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A butterfly/bird magnet! 1.) Eupatoriums (commonly known as Joe-Pye Weed): This family of plants is hardy and easy to grow and comes in a wide variety of heights. I especially like Spotted Joe-Pye Weed which grows 5 - 6 ft tall. Attracts butterflies like crazy! A vigorous and sturdy native plant to our area Hot Lips Turtlehead. Tough, hardy, happy North American native that's a tumble of cheerful spikes of pink snapdragon-like flowers over densely spreading 2-ft tall plants.Thrives in shady, moist conditions. Zone: 3 - 8 Fall leaf color is stunning, with a single plant showcasing shades of orange, burgundy, purple and gold. Fothergilla thrives in part shade to full sun. Plants grow 6 to 10 feet tall by 5 to 9 feet wide. Hardy in Zones 4-8. Good to know: Fothergilla tends to send up many shoots and, if happy, forms colonies The Spruce / Evgeniya Vlasova. The 12 best perennials for shade include: Stella de Oro daylily ( Hemerocallis ' Stella de Oro'): It grows in zones 3 to 9. Columbine meadow rue ( Thalictrum polygamum ): It grows in zones 5 to 9. Foxglove ( Digitalis purpurea ): It grows in zones 4 to 10. Many types are biennials 4. Hollyhock. This is a plant that is known to grow to heights of up to eight feet tall with the right care. They prefer full sun and well-draining soil to grow, and they tend to thrive in zones three through nine. Because of its height, this is an excellent plant for the back of your garden. 5. Coral Bells

Zone 5 is somewhere in the cool middle, with lows between -20 and -10 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 and -23 C.). Before you head to the garden store to buy a bush, look carefully at the type of shade your garden offers. Shade is generally classified as light, moderate or heavy They grow up to 5' in height and grow best in zones 4-8. Common Foxglove. This exceptional flower has a central spire that produces rosettes of funnel-shaped leaves that vary in color, typically a shade of rose or violet. The tall spires and rich color make them striking enhancements to any garden wall or next to a shrub

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  1. Japanese kerria (Kerria japonica) Kerria, also known as yellow rose, is among the tall shade plants that flower beautifully in shady conditions. Plants bloom from early to mid-spring. Appearance: Bright-yellow blossoms with five petals resembling a rose
  2. Finding full shade plants can be a bit of a challenge. I hear all the time, Nothing but moss will grow in the dark corner of my yard or I have a beautiful shade tree out front, but nothing will grow under it. Here is my recommendation of 25 full shade plants that will look great in your yard. (*In no particular order.) #1 Hellebor
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Gardeners will find it much harder to find tall shade-loving perennial plants than tall sun-loving plants. Many perennial plants thrive in shade, but very few of them are taller than 2 feet Hardy in zones 5-7. Full sun to full shade. Sky Box ™ Japanese Holly. If you like the look of boxwood but need something smaller to fit a tight space, try this Japanese holly which has remarkably similar evergreen foliage but a much narrow er, upright form. It requires little shaping to form a 4-5' tall by 1-2' wide column

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Full Shade - Zones 3-8. A popular alternative to the mainstays, Brunnera are a spring blooming plant with a wispy display of light blue flowers - a great way to kick off the season. This perennial is best in full shade with consistent moisture. If you have dry shade - this one will be work to keep nice The perennials that thrive in this Zone must endure winter temperatures as low as -20°F, but plenty of hardy species will. We offer Zone 5 perennials that thrive in full sun or shade, partial shade, or alongside roads and walkways that are salted in the winter. To learn more about Hardiness Zones and to find yours, visit our Hardiness Zones page

This past spring I dug a new strip of garden space along the fence about 2.5 feet wide x 30 feet long and planted sunflowers, tithonia, harry balls, and other tall annuals. I'd like to save myself some work this coming spring by planting 5+ ft. tall perennials, but they need to be fast growing to help block the view quickly A good option is 'Emerald Green' arborvitae, a semi-dwarf cultivar that grows in a narrow pyramid shape to around 7 to 15 feet tall. Plant it in a large pot with high-quality soil, and it should live in your container garden for many years. USDA Growing Zones: 2 to 7. Color Varieties: Deep green The very tallest perennials that commonly exceed 4 feet high under most conditions. These very tall, often statement making perennials are well suited to use at the back of the border and in front of medium to large shrubs and taller tree form plants. Some may be suitable for large to very large containers as specimen

