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Dark Horizon Records is a long running US Based independent record label and mail order distribution of all extreme underground metal. CD's, Vinyl Records, Tapes, Shirts, Patches. Over 5000 items in stock and ready to ship $ 11.00 CAD $ 9.00 CAD / CD / Pre-Order / CDN Records. Blood Of Christ's 1995 demo The Lonely Flowers of Autumn, remixed and remastered. Features bonus tracks from the 1996 Torture Records 7 and the 1994 demo Frozen Dreams. View Produc Immortal Frost Productions is a black metal record label based in Belgium. We publish black metal albums in various formats and merchandise. We organise European tours and run a huge webstore with thousands of black metal products that we also sell in person on various concerts and festivals

With their original 2003 Hear the Bones Crack demo gaining local traction, Disgust chipped away at building a strong home grown fan base in quick order. Their 2004 official debut album Years of Torment sold over 1000 copies independently which caught the attention of many including a Montreal-based label, Big Metal Records Posted by admin on Apr 20, 2021. Metal Blade Records. In 1982, Metal Blade Records put out its first release: 'Metal Massacre', a compilation album that included Metallica, Ratt, and many other influential artists. Now, Metal Blade will be releasing 'Metal Massacre XV' on May 21st. Read More November, 2020. Nov 20 Enter to Win - Ibanez Bass Guitar from Hearts & Hand Grenades. October, 2020. Oct 28 Enter to Win - Jackson Guitar from Genus Ordinis Dei. September, 2020. Sep 15 Enter to Win - Nintendo Switch from Fenisia. Sep 13 Enter to Win - Sennheiser Wireless Headphones from As Paradise Falls. August, 2020 The following list of 10 Reasons Why Most Demos Are Rejected was gathered together after years of listening to comments made by Record Label A&R reps at music industry conferences and workshops; as well as from personal interviews with reps, and from many interviews A&R reps have given to the press. In addition, I can verify that these. Click on a logo to open the Bandcamp in a new window. Click on a Metal Bandcamp link to see the albums we have written about. Click on the buttons to sort the labels by name or by album count (sorting works both ways). The numbers are updated whenever I feel like it, and are not meant as a quality rating. Bigger isn't necessarily better

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ACCEPT - release The Undertaker single! 2020-10-02 - ACCEPT ARE BACK! The German kingpins of Heavy Metal have today released The Undertaker, the first single from their highly anticipated new studio album Too Mean To Die. Details. ACCEPT - announce new single + video! 2020-09-18 - ACCEPT are back From private pressings to releases from miniscule labels, here's a bunch of the metal albums that make collector's drool and haunt their sleep with visions of that record they must have. I'm not one of them. I only dream about rare records three times a week. Tops. Maybe four. I've included a totally speculative rarity grade to each one of these, 5 being rarest, 1 being least rare Hummus Records: This is one of the best independent labels in Switzerland and the label, though not strictly metal, has a strong hard rock and metal representation including, Olten, Closet Disco.

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  1. $30 (v.a.) metal knights - the resurgence of swedish steel 1983-85 (stormbringer productions / out of print / blue marble wax / 10 tracks from demo's of 80's swedish metal bands / corner crease in cover=vg++, overall nm
  2. Underground Power Records / 2018 - Limited to 200 copies in Black Vinyl + Insert, Hand Numbered + 2 BONUS Tracks. Following the success of the sold out cassette version released on Hoove Child Records, the LP version includes 2 new songs and all the audio has been remastered and sounds better and more powerful
  3. Pop your demos into a playlist and send the private link to the label, I would suggest that you have the whole track available to listen to, downloadable if you are sending to a major but at a lower quality, not 320. If sending to a small record label do not give the downloadable option, let them take a listen first, if they are really.
  4. Gramophone (Vinyl) Recording Music Labels Producers ; Aaarrg: AAARRG Record is a German record label found by Ralf Hubert aka Björn Eklund. Aaarrg was a division of Major Records International, see this page for detailed discography information Ralph Ralf Hubert - Producer, sound engineer, sound mixer and bass player with Mekong Delta has produced, engineered and mixed many heavy metal.

