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  1. Affordable Classic #1: Chevrolet Nova (68-70) For those who are new to car restoration, the Chevy Nova is an excellent affordable restoration project. They're easy to find at reasonable prices and they're fairly low-maintenance. They might not be as popular as muscle cars, but they share some similarities to their brother, the Camaro
  2. ds of car junkies at least once in their lifetime. Whether it be a classic car they always wanted to own or their very first car, they have a nostalgic connection with the vehicle that makes them want to update it, and everyone's reason behind wanting to do so is a personal one
  3. 1968 - 1970 Chevy Nova With over one million Novas produced this might just be the cheapest and easiest cars to restore. It is a great choice for a first-time project as long as you avoid the four-door Nova as there isn't much of a demand for them
  4. Chrysler 300L -- 1965 Of all the Letter series models, the L is the most affordable to buy and the easiest to restore; it shares many body and trim parts with other mass-produced Mopars. Like the cars that came before them, L models are very well built and finely appointed, with distinctive trim and robust mechanical parts
  5. What is the cheapest classic car to restore? Five Affordable Classic Cars to Restore. Affordable Classic #1: Chevrolet Nova (68-70) Chevrolet Chevelle (70-72) Pontiac Trans Am (75-81) Oldsmobile Cutlass (68-72) Chevrolet Camaro (67-69) Closing. 5 авг. 2019 г
  6. Taking the time to research the best bang for the buck is the number one way to keep down the budget of your build. Some cars are just going to be cheaper than others to restore. A 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle is going to be much cheaper to restore than a 1971 Hemi Cuda

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  1. More than you think. No, even more than that. No, I mean much, much more than that even! As previous answers have already mentioned; phrases like as much as you have to spend and If you have to ask, you don't want to know get thrown around. Al..
  2. What are cheap classic cars to restore? Some of the most affordable classic cars to restore are the Ford Mustang (1964 to 1966), the Fiat Spider, Ford Thunderbird (1961 to 1966), Chevrolet Nova (1968 to 1970), and Oldsmobile Cutlass (1968 to 1972)
  3. There are 789 classic cars under $5,000 for sale today on ClassicCars.com. Bargains, parts cars, fixer-uppers, vintage classics that are ready for some custom restoration and many more
  4. Project Cars For Sale Search below to discover project cars for restoration, barn find projects, barn fresh originals, partially restored projects, cars which need finishing and excellent restoration candidates
  5. Learn how to restore a classic car on the cheap. Learning how to restore a classic car only requires a few simple steps, but implementing them will take time and budgeting. Time is an important factor in full restoration projects since it can take around 1,000 hours to fully restore a classic car
  6. The cheapest and easiest way to get a great classic is walk into an auction (not the Vegas monkey show) and make a bid. Most classics are gonna run 10-30k very near showroom condition or better. It doesnt even matter how they run, etc because in..

Next >>. 10 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time 11 Easiest Old Classic Cars To Work On For Beginners best car to restore for beginner best cars to restore for profit best project muscle cars. easiest. As well as ease of work, you'll also need to go for something with a ready supply of spare parts and, hopefully, a car that will recoup your outlay if you choose to sell it. So if you're looking for something to buy as a project car, here are our top 10 cars to restore. No.10 Jaguar E-Type. No.10 Jaguar E-Type Today, the most desirable cars go for about the price of a well-restored Mustang GT of the same vintage, and less-than-perfect runners are a lot cheaper The Ford Mustang is synonymous with American muscle cars and may well be the first car that comes to mind when you think of classic car restoration. And there's a good reason for that. The 1965-1970 models are the most iconic in some ways. They're the first Mustang models and were sold by the hundreds of thousands

Citroen 2CV. With some 2CV specialists charging upwards of £10,000 for an immaculately restored example, the temptation is there to 'do it yourself'. And it can be good news, as just about everything you need to restore a Deux Chevaux is readily available, including body panels However, choosing from several types of old cars allows you to pick the better bargain. Included in our top ten list are three muscle cars, three sports cars, two pony cars, and two personal/luxury cars. With availability, driveability, and cost being equal factors, here are our choices for the best classic cars to restore. 1964-1966 Ford Mustan

