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Try the following steps if an app installed on your phone has any of these problems: Crashing. Won't open. Won't respond. Isn't working properly. If the app that isn't working is an Instant App, try these troubleshooting steps instead. After each step, restart your phone to see if it fixed the issue App is crashing or not working on Samsung phone or tablet. If you are having issues with any apps freezing or crashing, even after updates, there are a few things you can try to resolve your problem. Clearing the app cache, checking if the app is compatible with your device, rebooting your device, optimizing your device, uninstalling and. If the app that isn't working is an Instant App, try these troubleshooting steps instead. After each step, restart your phone to see if it fixed the issue. Note: Some of these steps work only on Android 8.1 and up

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Another way to solve the problem of an Android app not loading is to update your system. Users are alerted via a notification when an OTA is available to download and install, but sometimes, for whatever reason, we put off doing the upgrade and forget all about it The reason many of the apps have been crashing is due to Android System WebView updates. To ensure the smooth functioning of the phone, an Android user has to uninstall WebViews from their device... To see how much of your storage space is occupied by Apps, go to Settings and select Application Manager. Another possible reason for Apps to crash or why an App won't open is a possible data crash. This may occur due to an unstable internet connection or various other background software interruptions There are various reasons why Google App won't work on Android. Starting with cache corruption and a temporary bug, and leading to Google Play Services issues. Have in mind that the steps we listed below apply only to stock ROMs. It's not unusual for Gapps (Google Apps in Android OS) to fail on custom ROMs Tablets Can you try deleting the apps cache and data before uninstalling and also navigate to your Play Store and under my apps delete them there too. If you download them again and the same happens then my suggestion is to back up and factory reset. If still no joy then a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre location can help

Hold down the power button on your Android device. Depending on the manufacturer and model of Android device you have, the location of the power button will vary. Select Power Off. If the menu does not pop up, continue to hold the power button, and your Android device will shut off. Wait 30 seconds There may be two causes for your apps not downloading. First, go back to the last page on this list and try clearing Google Play store's cache. If that doesn't work, try wiping Google Play's..

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Try checking the signal strength on your device and see if it fluctuates or is weak. If the signal bars, which is a good indicator or network coverage only manages to display 1 or 2 bars all the.. Low RAM is one of the reasons that can cause camera error. Camera incompatibility can cause camera error in your Android device. It can happen because of any internal software or technical issue. Sometimes 3rd party app can cause this kind of system error There may have been a few Apps I have installed on my phone recently but these have all been from the Play Store. For instance the Uber App. I started to notice a problem with the Outlook App on my Android phone a month ago when every time I opened the app to check my calender I was prompted to enter my password

Simply removing the app from the recent apps will not close it. For that, you need to force stop the app. To do so, follow these steps Step 1: Open Settings on your Android phone and go to.. Like most modern devices, Android phones and tablets have to periodically install updates in order to keep themselves performing at top capacity. However, if your Android device isn't receiving.. 4. Save your new APN settings, then select them from the APN list on your device. Wipe Cache Partition from Recovery. On your phone, there's a fair portion of your device's memory dedicated to the cache - where data for various apps and processes is stored on the backburner, activating automatically so that these apps and processes boot up more quickly on your device

Alternatively, clear the Netflix app data on your smartphone or tablet and restart your device. These are some of the more common issues with Netflix, but they're not the only ones Hi, I'm having exactly the same problem. I've rebooted and deleted and reinstalled the app. I've checked my location settings and nothing has worked. I get the same message as above every time I try to play anything on my tablet. Beyond frustrating. I've tried logging in and play in via the Web browser but it tells me I have to use the app Operating systems must be updated regularly. Your android phone will work better when the software of your phone is updated promptly. Your phone's Wi-Fi may not be working because of a bug in the software. When a company is aware of a bug, they release fixes in the updates Part 1. 3 Advanced Ways to Fix YouTube Not Working on Android. Often the YouTube app is itself down and that may be the reason why it is not working on your device. But when everything is fine and only you are not able to play YouTube videos, you need to use these advanced ways to check and fix the system issues on your Android devices. Way 1

