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Yellow-headed Blackbird Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus. 1. Summary 2. The yellow-headed blackbird (Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus) is a medium-sized blackbird, and the only member of the genus Xanthocephalus. Sources and Credits Xeno-canto; iNat Map VOICE: SOUNDS BY XENO-CANTO The Common Blackbird utters several kinds of calls according to the situation. If disturbed, it gives some low and slowly repeated tchuc. When alarmed, it utters shrills tink-tink-tink more or less quickly repeated. These calls may become hysterical in front of a dangerous predator Rusty Blackbird Visual Identification Tips For Spring Migration Rusty Blackbird Spring Migration Blitz Coordination Committee January 2014 When we think of Rusty Blackbirds, or Rusties, their distinctive rusty-tipped feathers and Xeno-Canto: This website allows users to submit recordings of vocalizations. There are some grea The Red-winged Blackbird belongs to the family Icteridae, which includes the Eastern Meadowlark, Tricolored Blackbird, Rusty Blackbird, and Baltimore Oriole. A Brash Bird's Secret Life. Red-winged Blackbirds are sexually dimorphic, meaning males and females have very different appearances. They also play very different roles during the breeding. The males live up to their name but, confusingly, females are brown often with spots and streaks on their breasts. The bright orange-yellow beak and eye-ring make adult male blackbirds one of the most striking garden birds. One of the most common UK birds, its mellow song is also a favourite

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The mallard quacks and the blackbird call in Figure 1 were obtained from the Xeno-Canto database. The mallard was recorded by Jack Berteau in the Vendée, France (recording XC613266) and the. The common blackbird (Turdus merula) is a species of true thrush.It is also called the Eurasian blackbird (especially in North America, to distinguish it from the unrelated New World blackbirds), or simply the blackbird where this does not lead to confusion with a similar-looking local species. It breeds in Europe, Asiatic Russia, and North Africa, and has been introduced to Australia and New. Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of the world, containing over &1 million records about 10,000 species and 22,000 subspecies of birds, including distribution information for 20,000 regions, taxonomy, synonyms in several languages and more

The blackbird is exposed, agitated, flicks tail and wings - which are kept dangling -, from an obvious post (top shot and above) facing the potential predator, very nervous sounding and calling repeatedly and monotonously for a long time Audio: Frank Lambert / xeno-canto.org The fluting, fruity song of the blackbird is one the nation's best loved. Credit: Nature Photographers Ltd / Alamy Stock Phot Audio: Frank Lambert / xeno-canto.org Common and widespread across the UK, the blackbird population is currently stable, although it has seen periods of decline in the past. One of the biggest threats is lack of food availability, particularly when the weather is dry. Leaving mealworms and ground feeder mix out on bird tables and planting.

At least the male blackbird is - the female is uniformly dark brown. The blackbird can look similar to the starling and incidentally, both are good at imitating other species and sounds. The blackbird is perhaps better at adapting these sounds into the song as its own composed work The Xeno-Canto website is a great place to upload calls of known identity. It also allows the upload of mystery calls (see here). So, if you have something you can't identify, try uploading as a mystery and seek the help of the Xeno-Canto community. As Xeno-Canto recordings can be tagged within Trektellen, you can post your data and link to the.

Length of verse: 3-6 secs. Perhaps the sweetest of all garden bird songs in leafier gardens, quite a long verse that typically starts hesitantly, but half way through he finds his confidence to let rip with pure fluty melody. Find out more In Red-winged Blackbird this is a relatively simple and unmusical chek, like hitting two twigs together. Rusty Blackbird's call is more like chook, it has more complexity and depth. Rusty's call is slightly longer, slightly descending, and with a bit of musical tone Yellow-headed Blackbird. An easily identifiable bird of marshes and sloughs, Yellow-headed Blackbirds can be found throughout appropriate wetland habitat in the summer in South Dakota. Yellow-headed Blackbirds are described by many to have the absolute worst male song of any U.S. bird. They usually nest in colonies in marshes of cattails

