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  3. g irises in summer so they can root before winter. They'll thrive in almost any location that receives at least five hours of sun and that has slightly acidic, well-drained soil. Set rhizomes 1 to 2 feet apart at ground level so that they are exposed to sunlight. Point the rhizome in the direction you want it to grow

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Reblooming Iris are iris that bloom in two seasons or multiple times. Not all reblooming iris perform in all gardening zones. On the website there is a button that says, Reblooming. Click on this button to see if the iris you are choosing typically reblooms in your zone. Items 1 to 16 of 23 total Excitement continues to grow for reblooming irises. Each year the newly introduced cultivars of reblooming irises improve in form, color, and their ability to rebloom. Many rebloomers are as good as the best of the spring only bloomers in modern form Because repeat or reblooming irises are investing a great deal of energy into a second blooming period, they benefit from added fertilizer. Fertilize them with a 5-20-10 or 5-10-10 fertilizer according to the package directions. Low nitrogen, high phosphorous fertilizer boosts blooms

Reblooming irises are a little greedy in comparison to spring only bloomers, but they do good in a mixed flower bed. They don't rebloom all that well if they are not given summer water. Golden Immortal and Struck Twice blooming in early Spring in my back garden where I try out the irises before finding a more prominent area in the yard The Reblooming Iris Society (RIS) has over 400 members, approximately 10% of the American Iris Society (AIS) members. The RIS is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. These donations will be reimbursed. Send cards to Jim Landers, 710 N. 11th. Temple, TX, 76501 Reblooming Bearded Iris are the darlings of the cottage garden world — they bloom profusely in an amazing range of colors/color combos, throw out a delicious fragrance (grape soda, anyone?), and are ridiculously easy to grow. And that swordlike foliage remains after the blooms have faded, leaving a strong vertical presence in the garden Reblooming Iris - Reblooming Tall Bearded Iris Online Catalog. Pleasants Valley Iris Farm has a wide variety of Reblooming Irises to choose from. Daughter of Stars (Rebloomer, fragrant) Regular price: $12.00. Sale price: $7.80. 2010

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Reblooming Irises. These irises may bloom more than once. Generally these bloom the first time during normal bloom season, then again a few weeks or more later. Reblooming can depend on soil, lighting, water, and other environmental conditions. Not all Reblooming irises will rebloom every year in all gardens. Sort by Featured Sale Price I Save 25%. $9.99 Sale $7.49. Per Bareroot Plant. Sugar Blues Bearded Iris (Iris germanica) is a reblooming iris with wisteria-blue petals and a sweet fragrance. 36-38, this reblooming tall iris will bloom in late spring and again in late summer/fall Reblooming Iris 'Autumn Circus' is a classy Tall Bearded Iris with beautifully ruffled and flared white standards, elegantly veined with blue-violet, a coloration which intensifies gradually toward their edges. Its white falls exhibit blue-violet lines radiating from their white beard and plicata edges. 34 inches tall (85 cm A: Very much like May-blooming ones, except you'll repeat the process in fall. Cut off the flower stalks in June after the first flush of flowers fade, but don't remove the foliage. Come early.. Reblooming iris is a variety of bearded iris that is known to rebloom after its first initial bloom in the spring. While most iris go dormant in the summer, reblooming iris can give your garden quite a show with a second or third bloom. While reblooming iris care is quite simple, specific kinds of bearded iris rebloom in different climate zones

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Plant your new iris in a sunny, well-drained location of your garden. Work the soil loose and place the iris rhizomes just below the surface of the ground with the roots well spread out underneath, so the rhizome is within reach of the sun's rays. Some of the rhizome should be exposed above the surface of the ground As a member you receive The Reblooming Iris Recorder. It contains articles about what has rebloomed, regional news, research, notes of personal experience, commercial sources for reblooming irises, and some advertising. You normally will receive two (2) Recorders per year. There are several types of RIS memberships

Breathtaking reblooming irises in every color of the rainbow, for every garden use! You find reblooming iris plants for your exact growing zone, preferred blooming time and height in this diverse collection. Check it out below Stargazer Perennials Feed Back Reblooming Iris Plant Potted - Very Fragrant Purple Flowers Easy to Grow Perennial Plant. 3.7 out of 5 stars. 5. $12.98. $12. . 98. $9.99 shipping

