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If you need to pass options to html-minifier use the plugins options, see html-minifier docs for all available options. // in gatsby-config.js module . exports = { plugins : [ { resolve : ` gatsby-plugin-minify ` , options : { removeAttributeQuotes : true //. :rocket: A Gatsby plugin for minify HTML files. Contribute to illvart/gatsby-plugin-minify-html development by creating an account on GitHub A Gatsby plugin to easily minify HTML file. Contribute to nsisodiya/gatsby-plugin-html-minifier development by creating an account on GitHub Customizing html.js is a workaround solution for when the use of the appropriate APIs is not available in gatsby-ssr.js. Consider using onRenderBody or onPreRenderHTML instead of the method above. As a further consideration, customizing html.js is not supported within a Gatsby Theme. Use the API methods mentioned instead Then cp .cache/default-html.js src/html.js and edit src/html.js to add the <script tag you want. However, this is not a very good approach. You would be better to give Gatsby the unminified file if you can. Then you can import it in the normal Gatsby way, and Gatsby will handle minifying it

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While attempting to organize files, another thing to consider is that Gatsby uses a custom webpack configuration to process, minify, and export all of the files in a project. The generated output is placed in a /public folder. The overall structure gatsby-starter-default uses looks like this gatsby-image is designed to work seamlessly with Gatsby's native image processing capabilities powered by GraphQL and Sharp. To produce perfect images, you need only: Import gatsby-image and use it in place of the built-in img. Write a GraphQL query using one of the included GraphQL fragments which specify the fields needed by gatsby-image

I recently finally implemented Dark Mode for this blog (try that toggle in the top right), so it seemed appropriate to publish a short walkthrough for anyone else wanting to do the same thing. This post will use a Gatsby.js site as an example, but the concepts here apply to really any server-side rendered site (e.g. using Next.js, too).. Let's get started Sorting attributes / style classes. Minifier options like sortAttributes and sortClassName won't impact the plain-text size of the output. However, they form long repetitive chains of characters that should improve compression ratio of gzip used in HTTP compression If you need to pass plugin options: module. exports = { plugins: [ { resolve: `gatsby-plugin-mini-css-class-name`, options: { prefix: `x-`, }, }, ], } ⚠️ This plugin must be the last plugin witch work with CSS in your gatsby-config.js. This plugin contributes change to Webpack config and other plugins can delete the changes Gatsby Node API that helps us dynamically create pages. In the example above, I added the available locales as a key in gatsby-config.js.The value of supportedLanguages would be a simple array of string locales like ['en', 'el', 'fr'].. If you attempt to build your Gatsby project (through gatsby build), you would see the HTML pages have been created, but the content isn't translated All website owners should understand what is minification and how to minify CSS, JS and HTML files. This article explains on how to minify the files along with image optimization tool. Also we have explained checking GZIP compression status using our free compression checker tool

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JavaScript Minifier. Online JavaScript Minifier/Compressor. Free! Provides an API. Simple Quick and Fast. Written and hosted by Andrew Chilton ( @andychilton) since 2012 terser-webpack-plugin, uglify-js, html-minifier-terser, html-minifier, broccoli-clean-css, compressorjs, node-minify, terser-webpack-plugin-legacy, we. npm.io. Compressor Packages A Gatsby plugin for minify HTML files. gatsby gatsby-plugin html htmlmin min minifier minify minification compress compressor. 1.0.4 • Published 10 months ag Most static site generators including Gatsby, Next.js, and Sapper have painfully slow build processes on sites with over 5,000 pages. While load times are improving, waiting 5-6 hours for a Gatsby build of a 10k page site was the norm as of 2019. In my experience, the faster the build pipeline the faster a team pushes to production When creating a new Gatsby.js project, there are several available options for styling. We could write our own CSS/SCSS stylesheets, install frameworks like Bootstrap, and/or use various CSS-in-JS solutions. styled-components is one of the most popular CSS-in-JSS solutions, and for good reason. It's powerful, easy to learn, and it works flawlessly with Gatsby By setting minifyCSS and minifyJS to true, the CSS will be minified together using clean-css and the JS will be minified together using UglifyJS to minify the JS together. Also, the other side of gatsby-plugin-minify is just multiplying html-minifier by postbuild in gatsby-node.js. You can set detailed options in html-minifier.. By the way, you have to be careful to set the.