4. Supposedly, Chitwan in the Central Nepal lowlands is the best place to see these birds. This entry was posted in Eurylaimidae, Passeriformes and tagged bird photography, birds of nepal, birdwatching, broadbill, kathmandu, local, long-tailed broadbill, nagarjung, nepal, Raniban, scarce, Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park, wildlife photography Birdlife, Avibase and Cornell still use Eurasian but Xeno Canto also use Common? those splits took place in IOC's version 1.6 but IOC were calling the unsplit form Common Blackbird from the very beginning, version 1.0. This was in 2006 when the book was published. Clements has been using Eurasian since the fourth edition, which as far. Click on the image chips or text links below for additional, higher-resolution Rusty Blackbird photos. Audio File Credits: 1 Todd Wilson. Recorded in Dodge County, Wisconsin on October 10th, 2010. Original recording and information available from xeno-canto. 2 Andrew Spencer. Recorded in Coos County, New Hampshire on June 9th, 2010

  1. Common Grackle: Medium-sized blackbird with a glossy blue-black or blue-green head, yellow eyes, and a long tail. Body color varies by region: mid-Atlantic and New England birds occurring east of the Appalachians have a purple body; southeastern birds have a greenish tint on the back; and birds in the rest of the range are bronze. Sexes are similar except the female is somewhat smaller and.
  2. THE FIRST EVER SIGHTING & PHOTO ON ABACO. The photograph above was taken on October 20 in Little Harbour, Abaco by Bernard Albury. A pair of red-winged blackbirds, male and female, were on the feeder in his garden. With them was a rather more colourful blackbirdy-type bird - a juvenile yellow-headed blackbird Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus
  3. Herman van der Meer ( www.xeno-canto.org) The song of the Blackbird is widely known, if only because the Beatles sang about it. The one loves it for its beauty, the other hates it, because it will wake you at 5.00 am in the morning. The female Blackbird looks like the Song Thrush, but is plain brown and doesn't have the speckled pattern on.
  4. Listen to the song thrush's song and discover more audio recordings of song thrushes on xeno-canto. Blackbird. A male blackbird (Turdus merula) singing ©Ondrej Chvatal/ Shutterstock.com. With a beautifully mellow song, blackbirds deliver low-pitched, flute-like verses which often close with a squeaky twiddle. Like song thrushes that will.
  5. Tricolored Blackbirds nest primarily in California, but smaller groups breed from the state of Washington to Mexico's Baja California. They look a lot like Red-winged Blackbirds, except Tricolored males have dark red epaulets and white bars on their wings instead of scarlet epaulets and yellow bars

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Red-winged Blackbird and others in the background, Allen Chartier, xeno-canto.org Boating though the wetland, Erin Rowan This is the entrance to Mud Lake, where dozens of Black Terns have nested successfully in past years (over 80% of nests successfully hatched here in 2018) Audio: Franck Letellier/Xeno-canto Robin. Another garden songster is the robin which can be heard during most months of the year apart from high summer. They sing a high, wistful warble and will even do so during the night, especially where there are streetlamps. A garden favourite is the blackbird - the male can often be seen atop a tree. Recording date: July 22, 2010: Location: Belgium: Remersdaal (Voerstreek) (50.73, 5.88) Coordinates determined by: estimate from Google Earth: Elevation (m

Blackbird - BirdLife Cyprus Turdus merul The scrub blackbird ( Dives warczewiczi) is a species of bird in the family Icteridae. It is found in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru and its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and heavily degraded former forest. The Scrub Blackbird is a fairly common and ubiquitous roadside bird in the generally arid coastal regions. Common Blackbird, Turdus merula merula Recording AV#13056. Germany: Obertshausen Anglersee (50.0619, 8.8238) recorded by Pamela C. Rasmusse Identified as a Juvenile Common Blackbird thanks to Ulf Elman and W. Agster at www.xeno-canto.org Related Forum Topics on www.xeno-canto.org The following forum topics may have additional information or discussions about this recording: 24294. ID Unknown from Sweden (XC431642) 24295. Unknown bird on Kullaberg in Sweden (XC431642 Breeding birds found in these areas include rails, Black Tern, and Yellow-headed Blackbird. The generally wide floodplain of the western border ends abruptly at the sandy Loess Hills. The area is dotted with old oxbows which attract waterfowl and herons