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Reblooming Bearded Iris, also known as Reblooming Iris Germanica, profusely bloom with color & fragrance several times each year. Nearly indestructible, they thrive in most of the country and tolerate high heat and dry soil extremely well. Iris's are critter resistant and hummingbird magnets.Once established, flowering will occur in the Fall and Spring (even more often in mild climates) Sweetly fragrant, Iris 'Hemstitched' is an eye-popping reblooming iris with pristine white blooms adorned with lilac stitches on its gently ruffled edges. Rising 32 inches high (80 cm) atop a lovely blue-green sword-shaped foliage, 'Hemstitched' rewards us twice with its is unusual color and fragrance, in both spring and fall

Reblooming Bearded Iris Varieties 'Sugar Blues' Reblooming Bearded Iris - wisteria-blue petals and a sweet fragrance. 36-38, this reblooming tall iris will bloom in late spring and again in late summer/fall. Deer resistant, drought resistant, very cold hardy. 'Immortality' Reblooming Bearded Iris - big, pure white flowers with yellow whiskers on the falls make this reblooming Iris a garden. Reblooming Types Rebloomers (also called remontants) are irises that produce two or more flushes of bloom each year. Cycle rebloomers produce a spring crop of flowers, then lie low during summer, and grow and flower again in the fall Reblooming irises, also called remontants, may not reliably rebloom every year, possibly due to vagaries in the weather, and sometimes due to lack of nourishment. Whereas many gardeners do little with once-blooming irises other than weed the bed periodically and divide them every few to several years, rebloomers could use a little extra help

Rebloom may vary from year to year, as well. The varieties pictured below have been registered with the American Iris Society as having been bred to produce bloom stocks more than once in a year (first in the spring, and then again in the late summer or fall). Ben Schreiner introduces us to a handful of reblooming iris in our fields: YouTube ZONES: The rebloom zone noted in the description is the lowest (or coldest) zone in which the iris has been noted to rebloom, and it has rebloomed in all higher zones. For example, Rebloom to zone 4 means that this iris reblooms from zones 4 - 10, but not zones 1, 2, or 3. For more detailed information see our Glossary. In addition to blooming in the Spring, the reblooming bearded iris plant. Reblooming Iris. Reblooming or remontant iris are varieties that produce more than one crop of bloom stalks in a single growing season. In northern areas this generally means a fall bloom. In other areas it may be a 2nd bloom time during summer. Rebloomers are found in bearded iris and beardless iris as well Reblooming Bearded Iris are hardy, easy to grow, and deer and rabbit resistant. Plus, like all Bearded Irises, their sturdy stems make for long-lasting cut flowers, too! To encourage reblooming, plant Bearded Irises in well-draining soil that receives full sun. Space rhizomes (bulbs) 12-24 inches apart, and allow the top of the rhizome to show.

For many gardeners, the only drawback about iris season is that it is over too soon. One of the greatest goals of iris hybridization is to create a more reliable rebloom. The most coveted varieties include those you can expect to see not only in spring, but again in late summer to fall--like the five varieties in our Reblooming Iris Collection A Reblooming Iris.....is one that blooms during it's normal season, then blooms again later in the year. For our bearded irises that rebloom, they begin their second season in July or August and continue on until first frost. For our beardless irises, they begin just a week or two after the first season is over Reblooming Irises perform best if fertilized again after the first wave of flowering is finished. Pests/Diseases: The Iris borer, the worst pest of these lovely plants, overwinters as eggs in spent leaves, so don't give the critters a hiding place. The borers emerge in the spring as tiny caterpillars, which spend a couple of weeks boring.

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Specializing in reblooming irises, tall bearded irises, species irises, hostas, and unique ornamentals. 2008 Introductions CONCERTO FOR LLOYD (Joan Roberts '08) 37 M. Sdlg. No. 1936-25: (1633-1: (Clarence x Cee Cee) X Double Dribble) The name was graciously given to me by Clarence Mahan but the introduction of this iris was inspired by Lloyd. Reblooming irises produce more than one growth of bloom stalks in a single growing season. Rebloom cultivars having just a sporadic tendency to rebloom are called Occasional Rebloomers. The Cycle Rebloomers complete two distinct cycles of growth, blossoming and increase in one growing season and produce the second cycle of bloom stalks from. Reblooming irises grow faster than regular irises, so you'll need to divide them more often. To prevent overcrowding, divide reblooming iris every two to three years, but take only the outside rhizomes of the plant; leave the healthy older portions of the plant intact. Replant the small rhizomes 12 to 18 inches apart. Nov 28, 2019 - Explore Patricia Saffles's board Reblooming Iris on Pinterest. See more ideas about iris, iris flowers, iris garden You must water reblooming irises all summer or they will not rebloom. A good soaking, once a week is good for these irises. So, this presents a problem if you grow both the once blooming irises and reblooming irises. Simply don't plant the two types together in one bed. Plant the two types at least 3 feet apart