A 1987-1993 Mustang 5.0 liter H.O. (aka 302 cubic inch). The parts are ubiquitous, the cars are cheap and when correctly assembled outrun brand new cars costing more than 20 times (2000 dollars vs $40000 or more)their current market value. The 1988's through 1991's are (to me) the best. Forged pistons, and MAF sensors How to Restore a Classic Car on a Budget. Classic Car Restoration - March 11, 2020. The Best Way to Remove Paint on Cars. Classic Car Restoration - April 6, 2012. How to Estimate Classic Car Value. Buying a Classic Car - March 27, 2012. Sell Your Car. We can help you sell your car for FREE. 100+ major city zones near you The 1973-1979 Ford F-Series in average condition is sold for $6,300 which is a great starting price if you want to modify and rebuild your classic pickup truck. At this price, the old F-Series definitely deserves its spot on the list of the 10 cheapest classic pickup trucks out there Find Muscle Cars to Restore at the best price . There are 28 listings for Muscle Cars to Restore, from $2,500 with average price of $28,15 The Cheapest Car Lease Deals in July 2021. The Cheapest Car Lease Deals in July 2021. This classic is a tiny, egg-shaped car that, if restored, offers a great return on investment. The Isetta 600 had an unusual design that included a front-of-the-car entry; it's a head turner. They're valued between $30,000 and $60,000.</p>

10 Budget Classics You Should Buy Now. Categories: American Classic Cars | Classic Car Auctions & Events | Hot Rods & Custom Cars | Import Classic Cars | Muscle & Pony Cars. There's a very serious debate going on in the muscle car world about the future of the hobby. Despite a recent, serious market correction in prices, most headline muscle. As the classic car world is continuously surrounded by headlines of record prices, astonishing investment returns, and multi-million euro collections encased in glass garages beneath 20-bedroom mansions, it's hard to believe there is anything still affordable left out there. Setting out to dispel this belief, we have followed our hearts, along with our heads, to select 10 currently. The ones that come up for sale are usually beat up and in need of work, but they're affordable. In no particular order, here is my list of best candidates for driver-quality classic truck restorations. Ford F-Series (1953-1956) One of the most popular classic American trucks continues to be the second-generation Ford F-Series pickup series January in Scottsdale, Ariz., is the place to be for the vintage, collector, and classic cars spectacle known as Auction Week. In 2013 the event broke multiple records and achieved $228 million in. Owning a classic car that you can daily drive isn't that tough. It's more a question of willingness to sacrifice comfort, but reliable classics do exist. And, let's get this out of the way, contrary to some popular opinion they're typically not German. The responses we received and tabulated were anecdotal and personal

This classic features a horsepower of 325, and some enthusiasts believe this car to be the start of the muscle car revolution with its high-power engine. Don't allow yourself to believe that a classic GTO is out of your price range. You can find the 1964 model at reasonable asking prices that still feature that signature A-body The classic car industry has never been in better shape and pretty much everything you need is out there - from tools and consumables, quality parts for an enormous range of cars, advice and even training to gain those much needed specialist skills. 12. Enjoy i The body shop specialises in restoring cars from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and have worked on everything from Porsches to Volkswagens. Here, we talk to RestoShack founder, Dave Watkins, about all things classic car — from his most memorable projects, to what it takes to restore one from the ground up. We've also included a range of photos. Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise.‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭17:14‬ ‭KJV‬‬Ever wondered how you can restore a.. Miscellaneous Classic Car Resources . 32 Best Cars to Restore: Trying to decide which classic car you want to restore? Check out this list of the easiest and cheapest classic cars to restore. What You Need to Know About Classic Car Insurance: Get pointers on insurance for your classic car in this article

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And as for cost, the average classic car restoration costs anywhere between £15,000 and £40,000, including the price of buying the car and all of the tools and materials needed. Of course, this is just a ballpark, and your project could cost more or less depending on the car you buy and how much work is required The Windsor 5.0-litre V8 was offered with the 1991 EB Falcon and these S-XR8 models are currently trading from $2500. The end of local manufacture should see a resurgence in demand for tidy V8 Falcons and the EB S-XR8 is, in many ways, a car that has been overlooked by serious collectors. Its time will come Restore a Muscle Car, LLC originated in 2005 as a shop that would bring back classic muscle but to a new level of restoration. We work together with our customers to create an enjoyable and exciting restoration experience they can pass along to their family and friends