Rob: We sent demo's out to fanzines and were covered in several such as Aardschok, Metal Forces, Metallion, etc. Sandy was also doing his best to promote the band by sending tapes to several record companies and we narrowly missed getting Shanghai Battlecry on one of the earlier 'Metal Massacre' LP's back in 1983. It was down to us. Posts about US Metal Records written by J Neth. Blackthorn #5 (Denmark) 1987. Blackthorn #5 (Denmark) 1987. Editors: Henrik Kjaer and Esben Slot Sørensen This Danish zine was quite popular back then (3000 copies pressed) and you can see why: Interviews and tons of write-ups from perhaps the most compelling year of both death and thrash metal = 1987

Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2012 : Best Music Of 2012 From a straight-up death metal record by a bunch of lifers to a bluegrass 'n' black metal hybrid (really!), these are the records that hurt so good. ARTIST: METAL LAW TITLE: Lawbreaker Second Edition GENRE: Traditional Heavy Metal RELEASE DATE: April 19th, 2013 LABEL: Metal On Metal Records CATALOG ID: MOMR13040 BARCODE: 8022167090078 FORMAT: . CD in jewel case • 13 tracks (approx. 62 min.) • 12 pages stapled booklet with liner notes, lyrics, band photos and info • All full-color TRACK LISTING: 1

Metallica EP Garage Days Re-revisited 180g Vinyl LP Thrash. 5 out of 5 stars. (14) Total Ratings 14, 94% agree - Would recommend. $20.96 New. $16.97 Used. Metallica [LP] by Metallica (Vinyl, Aug-2014, 2 Discs, Rhino (Label)) 4.6 out of 5 stars Necropolis Records. Record label founded by Paul Thind in 1993, mainly providing an American home for extreme black metal. Wikipedia. Blackened death metal. Extreme subgenre of heavy metal that fuses elements of black metal and death metal. The genre emerged in early 1990s when black metal bands began incorporating elements of death metal and. When in 1990 Bathory released Hammerhearth, Cezar with the first lineup of the band, i.e. Zurek (drums) and Ash (bass and vocals), worked on the material that was released as the first band's demo, Sacronocturn. The second demo, Epitaph of Christ, released in March 1992, drew attention of Carnage Records

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Independent record label, music publisher and management company founded by Digby Pearson, based in Nottingham, England, with offices in London and New York. It helped to pioneer extreme metal by releasing early grindcore and death metal records between 1988 and 1994. Wikipedi A demo, 4 full length albums (this new one including), two singles, an EP and a split album with Iron Fist. Plastic Head) - Rev... iew by Stefan Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Aggravator releases their latest EP on a Belgian label, Empire Records. The band was formed in 2008 by vocalist/rhythm guitarist Derek Jones and drummer Mike Cortes.

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In early 2020, IGNITOR finished the work on their seventh album. After contacting Metal on Metal Records and sending the new songs, they got a positive response and soon the agreement was reached. The Golden Age of Black Magick will be finally released on October 31st this year on CD and all major digital platforms. GENRE: US Power/Heavy Metal Voices From The Darkside. SAVAGE GRACE. The Dominatress + Demo 1982. (Hooked On Metal Records) 36:20min. The rather new Swedish label Hooked On Metal Records is one with a mission: making classic Metal records from the 1980s available again. And right now this means putting out all the albums from US Speed Metal legend SAVAGE GRACE anew officially Metal CDs shop & Metal vinyl records store. Altsphere propose you a fine selection of doom metal, sludge, stoner, heavy metal, thrash metal, black metal, indus, punk hardcore and experimental music albums and records.In the catalog you can find vinyl LP, CD, audio tape (MC) and demos for all heavy metal subgenres.. Discover frequently our discounted CD, cheap metal vinyls LP, doom metal CDs at. ARMÉE DE LA MORT Records is an underground Metal label from Pictavia concentrating on French bands and underrated scenes worldwide. It is the logical continuation of LEGION OF DEATH Records, born in 2001 and dead in 2019