REBLOOMING IRIS. Again and Again $13.00 $13.00 Apricot Frosty $13.00 $13.00 Autumn Bugler $13.00 $13.00 Autumn Circus $13.00 $13.00 Autumn Tryst $13.00 $13.00 Best Bet $13.00 $13.00 Beverly Sills $13.00 $13.00 Sold out Black as Night $13.00 $13.00 Sold out. Ziggy Iris Plant 4 Pot | Fragrant Reblooming Yellow Burgundy Flowers Tall Bearded Iris - Easy To Grow Perennial. FreshGardenLiving. From shop FreshGardenLiving. 5 out of 5 stars. (4,290) 4,290 reviews. Sale Price $16.99 Nor does bearded iris needs heavy fertilizer feeding. Iris plants grow very well in zones 3 through 9 and some areas of zone 10. There are thousands of eye dazzling colors in tall bearded Irises and reblooming Irises , especially the ones we selected to grow. Feel free to tour around and find the right Irises for you Reblooming iris produce more than one growth of bloom stalks in a single growing season. The cycle rebloomers complete two distinct cycles of growth, blossoming and increase in one growing season and produce the second cycle of bloom stalks from maturing new increases. The second growth and bloom cycle, usually beginning in late summer or early. Reblooming could depend on Zones and upon your cultural conditions. Zone 5 - iris may rebloom in late Fall (temperatures down to -30 degrees) Zone 5 iris rebloom in September October (minimum temperature 20 degrees) Zone 6 iris rebloom in October (minimum temperature 10 degrees) Zone 7 iris rebloom in July (lowest temperature of 0 degree F

A: Reblooming Iris aka Walking Iris ( Neomarica gracilis) is a tropical iris. It can't stand cold soil. If you try to grow it, you'll have to store the roots in a place that doesn't freeze in the winter. It has white flowers with blue markings. It walks by producing roots where the stalks touch the ground Reblooming Bearded Iris of all sizes. Music, Standard Dwarf Bearded Keith Keppel, 1999. As Barbara Whitehouse and Bee Warburton write in their chapter entitled Miniature Dwarf Beardeds, in The World of Irises, (The American Iris Society, 1986) each iris lover should grow at least one or two clumps of them . However, they are so. So, the only thing disappointing about irises, in many's opinion, is that their rich, distinctive blooms disappear too soon. Enter the Reblooming Iris, a gorgeous hybrid created to bloom in spring and then, most every year, again in late summer/early fall. We love their 'thriller' vertical stalks as landscape bed accents and really.

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The Reblooming Iris Society is a special interest Section of the American Iris Society. The Reblooming Iris Society (RIS) promotes irises that bloom more than once per year. This Facebook group is.. Botanical Name: Iris germanica 'Blatant' Height: 36 inches Ship As: NO. 1 RHIZOME Spacing: 24 inches Spread: 18 - 24 inches Light Requirements: Full Sun, Partial Shade Color: Red, Yellow Foliage Type: Glaucous-green, sword-like fans of stiff upright leaves. Bloom Time: Mid to late spring, may rebloom late summer to fall Flower Form: 5.5-6 ruffled, iris-like flowers

Irises belong to a big family (Iridacea) and bearded irises are not the only members capable of reblooming. Certain cultivars of both Siberian (Iris sibirica) and Japanese irises (Iris ensata) are. Bearded Iris Innocent Star (Rebloomer) From $12.95 'Innocent Star' Bearded Iris Reblooming Bearded Irises are a gardener's delight. They produce gorgeous blooms twice a year! Bearded Irises are hardy from Zone 3 all the way to Zone 10. They do not need a chilling period so they can grow almost anywhere in the United States These color and fragrant plants are known for their wonderful spring show of blooms. We found some iris that put on a second show as well Contact Us. Sutton's Iris Gardens PO Box 790 Star, ID 83669 (208) 297-8995 (NEW NUMBER) info@suttoniris.com Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm (MST