Example Gatsby, BigCommerce and Netlify CMS project meant to jump start Jamstack ecommerce sites. Through the use of Netlify Functions, supports a built-in cart and checkout flow (with 50+ payment gateways / methods, advanced tax and shipping providers, etc) that uses the BigCommerce APIs to provide a complete end-to-end shopper experience, without the need for a complex backend or middleware About Gatsby - F1. This adorable F1 Shichon is looking for a FURever family! Comes with a 1 year genetic health guarantee and is up-to-date on vaccinations, dewormer and vet checked. Call Benuel today to reserve this puppy or for more information. Delivery Options are Available

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  1. Minifying html is a really useful feature that can improve TTFB on the page and with 11ty it is ver... Tagged with webperf, eleventy, performance, html
  2. Minify and defer CSS; Every browser has a renderer process that effectively transforms code into a page that can be used and interacted with. It's in the main thread where most of this is processed. The main thread parses HTML and CSS to apply specified styles for the content. It also parses, evaluates, and executes the JavaScript
  3. With Gatsby you can get data from anywhere, it could be a markdown, API, database, Wordpress. Jekyll uses markdown and HTML pages. Gatsby is really a React app. It has components and so on. But it works much different. Gatsby is going to go ahead and make that page into a static HTML page beforehand. So Gatsby will fetch the data at compile time
  4. I have a website that uses Gatsby with Prismic, and i've got 2 different types of pages: static and dynamically created pages. Static can include pages like homepage, contact us page, about us page, etc

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  1. ify your code to cut down on script evaluation time, it's also a good idea to find and destroy any code that you're not actually using. To hunt down this unused code, you need to analyze your bundles. Open Devtools, click Network, tick the box to disable cache, and reload.
  2. Hopefully that's not too much at once! The input field tells rollup where the main entrypoint the app is, the output field specifies information about the bundled result, and the plugins filed tells rollup how to process the input application.. Adding Rollup to Our NPM scripts. The last thing we need to do before we take our app for a test drive is to make it so we can (a) run rollup with an.
  3. I have a Gatsby site that has been deploying to Netlify just fine, but over the last couple days, it keeps failing. I've looked through countless forums and tutorials, and things seem to look okay on my end, but I guess not
  4. ifier written in Go and is orders of magnitude faster than the Webpack and Babel combo
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Here's what my results with gatsby-plugin-optimize-svgs were: 62 SVGs minified, reducing the total size from 459322 bytes to 208897 bytes, a reduction of 54.5%! That's a total of 250 KB, or 4 KB per SVG. Keep in mind that all of my SVGs were already saved in the Optimized SVG format - these savings were on top of already optimized SVGs. If. layouts: Stores partial or full page HTML templates for the site. Anything in here can overwrite a corresponding entry from your theme, allowing you to customize the theme without modifying the theme's actual files. static: Store any static content, such as images, CSS, or scripts. Anything in this folder is copied as-is, without any.

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  1. When Gatsby builds, it produces an HTML file for each page on our site. Our goal is to inject a <script> tag above that content, so that the browser parses it first. One of the really cool things about Gatsby is that it exposes escape hatches at every step in its build process. We can hook into it, and add a bit of custom behaviour
  2. g and functionality. Even though most modern browsers support ES6, many developers continue to.
  3. ifying, and fingerprinting assets. But with a site of my size it was painfully slow.
  4. Aside to these, there are also there less or more optional, namely gatsby-plugin-react-helmet, gatsby-image and react-helmet. gatsby-image is for optimizing image assets. gatsby-plugin-react-helmet and react-helmet adds support for customizing the content of the document head. It allows you to add additional title, metadata, stylesheets.
  5. RRP $11.95. Get the book free! Eleventy (or 11ty) is a Node.js static site generator (SSG). SSGs do most rendering work at build time to create a set of static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. The.
  6. ify CSS files on every build: For webpack: optimize-css-assets-webpack-plugin. For Gulp: gulp-clean-css