Brewer's Blackbird: Medium-sized blackbird with purple gloss on head and neck and green gloss on body and wings. Eyes are yellow. Follows farm tractors and plows. Forages on ground. Feeds on caterpillars, insects, fruits, seeds and grains. Strong, swift and direct flight with rapidly beating wings Red-winged Blackbird, Agelaius phoeniceus, Tordo Sargento (Spanish), Chuleeb (Mayan) Red-winged Blackbird perches high with feathers the color of inky dye He sings all day until nigh Hoping his te Australian birds are relatively poorly covered in Xeno-Canto, and most of the recordings of Aust birds were contributed by citizens from other nations. Colin >>>>> Wow: Large collection of downloadable bird songs now online. from [David Adams] [Permanent Link][Original] To: Birding-Aus Yellow-hooded Blackbird is a very nice bird which utters unmusical song! Song is laboured, with faint first note, and second mostly loud and rasping, such as took - TOOWEEEZ, sometimes followed by musical down and up te-tidle-de-de-do-dee. Yellow-hooded Blackbird common call is a sharp chek or chip 1-2 May 2021. Select a Count. IOU Big Weekend - May 1-2 2021 IOU Big Weekend - September 26-27 2020

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The website xeno-canto is a must for identifying tricky recordings, though it helps to have an idea of species to check to direct your search. Search for a species then use the Filter box under the map to focus on nocturnal recordings (enter rmk: nocturnal ) or flight calls (enter type: flight ) Perching birds have three unwebbed toes in the front and one strong, flexible toe in the back called the hallux, that lets them perch on tree branches. Most species of perching birds have 12 tail feathers. Perching birds are found in all parts of the world and they come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes! - Wildlife Journal Junio The Yellow-rumped Warbler is one of the most widespread and well-known warblers in North America. Birders affectionately refer to this species as butter-butt, since its bright yellow rump is an eye-catching and diagnostic field mark throughout the year Early Spring Migrants. March 8, 2016 New York State Parks Leave a comment. Signs of spring are beginning to show in the great northeast. The days are getting longer, skunk cabbage is beginning to erupt from the cold ground and birds that have been afar for the winter months are beginning to return to New York State. One may think What birds The Red-winged Blackbird is robin sized (male and female), ranging from 6.7″-9.1″, 1.1-2.7 oz, with a wingspan between 12.2″-15.8″. (All About Birds, 2017) The male body is all black, with orange-red pigment on the shoulders, with the yellow stripe along the bottom of the orange/red on shoulder

The mallard quacks and the blackbird call in Figure 1 were obtained from the Xeno-Canto database. The mallard was recorded by Jack Berteau in the Vendée, France (recording XC613266) and the blackbird by Pierre Foulquier in Le Mans, France (recording XC622587) Call Guide. The aim of these pages is to provide a short cut to spectrograms and recordings of key call types for common nocturnal migrants. Unless otherwise indicated, these recordings are from nocmig recording sessions. They have been processed a little to emphasis the calls but some remnants of urban noise may remain

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Red-winged Blackbird: Small blackbird with jet-black body and bright red shoulder patches edged with yellow on bottom. Runs or hops while foraging on the ground. Eats seeds, grains, berries, fruits, insects, caterpillars, spiders, snails, grubs and mollusks. Strong direct flight on rapid wing beats BREWER'S BLACKBIRD - (Euphagus cyanocephalus) - (See images below) DESCRIPTION: The Brewer's Blackbird adult male is black with a purple iridescent head.Rest of plumage has a shiny blue tone. Bill, legs and feet are black. Eyes are yellow. Female is brown with grey-brown wings and back.Bill, legs and feet are black Red-breasted Blackbird is a small icterid, 19 cm long. The male has mainly black plumage, apart from a bright red throat, belly and wing epaulets. This striking ?redcoat? plumage gives rise to the specific name militaris aor its name on Trinidad which is Soldier Bird Scientific Name: Turdus mandarinus Malay Name: Murai-Belanda Hitam Cina Chinese Name: 乌鸫 Range: Breeding Range: (OR) e,c China Taxonomy: Polytypic. Subspecies are: sowerbyi, mandarinus Local Subspecies: Identification: Habitat: Behaviour/Ecology: Local Status: Very rare vagrant Conservation Status: Location: External Links: Conservation Status: IUCN Red List Page Photos: Oriental Bird.