Reblooming Bearded Iris. After the main flowering period in spring, rebloomers will bloom again in late summer to fall! The number of blooms you will get later in the season varies on variety and local conditions. Here is how rebloomers work: The rhizome of an iris can produce only one flower stem and it usually takes an entire year to mature. Iris germanica 'Java blue'. Sun Exposure: Full Sun. Height/Habit: 31 - 33 inches. Spread: 12 - 24 inches. Spacing: 12 - 24 inches. Hardiness Zone: 4-9. Flowering Date: Mid Season. Planting Instructions: In clay soil, rhizomes should be slightly exposed. In sandy soil, they can be covered an inch or two Irises are easy-to-grow perennials with flowers in nearly every color of the rainbow. Discover the most popular irises including tall bearded irises, Siberian irises, Japanese irises, Dutch irises and more. Learn all about planting and caring for iris flowers, plus find 11 elegant irises for your own garden A dramatic addition to the garden. Dark colors are hard to find among reblooming bearded iris—and Ozark Rebounder is among our favorites. This award-winning iris has rich, royal purple standards and falls that are overlaid by deep, velvety near-block veining. A white starburst just around the beards and ruffling add to the dramatic impact

Miniature dwarf iris listing for 2021. The Mi niature dwarf bearded irises are the first bearded irises to bloom in the spring. They are great for rock gardens, banks or raised beds. Plant them where you can enjoy them in early spring. They grow up to 8 inches tall. MDB 'Spring Beacon' on a bank at Winterberry Reblooming Iris by Gmkrakower: May 26, 2021 7:35 PM: 7: Irises and Peonies Bloom Schedules? by TBipp: May 6, 2021 1:27 PM: 6: California Dreaming 2021 by evelyninthegarden: Jun 15, 2021 4:47 PM: 155: It's Iris Time in Tennessee by urania1: Jun 2, 2021 5:56 PM: 235: 2021 Iris Season by Australis: Jul 12, 2021 3:15 AM: 1,47 The AIS Hager-DuBose Memorial Iris Library of Iris Literature, including Articles, Books, Catalogs, Presentations, and Videos. . . This QR code may be copied and pasted onto labels or literature to bring people to this page. For more information visit Info About QR Codes. If you believe the Encyclopedia is a worthwhile project click on the LIKE.

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Reblooming Iris Imported Iris Iris Under $10 Black Iris Purple Iris Blue Iris Yellow Iris Red Iris Orange Iris Pink Iris Space Age Iris Broken Color, Novelty Plicata & Luminata Patterns White Iris CATALOG 2020 (print) Grab Bag Immortality Reblooming Bearded Iris shimmers with pearlescent radiance in spring, summer and fall. It's 1 of the most prolific reblooming irises you will find anywhere. An intermediate iris, Immortality is not too tall, not too short, but just right for almost any landscape setting. It grows about 29 in. tall and spreads 15 in. to 18 in If a rebloom bud has already formed, it will go ahead and bloom anyway, although on a shorter stalk with a smaller flower. In a Tom Craig iris order one time, I had one bloom in transit in the box. Another bloomed while drying out in the bedroom unpotted as these were big, hunky CA rhizomes. Also I used to get proliferations on Craig irises Jennifer Rebecca Reblooming Iris Color and Beauty Twice in One Season! Lavishly ruffled and laced petals of rose-pink have striking tangerine-pink beards. Light fragrance adds to the appeal of this popular variety. Bareroot. SKU: 74861. $9.99. For each offer ordered, get 1 iris rhizom

Reblooming Iris Collection. SKU. 79137. $87.95. Fall Planting: This product will ship September-October according to your hardiness zone. Iris germanica spp . An essential component of any cottage style garden, these unmistakable flowers have a truly unique form. Consisting of only 6 petals; 3 upright 'standard' petals and 3 downward 'fall. Iris 'Rielle' This border bearded reblooming iris (border bearded irises are in a group known as Medians) is hardy in Zones 3 to 10 and grows 1½ to 2 feet tall. It blooms from May to June, producing intensely white standards overlaid with yellow, and yellow-edged white falls. Grow the plant in full sun and well-draining, medium-moist, humus. Hillside Irises are grown in beautiful BC, Canada. Order from over 200 varieties of gorgeous bearded iris including dwarf, intermediate, border, and tall. Some are scented and reblooming Yes, Harvest of Memories Reblooming Iris will grow in ideal planting conditions, when planted in full sun to partial shade, it grows best in Acidic Soil, Clay Soil, Loamy Soil, or Sandy Soil. Planting in the fall is recommended, they will lie dormant in the winter, and return in the spring