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After an overnight update by Google, now the Google group of apps will open but when used the app just closes and the tablet goes back to the home screen. There is a box that pops up every time saying app has stopped working. I can access Google and outlook and other sites through the internet okay.. The app can become unresponsive or it may crash if it is not up to date. Many apps work a lot better if you have a strong Internet connection. Another reason is the fact the app is poorly coded. If you do not have enough free storage space on your Android, the apps won't be able to run properly Google have said that they are aware of the issue on March 23 - and are working on a fix Credit: Getty. Users of Samsung Galaxy devices can go to Settings> Apps> Android System WebView, then click the three-dot menu near the top of the page and select update, then confirm, before a reboot of your device If your Android device touch screen is not physically damaged or smashed and it had stopped working all of a sudden and does not respond to your touch, then this may be caused due to software issues. In such cases, follow the below-mentioned solutions to fix an unresponsive touch screen on Android or not responding issues My household includes Android phones, iPhones, MacBooks, a Chromebook and a couple of Windows PCs. I have an old Android tablet around, but it's now relegated to being a glorified weather station

On Android, open the Play Store app then open Settings, and select My apps & games. Go to the Installed tab across the top, then open the app you want to delete, and select Uninstall. On Apple, hold down the app you want to delete until it starts to wiggle then click the X in the top left to delete. Double check which apps take up the. Tip: If your notes do not sync on mobile data, tap on Sync using step 3 and change to Wi-Fi or mobile data.. 7. Uninstall App. Another thing that will fix the Samsung Notes app not working issue. Updating the apps is very easy. Head to Google Play Store, then to My Apps & Games via the menu bar in the top left of the screen. Next click Updates and find the apps in the list The Amazon Prime Video app not working issue usually occurs when you try to run the app. This can be caused by several factors such as an issue with the internet connection to a corrupted app Any latest version of the App may not support your device due to system limitations. Just download any older version of the App. If this works then your device is not capable to read the latest APK. 8. Clear Data and Cache of Package Installer. Open setting on your Android device. Look for the option called Apps or Manage apps and tap on it

This actually works! I had the same problem where I had used TELEPHONY permission and so google play would not show the app on tablets without a telephony radio. I added the uses-feature element with android:required=false and now I can view the app on Google play on my tablet. - Vikram Gupta May 6 '13 at 10:5 Realistically, due to improvements in technology, such apps are not necessary in the way that they once were. VPNs; Covenant Eyes uses the VPN function on Android phones and tablets, and must remain running at all times. Android devices only allow one app at a time to use the VPN functionality Turn off your phone completely, and turn it back on after 10-15 seconds. Try Google search bar on your home screen again to see if it can work now. 2. Make Sure Google App is Enabled. If the Google search bar still doesn't work after you restart the phone, you may have to check whether the Google App on your phone is disabled or not

The same apps on the same network work in my partner's Moto G6 play, Android 9 (a similar phone but kernel, build and security update versions different ) These apps work on my phone if I use my partner's phone as a hot spot rather than my home WiFi. It seems to be the particular combination of my phone and home network. Help really appriciated How to Tell If Your Mobile Data Is Not Working on Android. Mobile data and network problems are not limited to not having an internet connection while using a cellular data network. A good question to ask is rather, Why is my internet so slow? If you're mobile data not working, it's quite easy to tell 5 years ago. Hi @drknlovely911, We apologize about the issues. Make sure you are updated with the latest OS. Also, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If still having issues, let us know the make and model of the Android tablet, and the operating system you are using. -ATTDIRECTVCare If you're having a few issues running the NOW app on your Android tablet or smartphone, it could be because: your device has been modified or rooted - even if this was done by the manufacturer; you bought your device outside of the UK; your device is running Android 4.0 which is no longer supported (if possible, please update to 5.0 or later) Part 1. Facebook Not Working Problems on Android? There are a variety of issues you could face with the Facebook app on your Android device. Sometimes the app refuses to open and other times the app keeps on crashing. Here is the full list of issues you could ever possibly face on your device. Issue 1. Facebook app not opening; Issue 2

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Recover Deleted Apps on Android Phone or Tablet. Follow the steps below to recover deleted apps and install them back on your Android phone or tablet. 1. Visit the Google Play Store. On your phone or tablet open up the Google Play Store and make sure you are on the homepage of the store. 2. Tap on the 3 Line Ico 1.4 Third-Party Apps. 2 Ways To Fix Microphone issues on Android. 3 Restart Your Device. 4 Shutdown Your Device for Few Seconds. 5 Clean the Microphone with a Pin. 6 Disable the Noise Reduction. 7 Find and Remove The Third-Party App. 8 Get it Repaired. 9 Use One Microphone At A Time Android tablet wifi connection is erratic: my insignia flex 10.1 android tablet will not connect to wifi i have it a year and half with no problems until now: pro 12 android tablet wont connect to WIFI: android tablet shows strong wifi signal, but won't connect to internet - says no internet connection: Intermittent connection issues with.