This foundation plant grows 3 to 4 ft. (1 - 1.2 m) tall and thrives in zones 4 - 8. Rhododendron 'Dora Amateis'—This spectacular small shrub blooms with masses of white flowers every spring. The low-growing, bushy foundation plant grows in the sun and shade. Ideal for planting in front yards in zones 5 - 8 3-4'H Perennials. These taller perennials usually remain in the 3 to 4 feet high range under most conditions. Use them behind and among low to medium height growing perennials, as specimen plants, near the middle to the back of border, in front of medium and large shrubs and very tall perennials, and around larger tree form plants Plants to grow here - ferns, jack in the pulpit, lily of the valley, toad lily, mint, dead nettles. You can fill in remaining spots with shade annuals like impatiens and begonias. Tuberous begonias look really spectacular and will bloom abundantly in full shade. They are tender bulbs in zone 5, so you will have to dig them up in the fall or.

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Cyclamen coum is hardy to Zone 5 - even through the toughest of winter, whether gloomy, wet, or bitter cold, these shade plants remain as tough as they can be. Even if winter temperatures drop down to -15F, you can still enjoy these cheery flowers once the snow melts and the weather warms up Lavender Lady Lilac. Plant at back of the border, where it will burst with traffic-stopping, fragrant spring flowers, then recede while other later blooming plants take over. Partial to full sun. Fast, reaches up to 12 ft. tall, 6 ft. wide. Zone: 3 - 8 Certain plants just love to have constant access to moist soil. We have sifted through our enormous on-line perennial catalog to create this mini-catalog of shade loving plants for wet soil, just for you. There is a difference between a moist shade plant and a bog plant

Apr 30, 2014 - Explore Sharon Kareiva's board Zone 5 plants on Pinterest. See more ideas about plants, planting flowers, flower garden Perfect for a woodland or cottage garden, this shade perennial flowers all summer, is hardy to zone 3, and prefers a cool spot on your garden away from afternoon sun. It is deer resistant and grows 8-18 inches tall Shop Our Great Selection of Patio & Garden Items & Save. Lots of Patio & Garden Items to Choose From. Orders $35+ Ship Free The Leyland Cypress sports a nice pyramidal shape and needs full sun. Reaches a height of 60-70′ if planted alone or 20-30′ if planted as a hedge. Plant 6′ apart for a privacy hedge. If you choose to shear it to keep it at the height you want, it will happily accept you trimming it to almost any shape or size They get 20-25 feet tall and can be grown in growing zones 5-9. Other shade tolerant dogwoods include the Chinese Tartarian dogwood (C. alba), pagoda dogwood (C. alternifolia), silky dogwood (C. amomum), Cornelian cherry (C. mas), and red-osier dogwood (C. stolonifera). All of the dogwoods stay under 20 feet tall in height and are well adapted.

Plant in a mixed border, as a stand-alone accent, or as screening along a property border. Smaller specimens can be planted in containers. Hydrangeas do prefer more bright shade than deep shade. Height/Spread: 2 to 20 feet tall, 5 to 10 feet wide . Zones: 4-9 . Plants to Try If an even bigger plant is on your wish list, look for giant butterbur (P. japonicus var. giganteus) with leaves that can reach up to 4 feet across on petioles 6 feet tall. Both plants thrive in damp areas or at the water's edge. Zones: 5 to 9. Size: Up to 3 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Conditions: Partial to full shade; consistently moist to. Top 15 Plants for Dry Shade. 1. Alchemilla mollis / Lady's Mantle. Lady's mantle is a medium-sized, mounding perennial hardy to zone 3. It grows 1-1 ½ feet tall and 1 ½-2 ½ feet wide, with lime green, medium- large leaves. Lady's mantle produces chartreuse flower clusters in June This towering shrub grows 7' to 9' tall, just as tall as an ornamental tree. Its flowers can grow up to 12 wide and come in gorgeous shades of red, pink and white. The only thing this giant has in common with its fragile, tropical kin is its exotic-looking blooms. It can survive winters as far north as Zone 5 Foxglove or Digitalis purpurea is a tall plant with tubular flowers that grow on 2 - 5' spikes, a showy attractive plant for dry partial shade. Foxglove is a biennial plant that forms a rosette of leaves that grow low to the ground the first year, sending up flowers the next

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  1. Baptisia. Gardeners in zones 3 to 9 can grow this indigo-like plant. This spring bloomer that grows up to 4-feet tall has light purple lupine-like flowers that grow on spikes that can be up to 1-foot long. After the flowers fade, it produces inflated seed pods that are up to 2.5-inches long that turn charcoal black as they ripen
  2. Perennials and ferns for partial shade. Perennials and ferns for dry shade. Evergreen shade tolerant trees. Deciduous shade tolerant trees. Gardening in the shade gives an overview of the subject and an explanation of how to identify the different degrees of shade. Links to other 'plants for places' pages can be found at plant guides
  3. It can be found growing in zones four to 10, and with the right care, it can grow to be a height of five feet. It is a very adaptive plant, so it can grow in full and partial sun as well as shade. Boltonia. They form an ideal choice for the oblique garden and can achieve a height of three to seven feet tall depending on the cultivar

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  1. Foliage Height: 8-10, Flower Height: 18-20, Spread: 26-30, Sun or shade but best in part shade, Perennial in zones 4-9 #5 - Fun and Games ® 'Eye Spy' Heucherella (Foamy Bells) Every shade garden needs at least a few chartreuse plants as accents in an otherwise green setting
  2. Hardy in zones 4-9, full sun to part shade, 5-7' tall. 7. 'Denim 'n Lace' Perovskia (Russian Sage) You might say this one is a little more purple than blue, but we couldn't pass up a chance to tell you about one of the very best perennials in our lineup
  3. These hydrangeas also bloom more reliably than the mopheads, which suffer stem dieback and rarely flower in Zones 5 and lower. Reaching only 4 feet tall, 'Kiyosumi' is perfect for a small or urban garden. It will tolerate considerable shade, but it flowers best in partial shade. Its summer blooms are adorned with pinwheel-like sterile.
  4. Zone: 6 to 7. Height: 1.50 to 2.00 feet. Spread: 1.50 to 2.00 feet. Bloom Time: July to October. Sun: Part shade to full shade. This hardy begonia grows well in the shade and self-seeds for more plants each year. The pretty pink flowers appear late in the season when most of the flowering plants are done
  5. The Hardy Ice plant grows 3 to 6 inches tall with a width of 2 to 4 inches. With tiny hairs growing from the fleshy foliage, it resembles ice. Growing best in zones 5 to 9, this sunny yellow plant will bloom a good duration of the summer and fall. This drought-tolerant flower is an excellent addition to a space in your garden that is on the dry.
  6. Astilbe grows 3 to 5 feet tall and has dark green leaves. The flowers grow in plumes and are white, red or pink. These plants prefer moist soil and partial shade. Astilbe is hardy in zones 4 to 9. They are often used in mass plantings and in borders
  7. Theresa Marine City, MI (Zone 5a) Apr 30, 2010. Additional nice zone 5 shade vines are: akebia (chocolate vine) dutchmans pipe. japanese honeysuckle. cinnamon vine. Post #7750830. Quote. Bookmark
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Sneezeweed is a tall perennial with flowers that come back every year. Also called false sunflower or yellow star, these sun-loving tall plants grow between 3 and 5 ft. (1 - 1.5 m) tall. The large papery flowers are in warm shades of red, orange, and yellow. Plant among tall grasses for best effect Among the tall perennials that should be easy to identify is the chimney bellflower. It is a plant that features bluish purple, bell-shaped flowers that produce from its chimney-shaped stalks with triangular green foliage. It grows up to 5 feet tall. This tolerates soil in hardy zones 4 to 8. Enjoy its full bloom in summer through fall If you garden in the partial sun of a dappled woodland garden, or on the north or east side of a building then you need shade loving perennials for your garden. We have a huge selection of shade tolerant flowers and we have sifted through our massive catalog of plants to create this mini-catalog of the best shade loving flowers for your garden ProblemSolver Plants for Dry Shade. Aesculus parviflora. Bottlebrush buckeye. Decideous shrub. Bottlebrush buckeye is noted for being one of the best summer-flowering shrubs for shade areas. It is a dense, mounded, suckering, deciduous, multi-stemmed shrub which typically grows 6-12' tall. Blooms June to July. More plants

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Shade loving plants are adapted to very little sunlight because of their place in the forest understory. Since the canopies of larger trees and shrubs block as much as 95% of the sunlight that reaches the forest floor, understory plants have evolved to utilize the very little light they do receive to photosynthesize and reproduce Paired with the plant's fragrant, silvery foliage, Russian sage is a must-have for your garden. Russian sage grows 3 to 5 feet tall, dwarf forms are more compact reaching 3 feet in height. Growing Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil. Size: Up to 5 feet tall. Zones: 4-9 As low as $13.32 Sale $9.99. Per Plant - 3.5 Pot. Elegant 'Gracillimus' Miscanthus Grass, or Maiden Grass, is a classic ornamental grass. It forms a tall, rounded mound of thin, variegated foliage, topped by feathery copper blooms in late summer to mid-autumn

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Bleeding Heart (Dicentra) is a classic shade perennial with fern-leaf cultivars that stay short, about 8″ to 18″ tall. Dicentra perennials are hardy in Zones 5-9, and are perfect for the front of a woodland or cottage garden. Be sure to choose a compact variety if using in the front of a garden bed beside a walkway or path The non-flowering lady fern grows in zones 4 to 8. This shade-loving plant must be consistently moist to thrive, so do not let the ground in your rain garden dry out. Each of the fonds on this plant consists of about 25 oblong sub-leaflets. This plant that grows to be about 3-feet tall often spreads to be about 2.5-feet wide

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24 Spectacular Shade Garden Perennials - Chrysogonum Pierre or Golden Star. The Chrysogonum Pierre or Golden Star is a groundcover that has clump forming foliage. Long blooming, star shaped, golden yellow flowers appear from late Spring to early Fall. The evergreen 5 inch tall Golden Star grows in zones 5 to 9 Grows about 16 to 24 inches tall and 18 to 24 inches wide, and thrives in moist shade. More information about Hakone grass, the 2009 Perennial Plant of the Year. Palm Sedge (Carex muskingumensis): Hardy to Zone 5, this sedge spreads to create a low maintenance groundcover for moist shady locations. The light green leaves resemble palm fronds at. Northstar (Buxus sempervirens 'North Star') This boxwood has a dense globe-like form, good winter color, and good resistance to boxwood blight. Size: 2 to 2.5 feet tall and wide USDA Hardiness Zones: 5 to 9 Wedding Ring (Buxus microphylla var. koreana) This plant has glossy, variegated foliage with lime edges that become golden in late summer

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  1. ate from seeds, grow, flower, produce seeds and die in one season. In the Zone 5 garden, annuals begin to flower in early summer and continue to bloom until killed by freezing weather. Select them carefully, and they will fit almost any situation in your garden
  2. LINKSPrimo™ 'Wild Rose' - Heuchera - https://goo.gl/DJXBF9Shadowland® 'Autumn Frost' - Hosta - https://goo.gl/B5VtXxSprinter® - Boxwood - https://goo.gl/..
  3. As low as $140.24 Sale $126.21. Per Garden of 16 Plants. The Serene Shade Pre-Planned Garden features groundcovers, ornamental grasses, and tall flowering perennials to brighten the shady areas of your yard. Easily create an oasis in the shade with softly colored flowers that bloom from late spring to early fall
  4. gbirds to Your Garden! - Edda Clematis. Edda Clematis is a vine perennial that has purple with red-slashed accent blooms. Blooms from late Spring to late Summer. Grows in zones 4 to 10 in half shade and half Sun to full Sun. Reaches between 3 to 4 feet tall. Beneficial for pollinators

Plant 18 inches apart, Zone 5-9, part shade to full shade Dryopteris x australis - Dixie Wood Fern This cross between the Log Fern and the Southern Wood Fern is rich in color and is semi-evergreen with large, erect, tall fronds at 4-5 feet when fully grown These shade perennials boast beautiful leaf colors and delicate, exotic flowers—and some have irresistibly cool names too! Pick plants that work in your USDA Hardiness Zone, and talk to the nursery or read the plant label to make sure it can handle the conditions in your yard. Remember: Full shade means the area never gets direct sunlight Agastache: Full sun to light shade Hardy in zones 5-10B.Agastache is a perennial also known as Hyssop and hummingbird mint. This is a genus with a broad variety of species, all of which attract butterflies and hummingbirds. In general they all enjoy full sun, bloom from midsummer to autumn, are drought tolerant, and are excellent container plants BOXWOOD (Buxus spp. and hybrids)Zones: 5-9 for most, a few hardy to Zone 4 Exposure: Sun or shade Mature size:. 2 to 4 feet tall and wide for most, some to 8 feet Probably the best evergreen for shaping and pruning, which is why they are often the gardener's choice for creating formal hedges, borders, and even topiaries

Plant in drifts of three or more for best impact. Blooms in September. Asters . Fancy cousins of the native prairie flower, garden asters are September bloomers. Avoid types not hardy to Zone 4 and colder. Consider spraying with a fungicide (organic types available) in April to prevent mildew problems in summer. 10 Perennials for Shade Some of the most reviewed products in Perennials are the PROVEN WINNERS 4.5 in. Qt. Dolce Wildberry Coral Bells (Heuchera) Live Plant in White Flowers and Purple Foliage with 51 reviews and the PROVEN WINNERS 0.65 Gal. Shadowland Empress Wu (Hosta) Live Plant, Green Foliage with 37 reviews Today I'm sharing 21 drought resistant plants. All of which are perennials that grow in my garden. I've included the USDA zone hardiness range that they grow best in, their light requirements, their general height and width, and the time of year in which they bloom.. In some cases, I've given you a specific variety of the plant in the photo, but you should be good with any variety in the species

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Zones 5 - 9. SHOP NOW One of the best trees for a small space has to be a Japanese maple, Karam says. The striking foliage, the graceful shape, the architecture of the branches in winter Coneflower - Zone 3-9. Echinacea, or coneflower, is an extremely popular perennial - and for good reason! 'Magnus' has showy pink-purple flowers with a mature height up to 3' tall. Attracts pollinators and birds to the garden. Hosta - Zone 3-9. There are so many hosta options to fit exactly what you need in your shade garden Shop Patio & Garden Items & More. Get Great Deals at Target™ Today. Save on Patio & Garden Items. Quick & Easy Returns In-Store Shade Plants for Zone 5. Can you give me a list of shade tolerant plants other than hostas that will grow in zone 5? Hostas are a great mainstay of the perennial garden but there are many others that complement them or can be used alone. Ferns, wild ginger and astilbes all combine nicely with hostas and each other Zones 5-9. 5 Stunning Flowering Trees. 9. American Sweetgum. Liquidambar styraciflua. The American sweetgum—with its star-shaped leaves, neatly compact crown, interesting fruit and twigs with unique corky growths called wings—is an attractive shade tree. It has become a prized specimen in parks, campuses and large yards across the country

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  1. USDA Zones: 5-9. Characterized by dainty, starry flowers and pinwheel foliage, oxalis is a gorgeous plant that stays beautiful in every season. You can grow it in a planter with fuchsia or torenia and place it in your drawing room. This plant thrives in shade and does well in moist, well-draining soil. 12. Ornamental Asparagu
  2. This variety grows 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide, and will tolerate conditions in zones 5-9. Because of its variegation, it appreciates more shade than most Japanese maples, so you can place it in a bright but full shade location, in speckled shade or a place where it receives just a couple hours of sun in the early morning or late evening hours
  3. New clusters of leaves emerge chartreuse in showy contrast to the mature dark foliage. It's similar to a Japanese maple in appearance but is a much faster and easier plant to grow. Vitals: Zone 4-7, 6-8' tall, full sun to part shade, deer resistant, pollinator-friendly. Pair with: Perennial sunflower, rose mallow, bee balm
  4. Northern Sea Oats - Chasmanthium latifolium Height: 2-3 feet. Width: 2-3 feet. Bloom: green, June-July, maturing to copper/brown. Notes: Has bamboo like appearance. Very attractive seed heads in late summer/fall. Will grow in full shade. Reseeds very heavily

The bearberry cotoneaster (Cotoneaster dammeri) is an evergreen shrub hardy to zone 5. This fast-grower reaches heights up to 2 feet but can spread up to 6 feet wide. Bearberry cotoneasters prefer moist, well-drained soil and produce white spring blossoms. Advertisement. The creeping juniper (Juniperus horizontalis) also thrives in full sun 8 /22. Known for dense foliage, unusual purple flowers, and its ability to spread, Aristolochia macrophylla, or Dutchman's Pipe, is a fast-growing shade plant that can reach heights of up to 30. Astilbe. Astilbe is a great plant for the shady perennial garden and is hardy to Zone 3. It has high moisture needs and is a perfect companion plant to hostas. Astilbe come in varying sizes from 12 inches to 4 feet tall and will provide airy, textural plumes of flowers in early to mid-summer

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Shade Gardening Plants - Zone 2 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4: Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7: Zone 8 Zone 9 Zone 10 Zone 11: Images sourced by Monrovia. Find more shade plants by selecting Monrovia banner. Apple Blossom Caladiu These evergreen shrubs reach up to 8 feet tall at maturity and 5 to 6 feet wide. Green Mountain Boxwood. Growing Zones: 5 to 9. This boxwood has a unique conical shape. In addition to tolerating heavy shade, the Green Mountain boxwood is pest, disease, and deer resistant. Green Velvet Boxwood. Growing Zones: 5 to 9 In zones 5 and warmer, try Euphorbia polychroma 'Bonfire', which has three seasons of color. A variety named Jessie grows up to 4 feet tall. A variety named Jessie grows up to 4 feet tall. Lady's Mantl

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Growing 30in-10ft or more, most species and varieties bloom within three years of planting. Viburnum's need at least half a day's full sunshine to prosper. Shield large-flowering varieties from cold wind. These shrubs prefer well-drained soils enriched with well-rotted organic matter several weeks before planting This hybrid yew cultivar is a semi-dwarf, dense, spreading, evergreen shrub which typically grows in a mound 3-4' tall but spreads 5-7' wide. Yews are classified as conifers, but female plants produce red, fleshy, single-seeded fruit instead of cones. 'Densiformis' is a female cultivar with lustrous, dark green, thin-needled foliage 3-5' Tall by 2-4' Wide, Zone 3, Sun to Part Shade. Dark glossy green foliage turns a stunning red and purple in fall. Fragrant white blooms in spring produce clusters of large, edible, dark purple berries that persist into winter. Little Devil Ninebark. 3-4' Tall by 3-4' Wide, Zone 3, Full to Part Su Choose plants that grow in your cold hardiness zone. Minnesota resides in three hardiness zones: 3, 4 or 5 depending on the location. Zone 3 is the coldest. A plant's cold hardiness information can be found on plant labels, in catalogs, reference books, databases and on reliable websites like the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

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Agastache • Zones 5 to 11. A bee's delight, agastache grows 3 to 5 feet tall and sports purple or white flower spikes. This tall plant is a good choice for the back of a border. Psst—here's the top 10 plants for bees 1. Monkey Grass (Liriope muscari) 2 /21. Monkey grass is a grass-like perennial that grows 12 inches tall and wide, in part sun to shade. It has been a favorite border plant for generations. Sea coast gardening is challenging enough in full sun, but choosing wind- and salt-tolerant plants for the shade can be downright daunting. Most shade plants didn't evolve in unprotected, windy zones - they are used to the shelter of trees. Not to worry - there are a few beautiful plants that can help give your [