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Jurassic Park Reblooming German Iris. Enjoy dramatic color contrast on huge blooms! Jurassic Park is an outstanding bearded iris that has won multiple awards, including the American Iris Society's prestigious Wister Medal and President's Cup! The broad, ruffled form and large, well-spaced blooms of yellow and purple are blessed with great. Some bearded irises can flower in spring, summer and fall. A stormy summer extended the fall rebloom season even more than usual in 2020. Weather conditions in 2020 made an extended Fall iris rebloom season possible. Photos show rebloom at two test sites in Central Virginia. Actual rebloom dates, by cultivar, are shown on detailed charts linked.

Landscaping With Reblooming Iris. Robert talks about using Reblooming Iris in the landscape. Reblooming Iris will give you vertical accents as well as multiple bloom seasons. Selecting plants such as these is one of the benefits of hiring a professional landscape designer. YouTube. Willow Ridge Garden Center & Landscaping America's Largest Grower of Daylilies, Iris and Peonies. We have begun working on our fall catalog. Be looking for it in the mail early July! Due to heat, we are shipping only on Monday-Wednesday of each week. Typically, orders will ship within 7-10 business days after we receive your order. Click here to find out more information on shipping When do reblooming irises rebloom, summer like July and August or fall like September and October? Email Save Comment 8. Follow. Featured Answer. Faith. 2 years ago. My first ever reblooming Iris just rebloomed today!!! It was from a Swap so I didn't even know that it was going to rebloom. Feels like Christmas in July Reblooming Irises. Showing all 2 results. Buckwheat £ 9.00; Rosalie Figge £ 8.00; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Provided by Aumworks. Subscribe To The Iris of Sissinghurst Newsletter. Longfield Gardens offers iris plants for spring planting. These perennials may have white, purple, yellow or pink blossoms. Iris Louisiana and Iris ensata are excellent for gardens or naturalizing

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Contact Information. Email is the best way to contact us: George@Breezewayiris.com; Phone or Text: (734) 646-049 We accept orders May 1st thru July 15th for shipping in mid-summer Reblooming Iris are varieties that bloom in the spring and will produce a second round of bloom in late summer into the fall season. The Varieties we offer have constantly produced rebloom in our zone 4 Wisconsin garden. They perform the best rebloom when given low nitrogen fertilizer two to four weeks after spring bloom and ar Dwarf Reblooming Iris Mixture. Blooms spring and fall! New miniature versions of tall bearded iris have two seasons of color! The first waves of blooms of the Dwarf Reblooming Iris appear in early spring followed by a second appearance in fall. Delightful plants grow just 10-12'' tall. Available in mixed colors of our cho... Recipient information Reblooming irises that rebloom in warmer zones may not rebloom in cooler zones. Irises that rebloom in cooler zones will probably also rebloom going to warmer zones. Why do iris change color? If your iris are blooming a different color than originally purchased, it is because of letting your iris go to seed: the bloom stalk was not removed.

The number of varieties of reblooming iris are increasing for Minnesota zones 4a and 4b. There are a number of things one can do to increase fall rebloom besides selecting the right varieties. 1. Plant and grow more than one. Two clumps will increase your chances. 2. Grow iris in full sun. This seems really important About us: We have been growing Daylilies and Iris for over 15 years. What began as a hobby and small garden has grown into rows and rows of Daylily and Iris. My mother-in-law gave us an older purple Iris and we were hooked on Iris. Then, my mother gave us several older daylilies and we were hooked on Daylilies. And so our obsession began ***join our facebook page to get iris specials and stay updated on our farm. Irises That Start With The Letter M - irises Tall Bearded Irises Reblooming Irises on Sal Reblooming Iris. Click on any thumbnail to view a larger picture and cultivar information. SR = Single Rhizome Iris Begin Shipping After June! Abstract Art $5.00 SR Autumn Circus $5.00 SR.