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Please compare this with the audio and images of other Bassian Thrush and Eurasian Blackbirds, to my ear the original looks (..and sounds!) very similar to the other Bassian and quite different from the Eurasian Blackbird, however I have only chosen the calls of recorded birds from Australia amongst the 2982 on the Xeno-Canto site Red-winged blackbird. Ridgway's rail. Ring-billed gull. Ringed kingfisher. Ring-necked duck. Ring-necked pheasant. Rock dove. Rock sandpiper. Rock wren. Roseate spoonbill. Roseate tern. Rose-breasted grosbeak. Ross's goose. Rough-legged hawk. Royal tern. Ruby-crowned kinglet. Ruby-throated hummingbird. Ruddy duck. Ruddy turnstone Brewer's Blackbird Euphagus cyanocephalus. 1. Summary 2. The Brewer's blackbird (Euphagus cyanocephalus) is a medium-sized New World blackbird. It is named after the ornithologist Thomas Mayo Brewer. Sources and Credits Xeno-canto; iNat Map Origin: native:

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xeno-canto xeno-canto.org. For even more inspiration, read Birder on Berry Lane: Three Acres, Twelve Months, Thousands of Birds, by Robert Tougias. It's a yearlong account of the author. Grey-winged Blackbird. (female) Raniban Forest (Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park), Kathmandu, Nepal. 1350m. 10 January, 2014. Photo: Ashish Shrestha. 1. The males sing beautifully during the breeding season in May-June. It is sought after as a cage bird because of its melodious song Birds are arguably the most talented singers in the natural world. This is a global medley of our favourites:0:10 Malabar Whistling Thrush 0:41 Pied Butcherb..

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  1. RUSTY BLACKBIRD - (Euphagus carolinus) - (See images below) DESCRIPTION: The Rusty Blackbird is black overall during the breeding season.Outside that season the plumage takes on a rusty tone, hence the bird's name. The bill and legs are also black, and the eyes are yellow. Sexes are similar. This bird is smaller than the Common Grackle, at around 24 cm (9 inches) long
  2. CBS Bird Songs and Calls. If you're taking part in the Countryside Bird Survey, you'll need to know your bird calls. Most countryside birds are detected by their songs and calls during the breeding season, rather than being seen
  3. Species geographical distribution by countries. : Common Blackbird . Distribution maps should be very cautiously looked at. They do not provide with precise location but only give an idea of species global distribution
  4. Turdus torquatus (hill-blackbird, rock blackbird, ditch-blackie, heather blackie, muir blackbird, rock stirlin) is a European member o the throstle faimily, Turdidae. References This bird-relatit.
  5. This paper deals with a project of Automatic Bird Species Recognition Based on Bird Vocalization. Eighteen bird species of 6 different families were analyzed. At first, human factor cepstral coefficients representing the given signal were calculated from particular recordings. In the next phase, using the voice activity detection system, segments of bird vocalizations were detected from which.

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Many of the links I have provided below are to Xeno-Canto.org, which is a great resource with hundreds of downloadable bird sounds. Another excellent resource is Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Macaulay Library , which houses thousands of recordings of birds (and other animals) Akikiki. Oreomystis bairdi. Family: Fringillidae. Endemic to Kauai, where it is essentially confined to Koke'e State Park and the Alakai Plateau. In the early 1900s, it inhabited forests throughout Kauai and was considered common above 300 m. Over the course of the century, it retreated to higher elevations, evidently due to susceptibility to. Red-winged Blackbird. These birds often travel in large flocks and can be found nesting in wet marshy or shrubby habitat. A medium sized bird; the male has a distinctive red patch on the upper wing. The female looks very different in color, being a light brownish hue with darker streaking

yellow-headed blackbird: a new species for abaco, bahamas In the aftermath of the awesome (in its original meaning) power of the hurricane, Abaco is slowly rising from the remnants of its peaceful slow-paced beauty robin (common blackbird, Turdus merula), and an allopatric bird with a distinct call structure (New Holland honeyeater, Phylidonyris novaehollan-diae). Squirrels responded significantly more frequently to squirrel alarm calls (positive control) than to robin song (negative control) or honeyeater calls A Guide to the Birdsong of Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean by Shika Shika, released 26 June 2020 1. Cotorra Serrana Occidental 2. Black Catbird 3. Cuco Cuco Picogordo de la Española Feat. Ximena Obregon 4. Colín Ocelado 5. Momoto Carenado 6. Tecolote Barbudo 7. Jamaican Blackbird 8. Tangara Hormiguera Carinegra Feat. Majo 9 Don Jones. Alouatta pigra (Mexican black howler monkey) eNature via Myxer. Dennis Hysom. Amazona amazonica (Orange-winged Amazon) Xeno-canto under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License. Willem-Pier Vellinga. Amazona farinosa ( Mealy Parrot) Xeno-canto under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.5 License