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  1. There are various reasons why Gmail notifications are not working on your Android smartphone. Starting with a system bug (or Gmail bug) that some Samsung users run into. Moving on, notifications might be disabled in the app or the system optimization measures are forcibly preventing Gmail from working in the background
  2. If you recently update Android OS, and the MMS not working on your Samsung device, then there must be a problem with your Android OS. ReiBoot for Android is a popular Android OS repair tool that allows you to fix the MMS and many other issues on your Android-based device by fixing the actual operating system of your phone
  3. The Directv App on Android does not work!!! (Also does not work on a Surface tablet, or an AT&T Samsung phone). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Directv (for tablet) app on my Samsung tablet (AT&T) about 3 times now. I have cleared the cache and the data multiple times. When I first open it, it asks for the email and password
  4. Its all fine when I open it on my laptop, allthough it does show that the file is damaged, and that I can fix it by clicking on it. I did so a couple of times, no change for my tablet. I can work on it perfectly on my laptop. No issues there. Just my tablet is having an issue, with only this excel file
  5. There's now an Android app that can test if your phone is waterproof or not The nifty app, appropriately called Water Resistance Tester, uses the phone's internal barometer

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Wait till Android clears your network settings, set up a new hotspot connection on your phone, and check whether the mobile hotspot is working. Solution #16: Force Stop the Settings app and clear its storage. Some users have also revealed that clearing the Settings app's storage might also help solve the hotspot issue on your Android device MICROSOFT OUTLOOK users have been left unable to open the Android app due to a system-wide crash bug. Thankfully, there is a fix, but you'll need to follow these steps to get your email working again Can you please help me get in my tablet I don't remember the original info and now the FRP has been blocked after I factory reset it View Post. My Messages app is not working consistently on my Tab S6. I am using the Samsung Messages app. When I'm getting the android 11 system update View Post

DISNEY+ NOT COMPATIBLE MESSAGE. By default, the Disney+ app in Google Play shows in not compatible with any unofficial TV-Box, mobile or tablet, since it is NOT certified hardware, we cannot install this app directly.If we carry out a normal search for Disney + in Google Play on a TV-Box, the application does not appear in the results and only apps that have an indirect relationship are shown. Tip 3. Clear System Junk on Your Phone. If clearing cache on your Android phone cannot fix text messages not sending issue, you may need to further clear system junk on your Android device. Although system junk clear is necessary for almost all mobile users, mobile developers seldom consider developing a corresponding build-in feature The NYTimes application for Android brings the award-winning journalism of The New York Times to your Android device. The app has been specifically designed for browsing and navigating articles, features and video on the Android platform. Get it for free from the Google Play Store and start enjoying The Times on your Android smartphone and. Launch the Kindle app. Sync your device by tapping on the menu icon within the app and tapping Sync. Re-download the eBook. Attempt to use Whispersync for Voice. Deregister the app. Tap on the menu icon within the Kindle app. Tap Settings and then Registration. Tap Deregister this Device THIS IS HOW YOU FIX YOUR ECHELON ANDROID AND OTHER ANDROID TABLETS THAT DO NOT CONNECT. For Android devices on versions 9+ Toggle Bluetooth scanning under location in settings: 1. Go to settings>location>improve accuracy> toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning off and back on (or if already off, turn it on) 2. Repeat steps below. a. Clear all.

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  1. Open the app, tap Get Started, then Find Library. To locate a library near you, share your location when prompted on the app. If you would prefer to not share your location you can skip this step and search for your library manually instead. To do this, type your library name and select it from the list, or search using your city name or zip.
  2. My audio is not working on iOS or Android Follow. Overview. Swipe up to close an app. Android: Tap the multi-task button (the square icon usually in the bottom-right corner) to view apps currently running. Swipe left of right to close an app. Restart your iOS device
  3. How to get Zoom virtual backgrounds working on Android - First, either download the latest version of Zoom from the Google Play store or update your current app to the latest version (5.3.52640.