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Before restoring a classic muscle car it's important to do some research first. Keep reading for a beginner's guide: how to classic muscle car restoration. It's hard to picture a car chase in a movie from the 70s and 80s that didn't involve a classic muscle car The benefits of cheap classic cars for restoration. By shopping for classic cars on eBay, you can buy them for cheap. The benefit to this is that you can have more money for the spare parts and repairs that will need to be done. When you find various deals, it can help you to get the classic car you have always wanted A restoration consist of more than a paint job. Restore has become a very loose term in the automotive restoration industry. For some, a fresh coat of paint on the outside of the car, a little rattle can paint on the engine, and cheap seat covers constitutes that the car has been restored Search classic trucks, antique cars, muscle cars, pony cars, kit cars, replicas, hot rods, and performance cars. Classics on Autotrader also helps you check classic car prices or sell classic cars. If you're lucky, you can even find a great deal on a cheap classic car for sale near you About Community. If you love classic cars this is the place to post everything. From beautiful pictures or videos to restorations jobs, interesting news and everything else you want to share with anything classic car related

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Peugeot 205 GTI. Target price: £10,000 - £16,000. A long-time favourite for ragging around supermarket car parks, Peugeot's 205 GTI was the hot hatch to have in the late '80s. Launched in 1984 with a fuel-injected 1.6-litre engine good for 104bhp, followed by a 1.9-litre unit two years later, it combined snappy handling with a lightweight build to set the bar for compact performance With that in mind, keep these 3 Ps in mind when seeking the best classic cars to restore. Parts, Popularity, Price. It is obviously important to find parts when restoring a car. The availability or lack thereof can delay the restoration and drive up the cost. Do your research to find out how difficult it is to locate parts

The easiest way to restore your car's leather seats is to remove them from the vehicle. That way, you won't have to work on your hands and knees and you'll be able to access the whole seat easily. That way, you won't have to work on your hands and knees and you'll be able to access the whole seat easily Then join a club and subscribe to a classic car magazine. Finding parts is as much a part of the process as learning to rebuild a transmission and acid wash a fender, and along the way, you'll develop the expertise you need to move away from perusing expensive online click-and-order sites to finding pieces on the cheap

Gross returns from classic and vintage cars overall worked out at 5.6% a year from 1998 to 2015, or 3.4% a year after inflation. If you want to score a 1940 Plymouth Deluxe Sedan, a 1950s Porsche. He counts off the names of seven similar shops doing restorations or building custom cars with labour rates from $90 to $115 an hour. The cost of parts and products has also increased. I just. Classic car insurance can be especially cheap, partly because there will be restrictions on mileage and where your car is stored. There are also scores of providers eager for your business. If your car is over 40 years old it well be exempt from road tax and a yearly MOT (unless it's been modified) With any classic car though, daily driving may take its toll on the car. This is why people often only drive them on sunny, dry days on the weekend. Although the classics are beautiful to look at, the motor industry has improved by leaps and bounds making safer, more comfortable, and more reliable cars Buy or Sell Classic Cars and Trucks Online. Browse thousands of vintage, muscle, exotic, rods, project and classic cars for sale. Place a Free or Until Sold classified ad listing, sell your classic car or truck today

Savvy bidders could bring it home for $6,000 or less at most Mecum auctions. For a bit of an upgrade, the 1966 Chevrolet Corvair is considered to be a true classic car, but can still be found for around $10,000. Restoration - The Easiest Way to Take Advantage of Mecum Car Auctions for Cheap Collector Cars The best car to restore is all up to you, are you looking for a cheap car to restore, possibly a car that is easy to get parts for, like a Mustang , Camaro, or a Chevelle, or GTO, are you looking for a car that doesn't have a lot of work to do to get it restored, maybe you don't care if it takes 10 or 15 years to restore, because your just. Chevrolet Blazer/Tahoe 2-Door (1992-1999) Chevrolet. The classic square-body Blazers that Chevrolet produced from 1973 though 1991 are iconic, so desired that prices are rising. But the '92 to.