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General London wildlife. A collection of recordings made around London of birds, mammals and insects. Special thanks to xeno canto recordist Stuart Fisher for kindly allowing many of his recordings to be included here Common name: Eurasian Blackbird. Scientific name: Turdus merula. Recorded by: Stuart Fisher. Recording date and time: 4/3/2009, 6am. Location: Bromley-by-Bow. Description: Male song. Singing from urban suburban rooftop. Technical guff: Additional notes: Recording by Stuart Fisher from xeno-canto Europe Iucn. Birdlife. Xeno-Canto. Avibase. Distribution maps should be very cautiously looked at. They do not provide with precise location but only give an idea of species global distribution. Distribution areas are geopolitical; as a consequence the whole of a country is selected if a species is only located in one single place

Passeriformes #2 Place: Blackpool Mill, Pembrokeshire Date: 4 May 2018. [Turdus merula, Family Turdidae, Order Passeriformes, Wikipedia Entry: Common blackbird] The sound of the blackbird (borrowed from the Xeno-Canto website, recordist Niels Krabbe) Distribution and sightings of the blackbird across the British Isles (borrowed and modified from the Bird Atlas Mapstore) Part of the blackbird family, the Brown-headed Cowbird is a little smaller than other birds in its family. The male Brown-headed Cowbird has a glossy black body and a brown head while the female is plain brown. Once confined to open grasslands, the Cowbird's range has grown as people settled North America. The Brown-headed Cowbird is a brood parasite, meaning that it lays eggs in other bird's. The Common Grackle is a social, noisy relative of the blackbird. The Grackle looks very similar to the blackbird, but is slightly longer with glossy, iridescent feathers. Its head is purple and its body is bronze colored.�Look for them gathered in large, noisy flocks with other cowbirds and blackbirds. - Wildlife Journal Junio

锈色黑鹂属 Euphagus. 种:. 蓝头黑鹂 E. cyanocephalus. 二名法. Euphagus cyanocephalus. ( Wagler, 1829) 蓝头黑鹂 ( 学名 : Euphagus cyanocephalus )为 擬黃鸝科 锈色黑鹂属 下的一个 鸟 种, 分布于 北美洲 。 The website Xeno-Canto is great resource. But remember that listing to a recording is very different to hearing a bird outside with leaves rustling, dogs barking and other birds singing. So make sure you spend lots of time outside just sitting and focusing on what you can hear Project Noah is a tool that nature lovers can use to explore and document local wildlife and a common technology platform that research groups can use to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere

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Almost every day over the past few weeks I've heard and seen a blackbird in our garden with a song that has seemed out of the ordinary to me. I've uploaded a short audio clip in the hope that the forum might be able to tell me whether this is is perfectly ordinary, common or garden T. merula or a subspecies - perhaps T. merula merula T he 40 birds to see in Everglades National Park are large, fairly common, and favor mostly open habitats where they can be easily spotted and heard calling. They are the most frequently reported by visitors. The list is arranged in descending order using a bird's size from the largest #1 to the smallest #40 It is an open bulky cup made from groups, roots, and sticks usually bound together with mud, and lined with fine grass. Blackbirds lay 3-4 greenish blue eggs with reddish-brown spots. They are incubated by the female alone for 12-14 days, although the male may take over for very short moments. Both parents feed the chicks with fruit, insects.