Bearded iris (Iris germanica) is hardy in USDA zones 3 through 10, reports the Old Farmer's Almanac. Any kind of iris may have problems blooming if it isn't given proper conditions or care. Tip Get the best deals for reblooming iris at eBay.com. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items The reblooming bearded iris (Iris germanica) can bloom twice a year, in spring and autumn. The extended ornamental period makes it more popular and brings additional commercial values. However, little is known about the reblooming mechanisms, making the breeding programs time-consuming and labor-wasting. Therefore, a comparative transcriptome profiling was conducted on once-bloomers and. The free lecture, sponsored by the Sydney B. Mitchell Iris Society, will be held at the Lakeside Park Garden Center in Oakland. Weiler will talk about reblooming tall bearded iris, including the. 1 Be A Dream White Reblooming Tall Bearded Iris - Preorder Ships by July 15. $7.95. or Best Offer +$9.00 shipping. S p K o X n s o 4 U 7 r e d Y 9 G R 6. 1 Purple Bearded Iris Rhizome ~ Bulb ~ Reblooming Rhizomes ~ Tall Heirloom. $14.95. Buy It Now +$5.00 shipping. S p I o n s o r 8 e d U M X 7 F 5 5 Y

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Price. $12.99 Packed 1 per package. Availability: In Stock. sku # 09851. Colourful, Tall, Reblooming Bearded Iris. The absolute best white rebloomer! Pristine, snow-white ruffled blooms offer a crisp, sophisticated show. A captivating and prolific bloomer. We love these uniquely coloured varieties, each bred for exceptional performance Standard Dwarf bearded iris are eight to sixteen inches tall and bloom early. Sort by. Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new. Filters Iris Bulbs and Rhizomes, Bearded Irises, Japanese Irises. Rhizome irises include delicate flowering plants which return year after year. Japanese and English irises are favourites among iris lovers - see for yourself why iris growers around the world appreciate the beauty of these flowers. SORT Reblooming Tall Bearded Iris: 'Sugar Blues' Iris re-blooming in August. Photo by Karen Russ, ©2007 HGIC, Clemson Extension 'Bountiful Harvest' has white standards with a violet edge and over-all peppering. It is a dependable rebloomer in late summer

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This gorgeous bearded iris boasts of pure white petals with a light lemon beard. Immortality produces truly heavenly blooms with is vigorous growth and strong sweet fragrance. Known as THE reblooming wonder, this iris is a must-have in your spring garden! Flower used for February Birthdays and 25th Wedding Anniversaries 2 Iris Bulbs Beautiful Flowering Perenials, Reblooming Iris, Bearded Iris, Pink, Happenstance, Root, Plant, Great Spectacular Flower Heads 3.0 out of 5 stars 7 £7.25 £ 7 . 25 £7.49 £7.4 Spring only flowering bearded irises cannot become a reblooming one. Remontants (rebloomers) are bred for spring and fall flowering. As hybridizers such as the late Dr. Lloyd Zurbrigg formerly of Radford, VA and Durham, NC retired, concrete performance data and new development saw a significant decline over the past decade. Since rebloom origins are difficult to pinpoint, only a handful of. Reblooming Iris. Iris x germanica 'Immortality': probably the most popular reblooming iris. Photo: Iris Wiki. So much for regular bearded irises blooming in the fall, but there are also iris cultivars that naturally rebloom, that is to say, irises that bloom as usual in the spring, then a second time at the end of the season (August.

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Japanese iris care will include the division of the rhizomes every three to four years. Crowded plants tend to offer fewer blooms. Division keeps growing Japanese iris plants in optimum condition to provide the best possible bloom in summer. After division, consider placing a few rhizomes in pots to live in your water feature or pond Drug Enforcement Administration said that marijuana would remain illegal for any use under federal law. Viewed as a Severe Disorder BDD, whether among men or women, is an underrecognized yet relatively common and severe psychiatric disorder, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) revealed patients usually don't tell the whole truth out of shame Colorful Reblooming Bearded Iris Mix Whoever said less is more was not talking about reblooming bearded iris! Big, billowy blooms in a range of colors from red, blue, white, purple, yellow, pink, apricot and bi-colors. Some are fragrant; all are tough, cold hardy and resistant to deer and rabbits