The following fully-comprehensive insurance quotes are based on a £3500 1999 Mk1 Audi TT Quattro Sport 1.8, owned by a 40-year-old Cambridgeshire-based man in full time employment. He is named driver on another car and has clean UK licence. Mileage is limited to 3000 a year and the car is kept garaged overnight. Insurer. Annual Premium About Community. A place to discuss and/or post pictures of *classic cars*, *trucks*, or *bikes*; including hot rods, car shows and auto museums. 96.8k Classic car restoration has been my life's passion since I was a teenager. My first car was a Model A Ford that I bought when I was 14-years-old. I restored it in 9-months. I then bought another one, restored it and sold it. A business was born. I continued to restore cars to pay for my education at Colorado State University To restore an old car, you'll want to fix any dents, scratches, rust, or chipping paint before you apply a new coat of paint to the entire vehicle. You should also repair and polish any chrome pieces on the car, like the bumper or wheel rims The car's value simply will not support the cost of both the car and the rebuild. Jackson does everything himself—down to stitching seats—and says he has made money on his restorations

Unique Factory Installed Classic Car Trim and Accessories of the 50s. The Bold Factory Color Palette on Cars of the 60s and 70s. The World Durability Champion: the 1965 Mercury Comet. Inside the Chevrolet 350 HP 327 Cubic Inch V-8. See the Difference between a Ferrari 308 GTS and GTB The car was completed in 2014 and every nut bolt washer is 100% correct. Total cost of restoration was in excess of $100,000. The car is the 2014/2015 WA MG car club Concours De Elegance winner and the national winner in 2016. The car is located in Mandurah WA and has travelled less than 600 miles since restoration Classic Cars Supercars/Exotic JDM & Import Cars Muscle Cars Car Auctions The Mini Cooper SE is the cheapest electric car on sale taking 40 minutes to restore 80% of its range on a DC fast. Virginia $59,900. 1972 Chevrolet C10. 1972 Chevrolet C-10 Short Box (Lynchburg, VA) $24,999 oboYou are looking at a beautiful '72 C-10. Sprayed in a stunning coat of midnight blue, the color of the truck really More. Virginia $24,999 The popular classic car for sale sites typically have the fully restored and custom trucks for sale, but Craigslist is your best bet for finding a gently used farm truck. 1965 Ford Mustang Via François de Dijon. The Mustang was the original Pony Car and is one of the most recognizable classic cars today

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  1. It was cheap and easy to restore (Under $6000 including the cost of the car) and parts are extremely available. It's a chrome bumper car, easy to find and generally cheap parts (Had a corvette before, parts are available but the prices are ridiculous) The actual car is cheap and easy to find, easy to restore, insurance is cheap, super fun to.
  2. How much does it costs to restore a car? a typical 1960s muscle car project, say a mustang/camaro in average shape completed in our shop is going to costs anywhere from $50,000 to $70,000 which is about 600-900 hours of labor, while a rare Packard with more problems and specialty options could be as high as 1200-3000 hours of labor which is.
  3. So, is the early Porsche 356 the most financially viable classic car to restore and the TVR Cerbera the least? Not really As those who watch the news know, statistics rarely provide definitive answers. It seems to be no coincidence that the 'top' cars were all built in the early 1950s and early 1960s when fewer, hand-built cars tended to.
  4. To restore a car successfully it requires careful planning, plenty of research, setting a timeline and deciding if you're going to do it all or source some professionals. This car restoration guide provides a simple step by step process on how to restore your car the right way

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  1. Restoring a classic car may not be a profitable venture, but this labor of love is enjoyed by a huge community of enthusiasts. Picking the Right Classic Car Whether you're picking a rust bucket off of the side of the road for a few bucks or buying a hardly used, low-mileage, thousands-of-dollars beauty, there are going to be some things you need
  2. We sell restored, original and restorable classic and vintage cars, trucks and farm tractors from the high desert of the western USA. Our restored cars range from frame-off restorations to all-original daily drivers. We specialize in selling non-running project vehicles that are complete, straight, and solid. Once you have found vehicle you are.
  3. The cars in this section are all project cars. Almost none of them are running and all of them need complete restorations. Almost all these cars are from #4 daily driver to #5 all there or missing some parts. Current Inventory - 737 Restorable Classic and Vintage Project Cars Click on car brand links below to see current inventory for each make
  4. Doing those miles in a classic car (like the Lancia Fulvia that ECC converted recently) would have set you back around £970 (based on 29MPG and petrol at £1.24 per litre = £5.64 per gallon). This annual cost could drop to just £57 - meaning over £900 would be saved in one year on fuel alone

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  1. With 29,720 vehicles for sale, ClassicCars.com is the largest website for classic and collector vehicles, muscle cars, hot rods, street rods, vintage trucks, classic motor bikes and much more
  2. We are home to the largest selection of classic car restoration books at the best prices anywhere. You'll find step-by-step car restoration guides, manuals and books for Corvette, Mustang, VW and just about any other make and model vehicle. From modifying a muscle car to practical ways to restore an old GM truck, we're the go-to source for.
  3. Car Restoration How-To. This is where we get our hands dirty. Our Learn To Restore Cars department gives you step-by-step guidance through the many processes of classic car restoration required to bring your classic car back to like-new condition
  4. Mark Purtell is a classic car collector and founder of the site www.sharpclassics.com. This site is dedicated to helping buyers and sellers of classic cars connect. With unbiased articles on car collecting and a comprehensive finder service, this site has everything a car collector needs to fuel their hobby
  5. The time to restore your classic car is now. You've been looking at the auto restoration pictures. You've been eyeing the shiny custom car paint at the muscle car shows. It's time to stop turning your head every time you hear an antique car's engine purr, and instead be the one making heads turn! And the best part

The 10 cheapest classic cars - and ones to watch Alfa Romeo GTV. There's no such thing as a cheap Alfa Romeo because a bargain-basement car will inevitably lead to financial heartache further along the line. Audi Cabriolet. Austin Allegro. Citroen BX. Ford Puma. Mercedes-Benz 190. Morris Marina. Triumph Acclaim Cheap Classics does not represent any sellers. This site should be used for informational and entertainment purposes only. It will not be held responsible or liable for it's use and accuracy. If you are interested in a car, all information must be independently verified

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Steps to restore classic car glass. First, you need to assess the damage. If the glass scratch is extremely light, it may be possible to polish it out with felt and high quality cerium oxide polish or paste. But realistically, the only damage to polish out would be classified more as a scuff and not necessarily a scratch Hago's is the best value and most qualified classic car restoration specialist in the Fort Bend and Houston areas. He takes great pride in bringing treasured memories back to life for his customers and will restore your car to any level you choose

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This includes but is not limited to pricing on: classic cars- muscle cars- or project cars for sale, parts, photos, accessories, year, make, model, engine, transmission, mileage, or condition restored or unrestored, muscle car clone or all original classic muscle car, etc Stylish, reliable, simple and cheap to maintain, the Spitfire has a lot to offer if no-frills classic sports car motoring is what you seek and you're happy to live with its separate-chassis character. Panelfit is a good guide to the quality of restoration and likelihood of problems: don't be taken in by shiny paint alone

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This $81,000 Mean-Looking Lexus Sports Car Will Gladly Pin You Back in Your Seat. Top 10 Cheap Classic Cars to Invest in for Big Gains With Your Delayed Tax Refund Check. Mercedes Badly Wants to. The car under consideration here is an unrestored classic born of a legendary marque at the beginning of the postwar Italian automotive renaissance. It is a 1956 Maserati 2000 Gran Sport A6G/54 coupe, chassis number 2140, to be offered more Among acres of new cars at the New York show, the museum had a display of classic antique cars, in part to draw attention to a program aimed at recruiting and training technicians to restore old cars

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We Pick up from any location in the US. We make selling easy. and simple for you. Fast & Easy Deals For Our Sellers. Quick Payment & pick up. 30 Years of Experience in Classic Cars. We Gladly Pay Finder's Fee. Please Feel Free to Call Peter Kumar at. 1-800-452-9910 To Sell your Classic Cars The Best Classic Car Restoration In New Jersey. When you're ready to restore your classic hot-rod, come to us at Contey Custom Performance. We know how important this car is to you, and we give every classic car restoration the attention and care it deserves at the best quality and prices Classic cars need special care when it comes to auto insurance. This covers spare parts and personal tools used to maintain or restore your classic car. Best Cheap Car Insurance For Teens.

This classic Mini buying guide is a must-read for anyone thinking of buying the British icon. The original classless car, the BMC Mini changed the automotive landscape forever. Brilliantly packaged, the Issigonis-designed marvel is brilliant to drive, cheap to run and so well supported by specialists that you could build a new one from off-the. The car restoration market isn't just for classic muscle cars, there's one for pickup trucks too. Pickup trucks have a long history, so there are many pickups that are great just to have for your collection or to restore and then sell.Here are four old pickup trucks that are worth restoring.. 1991 GMC Syclone: an old speed demo 5. 2021 Mini Cooper Convertible. Base MSRP: $27,400 Horsepower: 134-228 Torque: 162-236 lb-ft Seats: 4 Mini sells fun but premium-feeling small cars, and one of those is an open-top version of its smallest model: the two-door Cooper 1941 Plymouth Deluxe Two Door Sedan Classic Car. $12,500 (atlanta) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $8,500. favorite this post. Jun 14

A lot of car owners, however, simply don't give sufficient attention to their car's paint, and, as a result, their car begins looking duller and duller as the months go by. Eventually, the paint can become so badly oxidized that it requires an extensive paint job to get it back to anything like its brand-new condition America's homegrown off-road icon does just about everything the Defender does, and it does it on the cheap. The least-expensive Defender of yore you can find on Cars.com right now, for example, still costs nearly $30,000. Wranglers from the same era, in contrast, run as cheap as $2,000

3 Ways To Restore Your Headlights . If your headlight covers look hazy and naff, then try out these budget fixes that'll get them looking like new! but it's quick and cheap and is a great. Welcome to Old Classic Car. Join the car forum and talk about all aspects of early road transport, classic cars, and vehicle restoration. Old Classic Car UK (OCC) contains a wealth of information about classic and vintage cars in the UK and beyond, plus memorabilia that relates to the nostalgia that many people have for motoring in the olden days 2019 Ram 1500 Classic Quad Cab Express Pickup 4D 6 1/3 ft pickup Black. $37,990 (TOUCHLESS DELIVERY TO YOUR HOME) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $10

1966 Chevrolet Malibu Chevelle /Classic car/Musclecar/Hot rod/Ratrod /. $34,000 (Houston) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $80 Classic Auto Insurance offer specialized classic car insurance coverage you just won't find anywhere else. Call for a free quote: 1-888-901-133 1 Year Free Warranty Included in our offered prices, every classic, muscle and exotic car purchased from flemings ultimate garage is delivered with a warranty issued by one of america's largest and most respected warranty company's, buyer's choice warranty corp., on the most expensive mechanical parts of your car.

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Classic Cars For Sale Showing 1 to 10 of 344. Get cars straight to your inbox. Create my alert. Thank you! Your cars alert has been created. Land Rover Other STAGE ONE V8. Retail price £95,000 +8. NO VAT. Year 1980. Transmission Manual. Mileage 36,000. Fuel type Petrol. Engine size 3.5. Ferrari F355 Spider Manual RHD Find classic Ford Mustangs for sale. The Ford Mustang is one of the all time favorite classic cars. From its early incarnations in 1964 as a sporty, sharp looking and affordable little coupe and convertible that set the standard for a whole new breed, to the fastback models of the mid-sixties Classic motorbike wanted. This advert is located in and around Doncaster, S Yorks. Im looking for a classic bike to restore. Prefer british 2 stroke. Or Honda cub. I will consider anything really. No budget and can pick up quickly steve Im based in Doncaster. This advert has no user uploaded images or video classic auto insurance, cheapest classic car insurance, grundy classic car insurance, jc taylor classic car insurance, collector car insurance companies, hagerty classic car insurance, classic car insurance quotes, antique car insurance quotes Animal Kingdom, it has paid unless needless to - on December or dealing with. insquotesfg

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2007 Chevrolet Chevy Silverado (Classic) 2500 HD Crew Cab LS Pickup 4D 6 1/2 ft. $27,991 (+ Victory Motors VA) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $10,995. favorite this post. Jun 24 Classic cars and antiques also have the need of seat belts that are safe and working properly. Classic car seat belt restorations. If you have a classic car or an antique that you are restoring, our seat belt webbing replacement is a great source! We can restore your classic car seat belts to look and work like new American Muscle Car Factory has been in business since 1982, helping classic car owners throughout Lubbock, Lubbock County, Wolfforth, Abernathy, and Buffalo Springs, TX breathe new life into their vintage vehicles. We specialize in full car restoration, frame-off restoration, paint, bodywork, mechanical work, collision repair and auto upholstery Specialties: Classic Cars of Houston is a full service, multi award-winning auto restoration company in Houston, Texas that delivers restored vehicles around the world. Established in 2002. The premise behind Classic Cars of Houston is simple, we specialize in NICE. To put it another way , we do not specialize in one particular make or model, rather , we specialize in doing what ever project.

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Compare classic car insurance deals. Find the right car insurance for you. Save up to £235* on your car insurance. It's fast, free and easy. Get a brand new quote. *51% of consumers could save up to £235.93 on their annual car insurance premiums. Consumer Intelligence, March 2021

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