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  1. Testing this is difficult because we lack a general and readily available metric that quantifies attractiveness of bird song to humans. We propose and validate such a metric, based on the number of sound files lodged for a species on the Xeno-Canto website (www.xeno-canto.org). Our hypothesis is that species with more attractive songs are.
  2. Passeriformes #2 Place: Back Garden, Tongwynlais, Cardiff Dates: 14 April 2016. Place: Back Garden, Tongwynlais, Cardiff Dates: 30 April 2017. Place: Ilam Park, Staffordshire Dates: 6 December 2017. [Turdus merula, Family Turdidae, Order Passeriformes, Wikipedia Entry: Common blackbird] The sound of the blackbird (borrowed from the Xeno-Canto website, recordist Niels Krabbe) Distribution and.
  3. The Brewer's Blackbird has one or two broods per year. The oldest known Brewer's Blackbird was a male that was at least 12 years and six months of age when it was found in California. There.
  4. Compare birdsongs at www.xeno-canto.org and www.rspb.org.uk, and with past episodes of Radio 4's Tweet of the Day: Advertisement Watch a BTO video on how to identify birds singing at night, featuring the robin, blackbird, song thrush and nightingal
  5. Кос (T. merula) Научно наименование. Turdus merula. Linnaeus, 1758 г. Разпространение. Кос в Общомедия. [ редактиране ] Косът ( Turdus merula ), наричан още черен дрозд, е непрелетна пойна птица от семейство Дроздови. В.
  6. Black-billed Magpies are familiar and entertaining birds of western North America. They sit on fenceposts and road signs or flap across rangelands, their white wing patches flashing and their very long tails trailing behind them. This large, flashy relative of jays and crows is a social creature, gathering in numbers to feed at carrion. They're also vocal birds and keep up a regular stream.

Back to the Table of contents. Pitch is simply our perception of the frequency (or wavelength) of a sound, which we describe as high to low. Birds' range of hearing is similar to our own, and bird song covers the full range to the limits of human hearing, from the lowest hooting sounds of Great Gray Owl or Spruce Grouse to the highest songs of Blackburnian Warbler or Golden-crowned Kinglet White-collared Blackbird Turdus albocinctus- some photos and notes. White-collared Blackbird Turdus albocinctus: Bhutan. The White-collared Thrush is distributed in the Himalayas from northern India to southern China. It is found on the edges of conifer, oak and rhododendron forest at between 2,100 and 4,000 metres. There are recordings on. The song thrush is a small, familiar songbird, commonly found in parks and gardens, woodland and scrub. Living up to its common name, it has a beautiful, loud song with repeating phrases. Widespread throughout Europe, and as far east as Siberia, northern populations are migratory, heading to Africa, whereas our song thrushes tend to be residents Screenshot from video tweet by pacificnorthwestkate. 14 May 2021. Every once in a while we find a very unusual bird that defies identification. This one was filmed by pacificnorthwestkate at the Delta in Vancouver, BC, Canada on Thursday 6 May 2021.Its chest and belly look like an eastern towhee (Pipilo erythrophthalmus) but its shape, beak, voice and behavior are like a red-winged blackbird. Listen to one singing at 8:30pm in Norfolk, England. In the video above a blackbird starts singing loudly on a perch, then drops to the ground to whisper-sing just like an American robin. Also like our robin he sings at night. The Beatles recorded Blackbird almost 50 years ago this month in June 1968. Though a blackbird sings on the soundtrack.

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  1. And thanks to xeno-canto.org for providing the recordings, since I don't do recordings of my own, at least not yet. At 62 years of age, I can be a bit slow to learn new skills. But where there's a will And I do indeed want this. So here goes: my top 10 birdsongs from Michoacán (chosen for reasons that are 100% personal and subjective.
  2. Anatomy Guide. February 16th, 2016. Here is a collection of scans of ornithology resources that cover the gamut of external morphology in birds. Use these diagrams and the associated text to get acquainted with the parts of birds. Bird Anatomy Part 1: Bones Bird Anatomy Part 2: Feathers & Feet
  3. The blackbird's on-off pattern isn't dissimilar to the robin's, but the timbre is different. Robin: thin and piping; blackbird: rich and mellow, as if it has a deeper throat. It's also generally lower in pitch than the robin, and there are a few squeaks and squawks thrown in, while the robin's variations are more rippling and wispy
  4. Wildlife Trusts International Dawn Chorus Day page Including embedded Xeno-canto recordings of Song Thrush, Blackbird, Robin, Blackcap & Chiffchaff. Birdsong on the blog. Look back on Dawn Chorus Day 2020 with a recording by learning officer Roz Wade made last year