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  1. Compact discs and vinyl records featuring classic heavy metal, power metal, epic metal and hard rock metal! This is where you might find bands like Mercyful Fate, Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, Pentagram, Anvil, Motorhead, Krokus Page 2 - page
  2. French metallers TENTATION will release their first full-length album, Le Berceau Des Dieux, this summer via Gates Of Hell Records. Instruments were tracked this past February and March at Record It Studios in Perpignan, France, with additional refinements taking place at the band's own studio, L'art ou Cochon
  3. ETERNAL RYTE recorded two independent demos before signing with Pure Metal Records in 1990. The first demo from 1986 (untitled and with no cover artwork or credits) featured four songs and was never officially released (it was used to shop to various labels)
  4. AGGRESSIVE PERFECTOR - Havoc at the Midnight Hour Special edition. €17.99 (tax incl.) Shipping excluded. Evil heavy metal debut by the three piece from the UK. Bringing together the best from Heavy, Speed and Black Metal. REPRESS Special edition on colored vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, woven patch and download link. Add to cart
  5. In a recent interview RUSH guitarist Alex Lifeson told The Globe And Mail that the band has no recording or touring plans signifying the end for the act. Japan-based SIGNIFICANT POINT has signed with Inferno Records and has an EP called Attacker. BONFIRE will release a new album, called Temple Of Lies, through AFM Records on April 13. The Italy-based THE MOTHMAN CURSE has a demo called Hope.
  6. Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country; Warner Bros (WB) Records W 2775 DAD D.A.D - Sleeping My Day Away + Stencil ( 1989 UK ).. D-A-D is a Danish rock band previously known as Disneyland After Dark, a name that had to be changed after a threatening lawsuit from The Walt Disney Company
  7. In early 2020, IGNITOR finished the work on their seventh album. After contacting Metal on Metal Records and sending the new songs, they got a positive response and soon the agreement was reached. The Golden Age of Black Magick will be finally released on October 31st this year on CD and all major digital platforms. GENRE: US Power/Heavy Metal

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Fallen Angel is a power metal band formed in 1983 in New York, releasing their first demo in 1985 and split-up in 1986, being in the shadows until they reunited in 2009, working hard to create their first album Crawling out of hell, first part of three in a conceptual epic saga, followed by the trilogy of fictional novels written by the guitarist John Cruppe For those into the very small underground Christian metal scene, this album is somewhat of a classic. It really deserved to be released on CD and vinyl back in 1988 when it was first released. The album did manage to secure the band a label deal with Pure Metal Records, which they recorded two albums for Five of them are there in demo version but the sound is as good as a final studio track. Recall The Sin is rather quite different than the studio version included on Holy. X-T-C, an Accept track on Eat The Heat (the only Accept album which doesn't have Udo as the lead singer), is played very well

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The Old School Strikes Back - Tales From the Underground is series of short stories about eighties heavy metal bands, which never hit big into the fame in the eighties, and disappeared afterwards of making music, but have recently returned in the business with either a new EP or full-length album.The meaning of the series is to bring the word about bands reformation into metal fans knowledge So it is true, we are accepting any and all demos and you don't have to be represented by a booking agency, lawyer or another record label for us to consider you for a limited time. Until further notice we are looking to sign a couple new artists and add a few extra to our list of artists that we can use on our tours, festivals, or any other. Music: Metal: Cassettes: Items 1 - 50 of 229 Next >>.

If a label puts out a re-release of a band's work after they've split up, please do not put said label under the Last known label field. The same applies to posthumous releases of recorded, but hitherto unreleased material. The label field should only ever reflect whatever the band was signed to while still being active. Use Unsigned. Metalheads Union webzine is all about reviews, news and interviews for true metal bands, new and oldschool that keep the essence of heavy metal. You will find bands from the new wave of traditional heavy metal to speed, thrash, power, death metal, also in collaboration with very important record labels, the idea is to create a circle of true. Second full-lenghter by this female fronted UK band employing some 80's styled Euro Metal in the tradition of the Mausoleum record label recording artists, Think a mix of Accept, Acid, Crystal Pride and Warlock with a dash of US act Malisha in the vocal department In 1987, the band produced two cassette demos and were subsequently picked up by major thrash metal specialist label, Roadrunner Records. They recorded two albums - Socialized Hate in 1988, and Violent By Nature in 1990 - and toured the USA and Europe with fellow Arizonans Sacred Reich and Swiss band, Coroner Thrash'em All #3 (Poland) 1988. Thrash'em All #3 (Poland) 1988. Editor: Mariusz Kmiołek (in Polish) Early issue of this pioneering Polish fanzine/magazine. In Polish, but even if you can't read it, still a cool look into the dedicated, passionate world of the East Bloc underground in the 80'sI am sure this was not easy to put.