Minify HTML Minify JavaScript Note: The data needed to display full PageSpeed results is provided by the PageSpeed Insights API, but in order to keep the example simple, not all of that data is used here Turning manu.ninja up to 11ty. Apr 19, 2020 · 6 Minutes / 1,578 Words. I recently migrated manu.ninja to Eleventy. Never have I ever had such a pleasant experience with a static site generator, and I've tried many of them. This is why I want to share five snippets from my setup that might be useful for your own Eleventy projects We then minify this bundle and add versioning through the fingerprint function. Note that the CSS files are relative to the assets directory. Adding Caption to Image. In Gatsby, besides generating traced-SVG images, I usually use the gatsby-remark-images plugin to also add a caption to an image based on its title or alt attribute. In Hugo, we. Cache Enabler is a simple, yet powerful WordPress caching plugin that is easy to use, needs minimal configuration, and best of all helps improve site performance for a faster load time. It creates static HTML files and stores them on the server's disk. This allows the web server to deliver the static HTML files avoiding resource intensive. Mux.com is an excellent service for delivering video via APIs. Recently, they moved their blog over to Gatsby and Sanity.io. They even wrote about why and how they did it! Dylan Jhaveri has two great articles for you if you're interested in moving your HTML over to Sanity: How to migrate your html blog content from ghos

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Running Web Tooling Benchmark v0.5.3 ----- acorn: 21.29 runs/s babel: 14.64 runs/s babel-minify: 20.82 runs/s babylon: 21.11 runs/s buble: 10.25 runs/s chai: 27.62 runs/s coffeescript: 14.24 runs/s espree: 4.07 runs/s esprima: 15.86 runs/s jshint: 18.65 runs/s lebab: 18.26 runs/s postcss: 10.97 runs/s prepack: 15.17 runs/s prettier: 11.85 runs/s source-map: 16.93 runs/s terser: 35.89 runs/s. Gatsby Simplefolio ⚡️ A clean, beautiful and responsive portfolio template for Developers Features. ⚡️ Modern UI Design + Reveal Animations ⚡️ One Page Layout built with React ⚡️ Styled with Bootstrap v4.3 + Custom SCSS ⚡️ Fully Responsive ⚡️ Configurable color scheme ⚡️ Image optimization with Gatsby ⚡️ Easy site customizatio Next.js provides gzip compression to compress rendered content and static files. In general you will want to enable compression on a HTTP proxy like nginx, to offload load from the Node.js process. To disable compression, open next.config.js and disable the compress config: module.exports = { compress: false, Figure 6. Lighthouse displaying the amount of unused JavaScript on a page. With this audit, you can identify dead code in your applications and remove it to improve loading performance and reduce system resource usage. Pro tip: You can also use the code coverage panel in Chrome's DevTools to find this information Introduction Configuration Reference. This page is a reference to the different ways of configuring your Vercel projects and Vercel CLI.. Using a vercel.json configuration file, placed at the root of a project, you can provide a list of options that changes the default behavior of the Vercel platform.. Configuration options for the following are described on this page

Overview. sanitize-html is a library that allows you to clean up user-submitted HTML, preserving whitelisted elements and whitelisted attributes on a per-element basis. Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Arbitrary Code Execution. Tag transformations which turn an attribute value into a text node using transformTags could be vulnerable to code execution Jekyll Klisé. Klisé is a minimalist Jekyll theme for running a personal site or blog, light & dark mode support. Author piharpi. Github Stars 374. Last Commit May 27, 2021. Github Live Demo Create Site While the Netlify web interface is easy to use, for more control over the deployment process, a netlify.toml file can be used, which uses Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language format.. Let's now learn how to create and use this configuration file to access the advanced features of Netlify. Create a file in the project's root directory named netlify.toml.Here is an example of the file contents Gatsby Cache. Holding strong at #1, this plugin by Jason Lengstorf allows you to persist the Gatsby cache between Netlify builds for huge build speed improvements. Minify HTML. By Phil Hawksworth, this framework-agnostic utility adds HTML minification as a post-processing optimisation Execute First Deployment. Copy first-deploy to the root of your droplet user. Login to your droplet. ssh-to-website. and execute the script. ./first-deploy

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A static site generator (SSG) is a tool to produce static websites. This mean the produced website doesn't consits of PHP, Python or similar programming languages. The website will just use the tool you're used to from frontend development: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The benefits are: easier to write. easer to deploy Package - clean-css. clean-css is a fast and efficient CSS optimizer for Node.js platform and any modern browser. According to tests it is one of the best available. Table of Contents. Node.js version support Rome aims to unify the front-end development toolchain by providing a linter, compiler, bundler, document generator, formatter, test runner, and minifier for HTML content, CSS, and JavaScript. In.

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Control your asset optimization settings from netlify.toml. Netlify deploys include the ability to automatically optimize assets as part of the build process. Available options like CSS and JS minification, image compression, and pretty URLs allow you to improve the performance of your sites with just a few clicks Gatsby plugin for removing unused CSS in production. npm package discovery and stats viewer. Discover Tips. General search [free text search, go nuts! Jamstack Templates. Find the perfect place to begin a new Jamstack site. Deploy a template site to Netlify with just one click.The site's code will automatically populate as a new folder in your Git repository so you can explore, edit, and update so it works for you We also install html-minifier-terser to minify the resulting HTML code. npm i html-minifier-terser --save-dev. Once installed, we add a related import to our build script too. const minify. The Lodash method `_.merge` exported as a module. Last updated 2 years ago by jdalton.. MIT · Repository · Bugs · Original npm · Tarball · package.jso

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Overview. dns-packet is an An abstract-encoding compliant module for encoding / decoding DNS packets. Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Remote Memory Exposure. It creates buffers with allocUnsafe and does not always fill them before forming network packets. This can expose internal application memory over unencrypted network when querying crafted invalid domain names

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Description:warning: This module is experimental, try it and let us know how it performs. Publishe When you right click on a JavaScript or CSS file, the Minify File option should appear. Clicking it will create site.min.js and add new records in the bundleconfig.json: When multiple files are selected, you will see the option to Bundle and Minify files.. There is an option to convert to Gulp

This will create a Hugo site in the current directory. Adding a theme There's a huge selection of different themes available which can be found on the themes webpage.I have chosen to use the hugo coder theme thanks to the developers over there for a great theme!. To use the theme we need to download it and add it to the themes directory of our site Gatsby is an extremely powerful tool for building complex websites quickly. It allows us to pull in data from any source, gives us access to a rich ecosystem (both of Gatsby-specific plugins and the broader React ecosystem), and even does things that feel like magic, such as auto-optimizing images 4. Minify and bundle CSS and JavaScript. In addition to removing nonessential CSS and JavaScript from the critical rendering path, you can also minify and bundle both render blocking and non-render blocking resources. For instance, you can create bundles for files that use the same loading rules and minify each bundle separately The HTML portion of the yahoo home page goes from 101kb to 15kb after compression: The (not so) hairy details. The tricky part of this exchange is the browser and server knowing it's ok to send a zipped file over. The agreement has two parts Material-UI provides a CssBaseline component to kickstart an elegant, consistent, and simple baseline to build upon

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If you're a JavaScript developer there's a very good chance you've heard of or use Vercel.In the small chance you haven't, Vercel is this awesome platform that makes building and deploying Jamstack frameworks like Next.js incredibly fast and easy. Next.js is gaining in popularity with 51k stars on GitHub and it's one of the most trusted stacks in the JavaScript world these days Bringing it all together in the content mesh. One of the concepts behind Gatsby is the idea of the content mesh and Gatsby being the solution to pull it all together. Many apps, and growing, are being built with the JAMstack architecture, which helps with the idea that we can source as much of our content from as many places as we want. The case is the following: a customer wants us to build him a site with Gatsby, the data all comes from a single source, namely a graphql endpoint that another company generates from the old site, this endpoint includes urls to images that are currently on the server of the old site (which will still be used as a backend, including image upload. The task of a static site generator is to produce static build files that can be deployed to a web server. These files are built from source files. Basically for a static site generator this means: from a source directory read the source files and extract their information. manipulate the information Description. ES6 Mixins, Useful for adding Mixin support to React Component when you use ES6 class syntax. Publishe

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There shouldn't be a single unnecessary character in the index.html file. The same goes for the style.css file. A project built like this is now ready to deploy. Good job! Integrating Alpine.js. I decided to switch to Eleventy from Gatsby.js because it just felt like too much JavaScript to me Gatsby gives you so much out of the box, and there is almost a plugin for any functionality you need. I loved that Gatsby is built in a way that puts performance first by rendering what the user needs right away and aggressively prefetching the rest. minify HTML, and defer loading CSS and JavaScript files. By applying these performance.

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A Framework for any device, medium, and accessibility. Foundation is a family of responsive front-end frameworks that make it easy to design beautiful responsive websites, apps and emails that look amazing on any device. Foundation is semantic, readable, flexible, and completely customizable. We're constantly adding new resources and code. The simplest answer to the what is Gatsby question is this: Gatsby (aka. GatsbyJS) is a static site generator that is built on ReactJS. In its simplest definition, a static website is a group of HTML pages, which does not pull any data from a database when a viewer visits it. Thus, a static site looks the same to every visitor Produces very fast static HTML pages with prefetching capabilities included; PWA-ready by default; CONs. You will need to have a solid grasp of JS, React, and GraphQL in order to get going with Gatsby. Course Recommendation To Learn Gatsby: Building Awesome Websites With Gatsby, React & GraphQL by Christopher Hawkes Rating: 3.8 (out of 5) Go To.

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Install. npm: npm install rehype-cli Use # Minify `index.html` with `rehype-preset-minify`: $ rehype index.html --use preset-minify --output CLI. See unified-args, which provides the interface, for more information on all available options. Usage: rehype [options] [path | glob] CLI to process HTML with rehype using plugins Options: -h --help output usage information -v --version output. Source maps can sometimes be tricky to get going. If you're having trouble: Verify a release is configured in your SDK. For uploaded source maps to be located and applied, the release needs to be created by the CLI or API (and the correct artifacts uploaded with it), and the name of that newly-created release needs to be specified in your SDK configuration The End of an Era: Migrating from WordPress to Gatsby. This post was featured in the official Gatsby blog! On September 24th, 2015, I made the first post on this blog, which was a custom self-hosted WordPress theme. I discovered Git, I discovered WordPress, and I made 1,039 commits, in which I obsessively designed and redesigned the site

Minify SVG 22%* smaller than the competition. In addition to optimizing your SVG to a very small size, Nano also compress your fonts (if any) and embed them in a single step, resulting in reduced workflow, and very small SVG images that uses less bandwidth and load faster! * On average, based on more than 2800 svg test files To create CSS or HTML-based design templates for forms, buttons, typography, navigation, dropdowns, tables, modals, etc. For images, image carousels, and icons. Aurelia. Released in 2016, Aurelia is a simple, unobtrusive, and powerful open-source, front-end JS framework to build responsive mobile, desktop, and browser applications

Web components. Web components is a set of standards to make self-contained components: custom HTML-elements with their own properties and methods, encapsulated DOM and styles. From the orbital height. Custom elements Build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS Releases $ npm i -D electron@latest # Electron 13.1.6 # Node 14.16. # Chromium 91..4472.12 In this post, we'll learn how to enable Gatsby incremental builds on Netlify. Step 1: Upgrade to Gatsby v2.20.4 or higher. Gatsby introduced incremental builds in version 2.20.4, so make sure to upgrade your Gatsby site to the latest version. # this will upgrade to the latest version of Gatsby npm install gatsby@latest Step 2: Install cross-en