Merlins are small, fierce falcons that use surprise attacks to bring down small songbirds and shorebirds. They are powerful fliers, but you can tell them from larger falcons by their rapid wingbeats and overall dark tones. Medieval falconers called them lady hawks, and noblewomen used them to hunt Sky Larks. Merlin populations have largely recovered from twentieth-century declines. Yellow-headed Blackbird (Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus) male on territory singing its hearts out to try and attract a mate on a small prairie wetland south of Ryley, Alberta, Canada. 30 April, 2018. Slide # GWB_20180430_0710.CR2 . Use of this image on websites, blogs or other media without explicit permission is not permitted 紅翅黑鸝(學名: Agelaius phoeniceus ,英文名: red-winged blackbird ),亦作紅翅烏鶇、美洲红翼鸫,是黑鸝屬的一種鳥類,主要分布於北美洲。 分有多個族群,北部的族群在冬季飛往南部過冬,此外在薩爾瓦多西部、洪都拉斯西北部和哥斯達黎加西北部有獨立的族群。 。數量極多,是北美洲數量最多的.

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  1. The common blackbird (Turdus merula) is a species of true thrush. It is also called the Eurasian blackbird (especially in North America, to distinguish it from the unrelated New World blackbirds), or simply the blackbird where this does not lead to confusion with a similar-looking local species
  2. Red-winged Blackbird - Orkney by Steve Nuttall. It was the afternoon of Saturday 29th April. I had been searching for Spring migrants down at my local patch in North Warwickshire and was enjoying the mellifluous sound of my first Garden Warbler of the year. For some reason I was not in possession of the pager, but as I was logging the sighting.
  3. GRICE GRICE electro acoustic glich Art Rock hipster one thousand birds symphony, released 05 March 2021 1. dawn chorale (The woodpeckers dream) 2. the parliament, the mischief & the unkindness 3. one thousand bird symmetry (anxiety call to wings) 4. agent starling (high roller glitch) 5. birds on a wire (blackbird vocoder) 6. wake & prey (buzzard song) 7. bittern tears 8. blackbird chain.
  4. Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla) Large and robust warbler with plain plumage, except for the characteristic cap (black in males, rufous in females and juveniles). Upperparts greyish brown and underparts pale grey. Vent white. No white in tail, as opposed to all other black-capped Sylvias in the region. Easily confused with Garden Warbler if the.
  5. RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD (Agelaius phoeniceus) - (See images below) DESCRIPTION: The Red-winged Blackbird breeding adult male is entirely black except for a red patch on the shoulder, edged in yellow. The bill, eyes and legs also are black. In non-breeding plumage the patches is faint and the black plumage is lightly mottled
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The Grey winged Blackbird. Am amazing songster and a very beautiful bird indeed Rounding a corner, topping off the hill, I was greeted by this Blackbird hopping about on the fallen logs, foraging. I stopped, it stopped. I stayed still and it resumed its business The Brewer's blackbird ( Euphagus cyanocephalus) is a medium-sized New World blackbird. It is named after the ornithologist Thomas Mayo Brewer. Adult males have black plumage with an iridescent purple head and neck and glossy bluish-green highlights on the rest of the body. The feet and legs are black and the eye is bright yellow The website xeno-canto.org is a fantastic resource for checking bird sounds. I started with learning the most common ones first and then worked from those when I felt confident in identifying them; my entire approach to birdwatching started off in this nucleated way before moving further afield The following 56 files are in this category, out of 56 total. Black bird female.jpg. Blackbird IMG 2281.jpg. Davidraju IMG 9585 (cropped).jpg. Davidraju IMG 9585.jpg. Indian Black-Bird 01.jpg. Indian Black-Bird 02.jpg. Indian Black-Bird 03.jpg. Indian Black-Bird 04.jpg. Indian Blackbird (Turdus simillimus) (cropped).jpg. Indian blackbird. Common Blackbird. Common Nightingale. Common Redstart. European Robin. European Stonechat. Fieldfare. Mistle Thrush. Northern Wheatear. Redwing. Ring Ouzel. Song Thrush. Whinchat. Auks (5) Bitterns and herons (4) Boobies and cormorants (2) Buntings (5) Chats and thrushes (14) Crows and allies (8) Cuckoos (1) Dippers (1) Finches (14 Curlew calls, Skomer Island, 3:34. This recording features the four- or five-note extreme alarm call of an agitated adult Curlew which has non-flying chicks on the ground in the near vicinity. Large gulls in the background. Lawrence Shove [ CC BY-SA 4.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons