Dropped a Bunch of Weigh

My husband is my ideal partner, He is my best friend. He likes to talk to me about books we both read, about life, hopes and plans. He likes to play games and watch movies with me when the kids are tucked up in bed. We explore thed world together. He is a great father abd he tells bad Dad jokes. He grows with me and learns with me The Filipina actress was known as the 80s screen siren of Philippine cinema. She began her career as a sexy star, capitalizing on her tantalizing eyes and athletic, ideal body. She memorably played Philippine superwoman Darna in 1978, bringing to the fore an empowered, independent and strong Filipina The main idea of a paragraph is the primary point or concept that the author wants to communicate to the readers about the topic. Hence, in a paragraph, when the main idea is stated directly, it is expressed in what is called the topic sentence. It gives the overarching idea of what the paragraph is about and is supported by the details in. Real vs. Ideal Self. In psychology, the real self and the ideal self are terms used to describe personality domains. The real self is who we actually are. It is how we think, how we feel, look. In a standing position, seven figure drawing proportions to keep in mind are: 1. The figure is approximately 7.5 heads tall. 2. About two heads down from the top of the figure is the line of the nipples. 3. About three heads down from the top of the figure is the navel, or belly button. 4

  1. A main idea is a statement that sums up the general theme of the passage. So, remember that by definition, a main idea is general, rather than specific. A main idea should not be confused with supporting details that provide specific information from the passage. Incorrect answers on the reading test will often show supporting details from the.
  2. ing how much you should weigh is not a simple matter of looking at a height-weight chart, but includes considering the amount of bone, muscle and fat in your body's composition. The amount of fat is the critical measurement. A good indicator of how much fat you carry is the body mass index (BMI)
  3. How the Media Affects Body Image. Body image is the way we perceive ourselves when we look in the mirror. We imagine ourselves to look and act a certain way, even though we may look and act.
  4. d that the main idea is often the first or last sentence of a paragraph

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  1. Adult BMI Calculator. This calculator provides body mass index (BMI) and the corresponding BMI weight status category for adults 20 years and older. For children and teens, 2 through 19 years, use the BMI Calculator for Children and Teens. Note: this calculator uses JavaScript
  2. ed by your skeletal frame and body composition. If you have a higher percentage of muscle than body fat, you may have what is known as a mesomorph body type. Learn more.
  3. These factors all affect body proportions. Furthermore, because our bodies adapt to the environment, different cultures may have different proportions. In the United States, the average neck size for women is 13.5 inches and for men, 19.5 inches. The average waist circumference for women is 37.5 inches and the average for men is 39.7 inches
  4. Three times a day you take 10 power breaths using a ratio of 1-4-2. For instance, if you inhale for 6 seconds, you will hold for 24 seconds, and exhale for 12 seconds. This type of breathing brings energy to your body, making it healthier and less stressed in the process
  5. g techniques and ideas about creating the ideal conditions that support your goal pursuit (Miller & Frisch, 2009). Brainstorm as many alternative pathways as you can . Think about all the potential ways you might go about achieving your goal and don't be too quick to discount them

The Vitruvian Man, a late 15th-century drawing, is a prime example of such work.Intended to explore the idea of proportion, the piece is part work of art and part mathematical diagram, conveying the Old Master's belief that everything connects to everything else.. What is the Vitruvian Man?. Leonardo drew the Vitruvian Man, known also as The proportions of the human body according. Provide a call to action. A great investor email should always end with a call to action, but take care to keep it reasonable. Refrain from closing the email with a request for a major investment, and try a more subtle method for moving the relationship forward instead. For instance, ask to set up a brief call and provide a relatively specific. Body language is a form of nonverbal communication, consisting of body pose, gestures, eye movements and paralinguistic cues (i.e. tone of voice and rate of speech). Humans send and interpret such signals unconsciously. It is often said that human communication consists of 93% body language and paralinguistic cues, while only 7% of communication consists of words themselves - however, Albert.