Release Style: Heavy Metal Label: JCI Records, Canyon Records Release Line Up: Robert Mirabilio - Vocals, Keyboards J.P Iacoune - Guitars Zack Dillion - Bass Matt the Wolf - Drums Tracklist: 01 - Tyranny 02 - Doctor Deceiver 03 - Echo Away from Here 04 - Rock the World 05 - Manipulator 06 - Toxic Wastelands 07 - Addict 08 - Living Your Way 09. Metal Blaster Webzine (Malaysia) Announce be the official magazine of the European Metal Record Defox Record / Heart Of Steel Records. located in Europe and Italy. to be representative for the Asian, Malaysia / Singapore / Indonesia / Thailand and Brunei and international. Metal Blaster will review each new album under the patronage of artists. Shop the official Sumerian Records merch store, for all things Sumerian Records related

There are some titles add from the Golden Age of Extreme Metal 1981-1992 This list is not my list and was originally posted here, but the formatting is so poor and the years on the records were incorrectly labeled 1981-1985. This is why I reposted it here. Abattoir Vicious Attack. Accept Restless & Wild. Acid Acid Meliah Rage is a heavy metal band. Discography: Kill to Survive, Solitary Solitude, Death Valley Dream, Unfinished Business, Barely Human.. Members: Anthony Nichols, Paul Souza, Jim Koury, Darren Lourie, Stuart Dowie. Death metal with a strong melodic edge that approaches black metal territory at times. This is just as good, if not better than a lot of the bands signed to those big labels. - Metal Nightmare 'Zine Deathgasm Records, 2003 (DG-012) Tracklist: 1.The Way After 05:41 2.taoG ehT ssiK 00:09 3.Tomorrows End 04:30 4.Goddess of the Night 05:4

From their 1980 demo Demon Pact deliver the proto-thrash of 'Demon Pact' as Chrome Molly round the disc out with a nice and twiddly cover of Gary Moore's 'Nuclear Attack'. Disc 3. Of course it's not only bands who define a scene but record labels too. All helping shape the nascent scene were Ebony, Rondelet, Heavy Metal Records and. THE TOP 20 ALBUMS OF THE MONTH is self-explanatory in concept, a grip of twenty albums that'd resonated most powerfully throughout the month. If you're new to the site, it'll be about 85-100% metal albums. Choices are selected based on temporal immersion, personal connection, impressive style, and with great consideration for the lasting value o Exciter switched to a new label, Music For Nations, and traveled to London to record their third album, Long Live the Loud. It was released in 1985 and produced by Motörhead producer Guy Bidmead. It contained a slightly more mainstream heavy metal sound than the pure speed/thrash metal of the first two albums

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S91 Debut Son Of God Lyric Video: Press Release / Montecarlo, Italy based progressive metal band S91 has premiered a lyric video to the track Son Of God, which comes off its fall of 2016 Underground Symphony Records sophomore album Behold The Mankind.A group whose name is short for Psalm 91, S91 independently released its full-length album Volonta Legata in 2011 Forsaken moved to local label Storm Records for their debut full-length Evermore (1997). After a lengthy absence from the studio, the band returned to Temple Studios (Malta) to record a cover version of Neon Knights, which was featured in the Black Sabbath MK II (Dio-era) tribute called Dehumanized Witch (Mid-West Metal. TEMPEST - LOST IN THE STORM (*NEW-CD, 2004, M8) features Jamie Rowe from Guardian ! Compilation of demos and unreleased tracks from American Christian Metal band Tempest hailing from Evansville, Indiana. Limited Edition 2000 Copies Track listing is 1. Rock on 03:08 2. In his Name 04:24 3. Jolt 02:56 4. Metal Mission 0 Ride Into The Night + Demo 1983. (Hooked On Metal Records) 35:06min. With the re-release of the 1987 EP Ride Into The Night, Hooked On Metal Records finished their mission to make all the old recordings from legendary Speed Metal masters SAVAGE GRACE officially available again