Try Closing Apps Instead . You don't always need to reboot to solve problems. If your device is running slowly, closing a few apps might speed it up. That's because, when you leave an app, Android keeps it available so that you can quickly switch back to it. In the meantime, the app continues to consume memory This app works on all my devices except my new Amazon Fire tablet. I crashes EVERY TIME. I've uninstalled and reinstalled plus shut down the tablet. It still crashes every time. However on all my Apple products it works just perfect. I believe this is Amazon's way of keeping me from Fox News. There's no other explanation for this Two days ago, my Android phone suddenly stopped receiving AOL email. I deleted the account, restarted the phone and added the AOL email account again. No change. After speaking with Verizon tech support for about a half-hour, they concluded I should do a factory reset, which I did. Still, no change All that said, there is a series of Android phones made to directly mimic (and compete with) the iPhone in terms of release cycle and product support: the Pixel line. While any manufacturer can release an Android phone customized to their liking, the Pixel is Google's in-house brand that is designed with the purest (and cleanest) of Android experiences in mind

Customize notification sounds in the Yahoo Mail app for Android. 6. Fix problems with Android apps. 7. Delete email in the Yahoo Mail App. 8. Turn Conversations on or off in the Yahoo Mail app. 9. Not receiving email on your mobile device. 10. Article not addressing my issue. Article too long Disney+ Not Working on Android Fixed! It's not all about Apple users and smart TV users, even Android users are facing difficulties to connect to their respective Disney Plus accounts. Here is the troubleshooting guide on how to fix Disney Plus not working on Android devices. Give it a try now! #1. Use mobile data instead of Wi-Fi

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Samsung's tablets -- the Tab, in its various incarnations -- are like most other Android tablets on the market in a few key ways. They have a touchscreen through which you interact with the device, they can connect to the Internet via a data connection or Wi-Fi, and they use the same apps through the Google Play store If the speaker is not working on your Android device, there are a dozen troubleshooting techniques you can try to restore the volume. Instructions in this article apply broadly to all smartphones and tablets running the Android OS My audio is not working on iOS or Android. Bart B. July 15, 2021 07:16. Swipe up to close an app. Android: Tap the multi-task button (the square icon usually in the bottom-right corner) to view apps currently running. Swipe left of right to close an app. Restart your iOS device I'm browsing Google's Play store for apps regularly. I do not really like the store's layout that much as it is difficult to find new apps that have just been released. I have the same issue with Google's Chrome Web Store by the way, where you can't sort by date as well. You do end up with a selection of trending apps that Google displays to you but that is about it

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Android apps started crashing randomly for some users, including popular apps like Gmail, Facebook, Messenger and others. Google has identified the issue and is working on a fix My tablet stopped working out of the blue since Sunday night! The message below started popping up every second, no matter how many times I closed it or sent feedback. All Google apps stopped working, my Gmail hasn't been updated since 8/10 and I cannot even updates my apps from PlayStore Dude! You rock!!! This fixed my tablet. Thank you. It was the SD card. The system was updated life, 2 nights ago, and then it just stopped working. Thanks again. I'm backing up my sd card thenI'm actually not aye yet, haha

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Of the 150 or so apps on my phone and the 100 or so apps on my tablet, I can only think of one, possibly two, that won't work on the other device. - ale May 8 '13 at 16:32 2 Android's actually more flexible than iOS for this sort of thing When launching the updated app for the first time, it notifies the user that Scotiabank plans to end support for Android tablets. Worse yet, some users are reporting that the app no longer works on smartphones that feature high-density displays like the Galaxy S7 since the app identifies those devices as a tablet

Go payment not working on my Tablet. Thanks for joining the thread and bringing this situation to our attention, Impressionz. To help fix the issue, I'd recommend updating your GoPayment app to it's latest version for Android which is 5.0 and higher. Once done, try to log back in. Please keep me updated how things goes Turn your compatible smartphone into a mobile command center for your vehicle - even when you're not near it. The available myChevrolet Mobile App † has almost everything you need to take your ownership experience to the next level — and it's just a download away

Android phones and tablets support the latest Hulu app -- complete with access to new features, live TV, and add-ons. Devices must be running Android 5.0 or above and have a screen size of at least 800x480 pixels Android users need to go to Settings > Applications > Gmail > Storage > Clear Cache. There are simple steps to take to check if your app has a problem or isn't working properly by checking in the. • Android Tablet running OS 5.0 or later • DIRECTV customers must have a Residential Home account registered on DIRECTV's website to access the DIRECTV app for tablets • Watching On Demand or select Live TV Streaming channels outside the home requires an active Wi-Fi or 3G/4G Internet connection Downloading an Android app is usually a straightforward process - you find it at the Play Store, hit that green Install or Buy button, and wait for the process to complete. Uninstalling software is not a complicated task either. Yet sooner or later, an Android user encounters apps that refuse to be removed, and dealing with the issue requires knowledge that an average Joe does not possess The app will not work!!!!! After multiple unsuccessful attempts to get the app to work, I took my galaxy S7 to a vendor. They were also unsuccessful in getting the app to work. I get a message stating that the current version of the app is no longer supported and the newest ve..

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This seems to say the same as your first message. The problem appears to be a series of failures, to update FB Messenger and download other apps by Google Play Store - you might explain why you think anything is a result of the Messenger failures - it just seems Google Play Store is not working If you still can't use your Teams app properly, uninstall the app. Restart your tablet and install Teams again. Hopefully, installing a fresh copy of the app solves your problem. Conclusion. If Teams is not working properly on your Samsung tablet, clear the cache and update the app We also recommend double checking the push notification settings on your Android device to ensure notifications are turned on for the app. Try these steps: Go to Settings > Sound & Notification > App Notifications. Select the app, and make sure that Notifications are turned on and set to Normal. Make sure that Do Not Disturb is turned off

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  1. So many times, we have seen users facing the aol mail not syncing on the android phone problem because of the internet connection. The android phone might not have accessibility to the internet. That's why aol mail is not working on the android phone. So, check the mobile data and WIFI connection on the device. Update the password- Aside from.
  2. Tablets offer long battery life and portability, so why not ditch your laptop in favor of a tablet? Here, then, are some tips for using an Android tablet in the office -- and beyond. By Paul Ma
  3. Launch the Kindle app. Sync your device by tapping on the menu icon within the app and tapping Sync. Re-download the eBook. Attempt to use Whispersync for Voice. Deregister the app. Tap on the menu icon within the Kindle app. Tap Settings and then Registration. Tap Deregister this Device
  4. Picture in Picture (Android 8.0 or later) Some Android phones and tablets allow you to watch Netflix while using other apps. Not all Android devices and operating systems are compatible. For detailed instructions and support on using Picture in Picture, contact your device manufacturer
  5. tested this on my pixel 2 xl with the latest android update, and made sure both apps were updated. instructions here are slightly off with the new update, but close enough to follow. Problem still exists, no sound on a reply if the message+ app is open and on that message

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The final of the four apps is the Google Play Store itself. This is the easiest of the four downloads, as all file versions work on Android 4.1 and above, and there aren't separate types for. Easily manage your reservations on the app. - View and change your seat assignments, or enhance your trips by adding Economy Plus® seating, Premier Access®, United Club℠ passes, travel bundles and more. You can also change, cancel or rebook your flights right on the app. Continue using the app in the air A factory reset will return your phone to its default factory settings. If you have tried all the basic fixes and that Android of yours is still slow, including turning the device on and off again.

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  1. As Google explains to app developers, [I]f a user launches a photography app, the user probably won't be surprised that the app asks for permission to use the camera, but the user might not understand why the app wants access to the user's location or contacts. Before you request a permission, you should consider providing an explanation to.
  2. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ and its slightly pared-down sibling, the S7, are the best Android tablets to buy if you want a premium experience for multimedia and productivity. The slate has a thin, lightweight design that makes it quite portable, and comes with a big, crisp 12.4-inch Super AMOLED display
  3. 1 Launch the Play Store app. 2 Tap the Account icon (a letter inside a coloured circle on the top right of the screen) 3 Tap My apps & games. 4 Tap Installed. 5 Tap the app that you would like to uninstall. 6 Tap Uninstall. 7 Tap OK to confirm. Move apps and create folders. Click to Expand
  4. The Android Device Manager will keep track of any phone or tablet you've linked to your Google account. It's compatible with any device running Android 2.2 or later, and it works even if you.

The Onn Tablet comes pre-loaded with popular apps like Google Chrome, Drive and Maps. And with the Play Store you can download all sorts of goodies. My 11-year-old son was impressed with the. Your telephone/tablet finds the computer, but the transfer does not start, but hangs at Prepare transfer and ends sometime with a Timeout. Your computer uses an Internet Security or Antivirus app that uses a firewall and blocks incoming connections from the phone/tablet for security reasons The Amazon Fire HD 8 is the best Android tablet for those folks who love a good bargain because it gets a lot right for only $90. Its impressive 13+ hours of battery life stands out in a sea of. How to remove malware on Android, after warning of harmful apps on Google Play Store. If that's still not working for you, you could try another virtual keyboard app while you wait for a Gboard fix Just like a personal computer, your tablet's system will eventually run slower due to the memory shortage and stored files. But the good news is, you can maintain the fast performance of your tablet by knowing the right things to do. You are probably using your tablet for a lot of things. I used my Android for playing games and browsing