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Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books. My librar Confucius. First published Tue Mar 31, 2020. At different times in Chinese history, Confucius (trad. 551-479 BCE) has been portrayed as a teacher, advisor, editor, philosopher, reformer, and prophet. The name Confucius, a Latinized combination of the surname Kong 孔 with an honorific suffix Master ( fuzi 夫子), has also come to be. Body Visualizer. See your 3D body shape from measurements Brainly Community - Brainly.com. When you create content on Brainly—either questions or answers—you're contributing to something bigger than just your own education. You're helping the entire community learn. Here are some tips to help you make the most of Brainly. Creating Content That Helps Our Community Learn Together News, email and search are just the beginning. Discover more every day. Find your yodel

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Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try This represents the idea of the American Dream, where qualities of hard work and ambition are shown. The novel The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald embodies many themes; however, the most significant one relates to the corruption of the American dream.. The American Dream is defined as someone starting low on the economic or social level, and working hard towards prosperity and or wealth and fame Astrological Zodiac Signs at a Glance — and What Your Signs Say About You. Science Billions of Brood X cicadas have been emerging from their underground lairs after 17 years of hibernation. Here are the states where you can see them. Instant Crabification: Why Evolution Keeps Coming Up Crustacean. History Billions of Brood X cicadas have been. Photos from China and Italy were dramatically photoshopped to have very thin legs and arms. Images from Colombia, Mexico and Peru reflect the traditional voluptuous beauty standards of those areas with tiny waists, large breasts and curvy hips. Scroll below to see what the perfect woman looks like in 18 countries Enter the initial daily intake for the patient. If the daily intake is unknown, the auto-calculate will estimate the initial daily caloric intake based on weight management of the estimated ideal weight. Close Any daily calorie recommendation is a starting recommendation. Please monitor the pets body weight and adjust as needed to achieve ideal.

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There are several applications of the ideal gas law in everyday life, including determining the amount of ventilation that facilities need for safe human use and estimating proper air pressure levels in airplane cabins. Ideal gas laws demonstrate a relationship between volume, temperature and pressure for a combination of ideal gases 3. Ideal Self. The ideal self is a vision of who would like to be. Unfortunately, one's ideal self and self-image don't always match up, which can, in turn, negatively impact one's self-esteem. But this isn't how it has to be; your ideal self and self-image actually can align The body is scanned in segmental (slices) scans are used to predict whole-body values. MRI is considered to be the most accurate tool for in vivo quantification of body composition. It is an ideal evaluation tool for measurement of skeletal muscle mass and adipose tissue (and can divide adipose into visceral and subcutaneous depots)

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Plato's ideal state is based on Socratic doctrine, ideal is real by this he meant that, reality should be found in the ideas of permanent things not in the things which are supposed to be changed or decay. According to Plato ideal state should be a model for all the states in the world Possible benefits of a 4-year age gap. You'll get more one-on-one time with each child. Since the time-consuming aspects associated with having two younger children are fewer, you'll likely have more time to read, play and otherwise enjoy each of your kids individually. Your eldest may handle it better. By 4 years old, firstborns are a bit. Do you work with a student who is having trouble identifying the main idea of a written text? How about the supporting details? Identifying the main idea and supporting details when reading seems like a pretty basic task but it can be very difficult for our children with language delays. It may also affect their abilit Phenomenology. First published Sun Nov 16, 2003; substantive revision Mon Dec 16, 2013. Phenomenology is the study of structures of consciousness as experienced from the first-person point of view. The central structure of an experience is its intentionality, its being directed toward something, as it is an experience of or about some object

The most commonly used and traditional assessment of your ideal weight range is Body Mass Index (BMI). The bmi calculation is based on the mathematical formula of your body weight in kilograms divided by your height in metres squared. Dr. Halls amazing body mass index calculator also takes into account your age and gender It is as if my being finally had nothing to do with my body. 3) Suppose, however, that the substance can exist apart. So there would be ideas for everything, not only of natural things (the idea of cat) but also all products of human art (the idea of a table) and maybe even ideas for negations, that is to say, non-being, which is absurd The idea of the full-body stretch is one of the most damaging concepts in flexibility training today: This silly idea that you need to stretch everything. Take a look at the short video below where I explain why the full-body stretch is such a bad idea 3 - Earn the Respect of the Team. Having the ability to show respect, empathy, and care to those that follow you, are all attributed to being a great leader. Earning respect is crucial to a. SHIPPING STOCKS As of Fri 2nd of July 2021 4:30 PM: DRYBULK Spot($/day) Updated May 24, 2021: TANKER Spot($/day) Updated May 24, 2021; Top Five: Bottom Fiv

Biologically, a child (plural children) is a human being between the stages of birth and puberty, or between the developmental period of infancy and puberty. The legal definition of child generally refers to a minor, otherwise known as a person younger than the age of majority. Children generally have fewer rights and less responsibility than adults.They are classed as unable to make serious. To write a great paragraph, start with a topic sentence that states the subject and main idea. In the next 3-5 sentences, present evidence, like facts, examples, or even short anecdotes, to back up your main idea. Use transition phrases, like in addition to, or however, to help your paragraph flow well Ancient Greek Civilization and its Influences on the Western Way of Life. Western civilization and its ideologies have been influenced by Greek philosophy and its thinking since its inception back in the 4 th and 5 th century BCE. Greece not only gave the modern Western Civilization its understanding of philosophy, cosmogony and theology but it also imparted greater influences in the areas of. This I Believe is an international organization engaging people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives. Over 125,000 of these essays, written by people from all walks of life, have been archived here on our website, heard on public radio, chronicled through our books, and featured in weekly podcasts Main Idea. The first place to start is with your main idea. The main idea is the key concept being expressed or examined. Putting this in our movie frame of reference, the main idea would be the.

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The body is the longest part of the essay and commonly highlights all the topics and ideas. The body must include the following: The evidence and supporting details of the expository essay in addition to the author's ideas. A topic or sentences that link the discussion back to the thesis statement. The logical ordering of the ideas Thomas Jefferson. God Fear Justice. The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers. Thomas Jefferson. Man Better Nothing. In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. Thomas Jefferson. Brainy Style Stand

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  1. Confucianism, also known as Ruism, is a system of thought and behavior originating in ancient China.Variously described as tradition, a philosophy, a religion, a humanistic or rationalistic religion, a way of governing, or simply a way of life, Confucianism developed from what was later called the Hundred Schools of Thought from the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius (551-479 BCE)
  2. eNotes.com has study guides, lesson plans, quizzes with a vibrant community of knowledgeable teachers and students to help you with almost any subject
  3. My culture is all about respect. I must be kind to others and respect my elders. I have to practice faith and be active in my church. I also need to respect my family and help them everyday. >>>This person will write three body paragraphs. One about practicing respect for others
  4. d. That means, for me, extreme self-care and managing my workload to not overly stress my body (or

Body composition is the overall percentage of the fat, muscle, mass, water, and tissue composition of our bodies, daily physical fitness can overtime lower your body fat percentage, making your body more lean, and overall increase size and overall muscle. Benefits of maintaining a healthy body composition are better sleep, normal blood pressure. 8 important and interesting quotes by Plato that are helpful and relevant to us today. Plato's dialogues eloquently provide us with theories and ideas about ultimately how to improve society and ourselves so we can become fulfilled beings.They demonstrate the need for reason and analysis in our lives; only then can we truly reach the good life

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Your customizable and curated collection of the best in trusted news plus coverage of sports, entertainment, money, weather, travel, health and lifestyle, combined with Outlook/Hotmail, Facebook. Diaphragmatic breathing technique. Lie on your back on a flat surface or in bed, with your knees bent and your head supported. You can use a pillow under your knees to support your legs. Place one hand on your upper chest and the other just below your rib cage. This will allow you to feel your diaphragm move as you breathe Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that deals with being, substance, and identity. Immanuel Kant was an uber-famous 18th-century Prussian philosopher. Two of the most famous metaphysical views.

This free body fat calculator estimates body fat percentage based on the U.S. Navy Method as well as the BMI method. It displays a number of results including the fat loss required to reach ideal body fat percentage. In addition explore many other calculators addressing finance, math, health, and fitness Learn about the ideal body fat percentages with charts based on sex, age, and height. This article also covers how to calculate ideal body fat percentage and BMI Aristotle (b. 384 - d. 322 BCE), was a Greek philosopher, logician, and scientist. Along with his teacher Plato, Aristotle is generally regarded as one of the most influential ancient thinkers in a number of philosophical fields, including political theory. Aristotle was born in Stagira in northern Greece, and his father was a court physician.

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The Ego Ideal . The ego ideal is the part of the superego that includes the rules and standards for good behaviors. These behaviors include those that are approved of by parental and other authority figures. Obeying these rules leads to feelings of pride, value, and accomplishment. Breaking these rules can result in feelings of guilt My friend, Emma Welsh, has an ENORMOUS list of 365 story ideas here. My favourites: #8, #17, #111, #213, #273 & #360! Watch this fun video to see how easy it is to invent 100 story ideas in an hour. Self Publishing School has some great story prompts divided by genre. I have another list of 52 romance story ideas with built-in conflict My residential college always hosted the 45th reunion, one of the most well attended, I suppose because you just might not be around for the 50th. To my eyes, these guys were the picture of old money Specific Purpose: I will inform my audience about the two major forms of hula. Central Idea: The two major forms of hula that have played an important role in Hawaiian history and have developed into unique dances are the Kahiko and 'Auana. ( Main Point 1) The ancient hula or Kahiko is a unique form of hula

That was my idea of making a difference in the world. Now that I have grown up and find myself having to make important career decisions, I realize that I wish to become a special education teacher. With a more realistic perception of life, I believe that this is truly an effective way to make a difference in our world It's important to let the audience know what you want them to do next: to visit a website for more information, to ponder an idea or new direction, or to take action toward a particular goal. An attention-grabbing visual will work really well here, along with a meaningful end to the music - a change of pace, volume, or pitch Ethics or moral philosophy is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior. The field of ethics, along with aesthetics, concerns matters of value; these fields comprise the branch of philosophy called axiology.. Ethics seeks to resolve questions of human morality by defining concepts such as good and evil, right and. What's more, mind mapping encourages a free flow of ideas, which makes it the ideal format for brainstorming and creative problem solving sessions. How to Mind Map Start in the center: To make a mind map, start by writing the subject of your map in the center of a blank piece of paper or digital canvas. The subject can be a single keyword, an. The Subtitle Subtitles are frequently used in social science research papers. Examples of why you may include a subtitle: 1. Explains or provides additional context, e.g., Linguistic Ethnography and the Study of Welfare Institutions as a Flow of Social Practices: The Case of Residential Child Care Institutions as Paradoxical Institutions.. [Palomares, Manuel and

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READING - Main Ideas Rev. August. 2005 MAIN IDEAS • The main idea is the central, or most important, idea in a paragraph or passage. It states the purpose and sets the direction of the paragraph or passage. • The main idea may be stated or it may be implied. • When the main idea of a paragraph is stated, it is most often found in the firs Essay on My Family - For Children (Essay 2 - 300 Words). The family is a valuable god gift which plays a most crucial role in every individual's life. I love my family very much because all of my family members stand in my good as well as bad times The energy your body gets from the nutrients in the food you eat is measured as calories. As a rule of thumb, the more calories you eat, the more active you have to be to maintain your weight. Likewise, the reverse is also true—the more active you are, the more calories you need

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The normal physical changes - increase in weight and body fat, particularly on the hips and thighs, take them further from the cultural ideal of unnatural slimness. A Harvard University study showed that up to two thirds of underweight 12-year-old girls considered themselves to be too fat But it's worth it to give your body what it needs without stressing yourself out. Do the Best You Can In an ideal scenario, you'd have a balance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein. Almost all ideal body weight web sites use obsolete formulas or tables created in 1979 or earlier. This page makes use of of the recommendations of weight loss professionals, including Stephen B. Halls, M.D., B.J. Devine, M.D., and J.D. Robinson, M.D. Unsurprisingly, Dr. Halls discovered that women tend to imagine their ideal weight is in the Callista Flockhart/Twiggy range, so they diet. One of the most critical keys to success is starting each morning off on the right foot by setting a positive tone for the day. Because your morning routine can have a ripple effect on the rest of your day, it's important to find a system that feels natural for you and makes you feel good. The trick here is knowing which success and health habits are best for you to get you off to a good. An inability to compromise or let go of ideas. Flexibility is a prime characteristic of a good team member. It's important to put ideas on the table, but it's also important to understand when to let go of them, or to incorporate some aspects of them into someone else's conception for the sake of progress. Lack of commitment to the work

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Staying flexible as you age is a good idea. It helps you move better. For example, regular stretching can help keep your hips and hamstrings flexible later in life, says Lynn Millar, PhD An outline is a way of formally arranging and developing ideas. Though structured, there is a great amount of flexibility in making an outline. It can be made either before there is a single word on the paper or after a draft or two. It can quickly cover the main ideas (Topic Outline) or become a detailed, in-depth undertaking (Sentence Outline) William Bradford (1590-1657) was a founder and longtime governor of the Plymouth Colony settlement. Born in England, he migrated with the Separatist congregation to the Netherlands as a teenager JetBrains is a cutting-edge software vendor specializing in the creation of intelligent development tools, including IntelliJ IDEA - the leading Java IDE, and the Kotlin programming language

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A healthy body sets the stage for your day-to-day well-being and determines how well you'll age. It also allows you to live an active and more full life, which means you'll have a better quality of life as you age. A healthy body requires a mix of a balanced diet, regular exercise, quality sleep, mindfulness and, of course, a healthy lifestyle.. The Ideal of Pure Reason addresses the idea of God and argues that it is impossible to prove the existence of God. The argumentation in the Ideal of Pure Reason was anticipated in Kant's The Only Possible Argument in Support of the Existence of God (1763), making this aspect of Kant's mature thought one of the most significant remnants of. Judaism is characterized by a belief in one transcendent God who revealed himself to Abraham, Moses, and the Hebrew prophets and by a religious life in accordance with Scriptures and rabbinic traditions. Judaism is the complex phenomenon of a total way of life for the Jewish people, comprising theology, law, and innumerable cultural traditions

The first is called body mass index (BMI). To figure out your BMI, just use this math formula: Multiply your weight in pounds by 703 and divide it by your height (in inches) squared. So, for. Motivation Affect My Future Career. this essay I will be talking about motivation, and how it will affect my future career. We know that there are three different types of motivations and also types of behaviors. Motivations 1.0, 2.0, 2.1 but Daniel Pink says there is a fourth. Motivations 3.0, this motivation deals with intrinsic desire Sample Persuasive Speech on War Is a Female Game. It seems that the time of sexual prejudice and discrimination, when war and military service were thought to be a purely male affair, has long become a thing in the past, giving women a freedom to choose such a career. However, if you consider this issue seriously, you will be surprised to find. Plato: Political Philosophy. Plato (c. 427-347 B.C.E.) developed such distinct areas of philosophy as epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, and aesthetics. His deep influence on Western philosophy is asserted in the famous remark of Alfred North Whitehead: the safest characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato 11. Freedom. Freedom comes in many forms and that is why it is one of the ultimate core values to have. The freedom to choose, freedom to speak, freedom to live on your own terms, freedom to love and be loved. If freedom becomes a core value of yours, watch how your life changes for the better. 12