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Compact enough to use in containers, yet large enough for foundation plantings or borders, they provide fabulous texture to the shade garden. Expect bright yellow flowers from fall through early spring and frosty, indigo-colored berries in the fall. The plant will take part sun to full shade, and eventually reaches 3 feet tall and wide The plant is 5 feet tall however the gardeners can cut it short after the plant produces the flower. Although deutzia blooms best in zones receiving direct and full sun rays, this bush can tolerate moderate shade; however, you should never place it in a dense shade because it cannot withstand it Zones 5-9. May 20, 2017 by admin. Bugbane - a native plant that will grow in dry shade under trees. A good nectar and pollen source. Zones 5-9. Aruncus dioicus — Goatsbeard is a large, showy native good for fencelines or borders. Like a big astilbe. 4-5ft. tall by 2-4ft. wide, with 12-20 blooms in late May or June 3-4' tall, sun to part shade, blooms May-June. centaurea montana. 3. Centaurea montana. This perennial bachelor button is a cottage garden favorite, with furry gray-green leaves similar to lamb's ears, and large, brilliant blue flowers. 12-18 high, full sun, blooms in May The shaded areas of your garden can be just as bright and appealing as the sunny ones! From Hostas and Heucheras to Hydrangeas and Athyriums, our best shade perennials feature unique colors and bloom and foliage textures, creating exciting new effects or superbly accent existing specimens

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Will reach 3-5 feet tall and 5-6 feet wide. 'Green Mound' is somewhat smaller, reaching about 3 feet tall and wide. Amur Maple: (Acer ginnala) Full sun to part shade Hardy in zones 3-6. Hardy and rugged, this large hardy shrub is stunning in fall, turning brilliant yellow and red. it is a clump for shrub that does best in moist, well. 12 24 36. per page. When planting partial sun perennials, consider the amount of light the specific area receives per day. Partial sun means the plants get at least three to four hours of direct sun a day, but less than 6 hours of direct sun. If the plants are under a tree and receive filtered light most of the day that can also be partial sun

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Plant in full sun for best bloom. Zone 5 to 8. 5-8+' tall and 4-6' wide. Summersweet (Clethra alnifolia) - Blooms in panicles of white (sometimes pink) flowers in July & August. Native to eastern N. America. Plants like part-shade and tolerate full-shade well. Zone 3 to 9. 3-8' tall and 4-6' wide Trees For Zone 5, The Colorado Blue Spruce Pine (Picea pungens)is extraordinarily beautiful in snowy landscapes. Although this nearly 200-foot-tall tree at old growth is grown ornamentally; this completes with caution about its height. Many of the Spruce Pine trees are used for lumber, paper, pitch, and medicinal purposes

Planting. Tall garden phlox are typically purchased as potted plants from nurseries, garden centers, or local farmers' markets. Make sure you get Phlox paniculata because there are other phlox species that, while very lovely, will have different growth habits and growing requirements than what we describe here.. Potted nursery plants may be transplanted into the garden throughout the growing. You can mix short, medium and tall plants in your rain garden, but don't let tall ones shade shorter plants that need sun. Rhododendrons are a good choice for partial sun and can tolerate the damp soil of a rain garden. They're best planted in Zones 4 to 8 although some are cold-hardy to Zone 3 Fringe tree grows to 12 to 20' tall and 12 to 20' wide in sun to part shade, although the tree in Bartram's Garden was in a very shady site. It is wet site tolerant, hardy to zone 4, and native to the eastern US, including PA. It is a Missouri Botanical Garden Plant of Merit (photos courtesy of MOBOT) (Fothergilla gardenii, Zones 5 to 8) Growing just 2 to 3 feet tall, these bushy, low-growing shrubs are striking when grouped together along a border in full sun or partial shade. Look for showy blooms in spring, green leaves in summer, and yellow, red and orange leaves in fall Light requirement: Full sun to filtered shade. Mature size: 1.5 to 3 feet (45 to 90 cm) tall and wide. Planting notes: Plant in well-drained soil in full sun or filtered shade. 5. Aloe' Blue Elf' While most Aloe species need relief from the hot afternoon sun, Aloe 'Blue Elf' thrives in full sun, including areas that receive hot reflected sun